Word "FUSSPOT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
thinks about unfortunate things that might happen
fuss-budget, worrier, worrywart

Crossword Clues for FUSSPOT

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Clue Source Date
Little Freda spouts so! Goes on about such trifling things!
Particular person following our team, Mark
One who bothers about trivia
Pernickety person, informally (7)
Worrier perfectionist (inf)
Nitpicker following American on location (7)
Overfastidious person The Telegraph Quick 21 Oct 2023
Particular person reduced safeguard, leading to awkward situation The Telegraph Toughie 12 May 2022
France and America notice a source of irritation?
Nit-picker The Times Concise 19 Dec 2021
Worrier about things that might happen The Guardian Quick 12 Nov 2021
Precisian The Telegraph Quick 16 Oct 2021
Agitator from firm's foremost US site
Choosy type The Telegraph Quick 08 May 2021
Perfectionist‘s fine American pickle
Worrier The Telegraph Quick 26 Apr 2021
Persnickety person Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2021
Hard-to-please sort Thomas Joseph 31 Dec 2020
Perfectionist rejected best stuff from time to time The Telegraph Toughie 13 Oct 2020
. Pedant's loudly taking issue about cutting edges on grass
One particular fine place to accommodate me informally The Telegraph Toughie 24 Jun 2020
One very particular about things in song and dance fund
Persnickety one LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2019
Persnickety one The Washington Post 05 Apr 2019
Persnickety one
Pedant from start to finish on position by compilers
Old woman creating mouldy smell that holds operations up
Following American ship, shoot at old woman
Fellow going to America to see particular individual
Place behind loud American person always worrying The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jun 2018
Offend American spy, call him an old woman
Worrier in place supporting loud American
Hard-to-please type Family Time 25 Mar 2018
Worrier fired up seeing initially awkward situation
Worrier in place supporting loud American
Worrier following American spy
Fine American Trump's upset is complainant The Telegraph Toughie 08 Dec 2017
Worrier following American spy
Finicky person The Times Concise 05 Oct 2017
Fuddy-duddy LA Times Daily 23 Jun 2017
Fuddy-duddy The Washington Post 23 Jun 2017
On reflection, some laptop's sufficient for a particular person
On reflection, some laptop's sufficient for a particular person The Times Cryptic 16 Jun 2017
Extreme worrywart Universal 04 Jun 2017
Stickler to observe female at America while starting
Hard-to-please person The Times Concise 23 Jan 2017
Feet no good? Mark's a worrier!
Extreme worrywart
One agitates failsafe component, reducing difficult situation The Times Cryptic 23 Aug 2016
Old woman‘s predicament on following us
Hard-to-please sort New York Times 21 Mar 2016
Hard-to-please type Universal 14 Jun 2015
Hard-to-please type
Particular sort
Someone being pernickety
Hard-to-please one
Stickler for details
Hard-to-please type
Hard-to-please type
Nitpicking faultfinder
Fine clock broken by American old woman
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