Crossword Clues for GAMER

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Clue Source Date
Wii or Xbox aficionado LA Times Daily 11 Sep 2022
Esports competitor New York Times 29 Aug 2022
Many a Twitch streamer The Washington Post 15 May 2022
Many a Twitch streamer LA Times Daily 15 May 2022
Words With Friends fan Newsday 12 May 2022
'Animal Crossing' fan, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 08 May 2022
Minecraft maven, maybe Wall Street Journal 16 Apr 2022
E-sports player USA Today 12 Apr 2022
League of Legends fanatic, e.g The Washington Post 17 Mar 2022
Minecraft player The Washington Post 08 Mar 2022
Minecraft player LA Times Daily 08 Mar 2022
PC/console devotee The Times Concise 02 Jan 2022
One who may take part in speedrunning The Washington Post Sunday 10 Oct 2021
Typical variety streamer Universal 04 Oct 2021
One playing with a mouse, maybe New York Times 29 Sep 2021
Joystick wielder Thomas Joseph 25 Sep 2021
Xbox expert, say New York Times 17 Aug 2021
Video arcade enthusiast Newsday 14 Jul 2021
One may play "StarCraft II" Universal 27 Jun 2021
One may pwn a noob Universal 15 Jun 2021
World of Warcraft enthusiast, for one New York Times 09 Jun 2021
"Minecraft" fanatic, perhaps Universal 08 Jun 2021
Joystick wielder Thomas Joseph 26 Dec 2020
Person wearing a headset, perhaps USA Today 10 Dec 2020
One may spend hours on an Xbox Series X Universal 09 Dec 2020
One streaming on Twitch, maybe New York Times 16 Nov 2020
Fortnite fanatic Wall Street Journal 22 Aug 2020
Twitch streamer, often Jonesin 21 Jul 2020
"Fortnite" pro, say Universal 14 Jul 2020
Arcade patron Thomas Joseph 14 Jul 2020
'Apex Legends' player, e.g USA Today 28 Mar 2020
Keen computer player The Times Concise 07 Nov 2019
Fortnite devotee, e.g New York Times 30 Oct 2019
Fortnite devotee, e.g.
E-sports enthusiast
E-sports enthusiast New York Times 20 Oct 2019
Arcade regular Newsday 20 Oct 2019
More plucky Newsday 13 Oct 2019
"Minecraft" fan, e.g Universal 03 Oct 2019
Wii user, e.g Premier Sunday 05 May 2019
PlayStation player The Washington Post 02 May 2019
PlayStation player LA Times Daily 02 May 2019
Fortnite pro, e.g Universal 08 Apr 2019
Xbox fan Wall Street Journal 16 Feb 2019
Xbox fan
Fortnite pro, e.g.
"Minecraft" fan, e.g.
PlayStation player
More enthusiastic 'Fortnite' player?? The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Oct 2018
Xbox devotee The Washington Post 25 Aug 2018
Xbox devotee LA Times Daily 25 Aug 2018
E-sports participant Wall Street Journal 20 Jun 2018
Xbox devotee
E-sports participant
Xbox enthusiast Eugene Sheffer 07 Dec 2017
Fan of the 'Idle Thumbs' podcast, presumably The Chronicle of Higher Education 15 Sep 2017
"Angry Birds" aficionado, e.g USA Today 01 Sep 2017
Wii user, e.g New York Times 02 Aug 2017
Pro behind a screen Wall Street Journal 22 Feb 2017
Fan of the "Idle Thumbs" podcast, presumably
"Angry Birds" aficionado, e.g.
Wii user, e.g.
Devotee of eSports New York Times 27 Dec 2016
Player walking with difficulty by end of tour The Telegraph Toughie 28 Sep 2016
Wii or Xbox aficionado Premier Sunday 25 Sep 2016
One who plays through pain The Washington Post 31 Aug 2016
One plays start of Metal Gear excitedly The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Aug 2016
Player representing America putting lots off The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Aug 2016
World of Warcraft enthusiast, e.g New York Times 28 Jun 2016
Player touring America — not all of it The Times Cryptic 09 Jun 2016
One of the players got out of mortgage Irish Times Crosaire 19 May 2016
'Angry Birds' addict, e.g The Washington Post 02 May 2016
Xbox devotee, say The Washington Post 10 Mar 2016
One frequenting arcades New York Times 14 Jan 2016
More willing Universal 09 Jan 2016
Mario Kart fan
Devotee of eSports
One frequenting arcades
World of Warcraft enthusiast, e.g.
More willing
Dungeons & Dragons devotee The Washington Post 12 Dec 2015
PlayStation user New York Times 17 Nov 2015
Wii fanatic, say LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2015
Fan of Super Smash Bros Newsday 21 Mar 2015
Xbox enthusiast LA Times Daily 23 Feb 2015
Xbox user
Dungeons & Dragons devotee
Wii fanatic, say
Xbox enthusiast
Fan of Super Smash Bros.
PlayStation user
Arcade enthusiast
Xbox enthusiast
Dungeons & Dragons player
Arcade regular
See 50-Across
PS4 fan
Nintendo enthusiast
Angry Birds fan
Role-playing hobbyist
Gears of War enthusiast, e.g.
Nintendo fan
World of Warcraft fan, e.g.
Nintendo fanatic, e.g.
Dungeons & Dragons fan
Xbox devotee
Having more spunk
Dungeons & Dragons fan
Competitive sort
More spirited
World of Warcraft participant, e.g.
Competitive sort
Tiger Woods PGA Tour participant
Xbox fan
D&D fan, e.g.
Xbox enthusiast
More courageous
More courageous
Arcade frequenter
Dungeons and Dragons devotee
Scrappy competitor
Arcade frequenter
PlayStation player, e.g.
Xbox user
Nintendo lover
Nintendo nut, e.g.
Xbox enthusiast
Video player
More plucky
Video player
He'll play with injuries
Video-arcade enthusiast
Having more fighting spirit
Having more fighting spirit
Not as fearful
Xbox enthusiast
Sega user, say
Dungeons and Dragons fan
Nintendo addict
Dungeons and Dragons fan
Sega player, e.g.
One for whom the play's the thing
Nintendo fanatic, e.g.
More willing
Enthusiastic player
Sega user, say
More ready and willing
More willing
More plucky
One whose social life is going to pieces?
More willing
Las Vegas devotee
Play participant
Dungeons & Dragons sort
Less likely to quit
More courageous
More plucky
Winning hit, in baseball
Winning hit, in baseball argot
Less cowardly
Winning hit, in baseball lingo
Winning hit: Slang
More persistent
More intrepid
More daring
More plucky.
Less timid.
More ready: Colloq.
More courageous.
Minecraft nut
Second Life fan, e.g.
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