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Word "GEEK" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a person with an unusual or odd personality
eccentric, eccentric person, flake, oddball

Part of Speech:
a carnival performer who does disgusting acts

Crossword Clues for GEEK

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Clue Source Date
___ chic (rhyming style) USA Today 28 Mar 2021
Stereotypical techie Wall Street Journal 17 Feb 2021
Nerdy type LA Times Daily 22 Jan 2021
Nerd's kin Eugene Sheffer 09 Jan 2021
Nerd Canadiana 09 Nov 2020
Computer whiz Wall Street Journal 31 Oct 2020
Stereotypical cosplayer The Washington Post Sunday 25 Oct 2020
Computer expert The Sun Two Speed 22 Jul 2020
Athenian runs out to find anorak The Sun Two Speed 22 Jul 2020
Be an enthusiastic dweeb, with 'out' New York Times 09 Jun 2020
Tech expert Newsday 22 Apr 2020
Techie or Trekkie
__ chic The Washington Post 12 Dec 2019
Many a techie The Washington Post 09 Dec 2019
___ chic (rhyming fashion style) The Washington Post Sunday 08 Dec 2019
Techie type Premier Sunday 10 Nov 2019
Techie, stereotypically USA Today 07 Oct 2019
Avid enthusiast Wall Street Journal 05 Sep 2019
Social misfit Thomas Joseph 26 Jul 2019
Carnival oddball USA Today 21 Jul 2019
Very nerdy sort Universal 06 Jun 2019
Tech whiz Newsday 18 Apr 2019
European runs out to get anorak The Sun Two Speed 10 Apr 2019
Computer expert (informal) The Sun Two Speed 10 Apr 2019
North American slang for a strange or eccentric person The Telegraph General Knowledge 30 Dec 2018
Strange carnival performer Universal 05 Dec 2018
Strange circus performer Family Time 04 Nov 2018
Nerd alternative Universal 28 Aug 2018
Adorkable sort The Washington Post Sunday 29 Jul 2018
Carnival performer New York Times 08 Jul 2018
'The Big Bang Theory' sort New York Times 17 May 2018
Best Buy 'Squad' member The Washington Post 09 May 2018
Best Buy "Squad" member LA Times Daily 09 May 2018
Avid fan Universal 28 Mar 2018
Novel "___ Love" Universal 12 Mar 2018
Circus glass-eater Universal 09 Mar 2018
"The Big Bang Theory" sort
Nerd's relative? Family Time 12 Nov 2017
Tech enthusiast, say New York Times 10 Nov 2017
Socially inept sort USA Today 05 Aug 2017
Nerd relative Universal 10 Jul 2017
Sideshow misfit Family Time 19 Jun 2017
Adorkable one The Washington Post 25 Apr 2017
Poindexter New York Times 16 Apr 2017
Sheldon of 'The Big Bang Theory,' for one New York Times 03 Apr 2017
Sheldon of "The Big Bang Theory," for one
Unlikely Mr. America The Washington Post 19 Dec 2016
Old sideshow attraction USA Today 28 Nov 2016
Middle name of the inventor of the electrographic vote recorder New York Times 01 Sep 2016
Stereotypical smarty Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2016
"The Big Bang Theory" figure LA Times Daily 29 Apr 2016
Nerd (out) New York Times 21 Apr 2016
Computer nerd Family Time 04 Apr 2016
Circus sideshow performer Family Time 29 Feb 2016
Techie, typically Wall Street Journal 06 Jan 2016
Tech expert, as it were
Many a 'Silicon Valley' character Wall Street Journal 18 Nov 2015
Sideshow oddity New York Times 13 Nov 2015
Circus sideshow oddity Family Time 27 Sep 2015
Square one Newsday 06 Aug 2015
Overindulge in a brainy subject, with 'out' New York Times 20 Jul 2015
Be the ultimate nerd, with 'out' New York Times 18 Jun 2015
Dweeb USA Today 15 Jun 2015
Fanboy or fangirl New York Times 30 Jan 2015
Many a "Silicon Valley" character
Weezer pioneered this kind of rock
Overindulge in a brainy subject, with "out"
Be the ultimate nerd, with "out"
Square peg in high school, perhaps
Chicken man, in the circus
Might be a music one, to schoolmates
Green Day "___ Stink Breath"
__ Squad: Best Buy tech support
Start of a word ladder
Computer junkie
Stereotyped techie
Socially inept one
Bookish one
Uncool person
Computer __
Many a Comic-Con attendee
Carnival weirdo
"___ in the Pink" Jason Mraz
Tech whiz, say
Many a Silicon Valley hiree
Many a Comicon attendee
Pencil neck ___
Circus performer
___ Squad (support service owned by Best Buy)
Comic-Con attendee, probably
Computer ace, perhaps
__ Squad: Best Buy service team
Certain squad member
Uncool one
Computer nut
Computer enthusiast, slangily
Jock's tutor, maybe
Societal square peg
Computer expert or circus freak
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