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Crossword Clues for GATED

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Clue Source Date
Exclusive, as a community LA Times Daily 10 Dec 2020
Private, as some neighborhoods Newsday 10 Jul 2020
Some laughing at Edward kept in school The Sun Two Speed 17 May 2020
Confined to college The Sun Two Speed 17 May 2020
Like some communities USA Today 25 Apr 2020
Not publically accessible The Sun Two Speed 03 Mar 2020
Some sniping at educator kept in school as punishment The Sun Two Speed 03 Mar 2020
Like some private communities The Washington Post 20 May 2019
Like some fences Thomas Joseph 26 Apr 2019
Like some exclusive communities Eugene Sheffer 31 Jan 2019
Private, like some communities Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2018
How many fences are made Newsday 09 Sep 2018
Exclusive, in a way Wall Street Journal 30 Aug 2018
Some carping at education kept in school The Sun Two Speed 24 Jul 2018
Like some wealthy communities Universal 21 Jul 2018
Private, as an enclosed community Newsday 28 May 2018
Enclosed for security, in a way The Washington Post 26 Apr 2018
Confined to school The Telegraph Quick 09 Dec 2017
Like many exclusive communities USA Today 04 Dec 2017
Kept in school and given all the extra duties, initially The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Nov 2017
Like some wealthy neighborhoods New York Times 18 Sep 2017
Georgia and Edward confined to school The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Aug 2017
Like some ritzy communities Universal 30 May 2017
Barred to outsiders Newsday 09 Apr 2017
Enclosed, as an estate Newsday 28 Feb 2017
Like some upscale neighborhoods Wall Street Journal 17 Sep 2016
Coming up, remove restriction from offender kept in The Times Cryptic 25 Aug 2016
Banned from university degree, receiving cheers when that's reversed The Telegraph Toughie 15 Jun 2016
Like a closed community USA Today 22 Mar 2016
Attendance down, at first, restricted to college The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Sep 2015
Like some estates LA Times Daily 22 Mar 2015
Protected, as an estate USA Today 03 Mar 2015
Security-minded type of community
Like some upscale communities
Like some retirement communities
Enclosed, as a community
Exclusive, as communities
Not freely traversable
Like some expensive communities
Having fences
Privacy-protected (as an estate)
Community type
Like some fences and communities
Secure, as some communities
Type of community with guards
Type of community
Condition of many fences
Like many fences
Like heaven's entrance
Like some playgrounds
Secure, as an estate
Like many estates
Like an exclusive community
Like certain communities
Like many an upscale community?
Like some modern communities
Grounded, at Oxford
Like a sluiceway
Adjusted a loom for weaving
Supplied a swinger
Like estate entrances
Like back fences
Like most fences
Having an opening, as a fence
Having a barrier
Like canal locks
Having a portal.
Having doors.
Confined to college grounds: Brit.
Like some posh communities
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