Word "GAVEL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a small mallet used by a presiding officer or a judge

Crossword Clues for GAVEL

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Clue Source Date
Courtroom mallet Universal 12 Oct 2021
Court rapper Thomas Joseph 08 Oct 2021
Auctioneer's hammer The Times Concise 21 Jul 2021
Rapper in court New York Times 03 Mar 2021
Chair's accessory Newsday 20 Sep 2020
Prop in a legal drama Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2020
A chair might hold one New York Times 25 Jun 2020
Bench mallet The Washington Post 24 Apr 2020
Bench mallet LA Times Daily 24 Apr 2020
Order keeper in the court Wall Street Journal 16 Apr 2020
Judge's mallet Newsday 23 Mar 2020
Courtroom hammer USA Today 18 Feb 2020
Judge's mallet Universal 11 Nov 2019
Judge's rapper Thomas Joseph 09 Jul 2019
Courtroom mallet Premier Sunday 02 Jun 2019
Auctioneer's hammer USA Today 23 May 2019
Auctioneer's hammer The Times Concise 05 Apr 2019
Auctioneer's hammer
Judge's prop Eugene Sheffer 02 Nov 2018
Chairperson's order keeper The Washington Post 30 Oct 2018
Chairperson's order keeper LA Times Daily 30 Oct 2018
Judge's mallet New York Times 02 Jul 2018
Judge's mallet
Chairperson's order keeper
Hammer The Telegraph Quick 24 Jul 2017
Judge's rapper Wall Street Journal 12 Jun 2017
Court rapper Thomas Joseph 08 Jun 2017
Courtroom hammer The Washington Post 03 Apr 2017
Courtroom hammer LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2017
Bench banger Wall Street Journal 22 Feb 2017
Auctioneer's prop USA Today 06 Feb 2017
Attention-getter in court Universal 15 Jan 2017
Courtroom hammer
Attention-getter in court
Auctioneer's prop
Rapper in court The Washington Post 12 Dec 2016
Prop for Judge Judy USA Today 09 Dec 2016
Judge's attention-getter USA Today 24 Nov 2016
Chairman's prop Wall Street Journal 04 Nov 2016
Auctioneer's hammer Universal 04 Oct 2016
Court prop LA Times Daily 21 Aug 2016
Auctioneer's tool Newsday 20 Jul 2016
Courtroom hammer Newsday 28 Mar 2016
Courtroom attention-getter USA Today 08 Feb 2016
Auctioneer's accessory Newsday 07 Feb 2016
Auctioneer's tool USA Today 25 Jan 2016
Auction accessory Newsday 21 Jan 2016
Courtroom drama prop The Washington Post 06 Jan 2016
Auctioneer's tool
Court prop
Courtroom attention-getter
Judge's attention-getter
Auctioneer's hammer
Courtroom mallet Jonesin 13 Oct 2015
The Stones release first record - it's a favourite of the judge's Irish Times Crosaire 08 Jul 2015
Judge's silencer? Canadiana 27 Apr 2015
Judge's hammer LA Times Daily 27 Apr 2015
"Case dismissed" punctuation mark Universal 04 Apr 2015
"Sold!" punctuator LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2015
Mason's hammer The Telegraph Quick 02 Mar 2015
Auctioneer's hammer The Telegraph Quick 20 Feb 2015
Legal banger Wall Street Journal 13 Feb 2015
"Case dismissed" punctuation mark
Legal banger
Judge's hammer
"Sold!" punctuator
Courtroom hammer
'The People's Court' prop Eugene Sheffer 01 Jan 2015
"Order! Order!" mallet
Prop for Judge Judy
Chairman's need
Chairperson's prop
Judge's mallet
Signal in a courtroom
It helps call a meeting to order
Magisterial mallet
It goes "bang!" in a courtroom
"Order in the court!" punctuator
Courtroom rapper
Court tool
Auctioneer's tool
Attention-getter, in court
Bench banger
Magisterial mallet
It may punctuate a court order
Order-restoring tool
Hammer in the courtroom
Order-restoring tool
Auction prop
Something a chair may hold
Symbol of authority
Auction prop
Attention-getter, for a judge
Hearing aid?
Auctioneer's aid
Meeting hammer
Judge's attention getter
Chair's need
Auctioneer's device
"The People's Court" prop
It may be within a judge's grasp
It makes noise in the courtroom
Chairman's mallet
Courtroom attention-getter
Auction accessory
Hammer for a court justice
Auction accessory
Judge's need
Judge's tool
Rapper in court
Legal aid
Chair's need
Courtroom item
It's pounded for attention
Auctioneer's need
Hammer on a bench
Auctioneer's attention-getter
Court instrument
Hammer of justice?
It's pounded to get attention
Desk mallet
Auctioneer's mallet
Chairman's need
The House speakership, metonymically
Judge's accessory
Judge's rapper
Judge's mallet
Courtroom tool
Courtroom prop
Court attention-getter
Hearing aid
Prop for Judy Sheindlin
Mallet of justice
Judge's mallet
Auctioneer's device
Bench rapper
Ito's silencer
Courtroom thumper
Auctioneer's aid
Chairman's need
Signal in a courtroom
Auctioneer's need
Equipment for Gore
Courtroom attention-getter
Rapper in a courtroom
What the chair holds
Courtroom mallet
Sirica's rapper
Presider's need
What Rainey wielded: 1933–35
What O'Neill wields
Item for 46 Across
Judge's rapper
Chairperson's prop
Chairman's need
Court quieter
Knocker of a sort
Banc adjunct
Judicial gear
Rostrum adjunct
Chairman's tool.
Attention-getter, at times.
Hammer of a sort.
Chairman's instrument.
Chairman's weapon.
Symbol of authority.
Auctioneer's implement.
Sam Rayburn's weapon.
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