Word "GEN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
informal term for information
give me the gen on your new line of computers

Crossword Clues for GEN

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Clue Source Date
Mil. bigwig Premier Sunday 13 Nov 2022
___ Z (demo after millennials) USA Today 03 Oct 2022
Sgt.'s superior Thomas Joseph 22 Aug 2022
Word before X, Y or Z USA Today 19 Jul 2022
___-X New York Times 21 Jun 2022
Mil. title The Washington Post 30 Apr 2022
Mil. title LA Times Daily 30 Apr 2022
___ Xers USA Today 27 Mar 2022
Lead-in to X, Y and Z USA Today 19 Mar 2022
Demographic cohort, for short Newsday 27 Jan 2022
With 41-Down, boomer's kid LA Times Daily 20 Dec 2021
___ Zers USA Today 07 Nov 2021
Next-___ technology New York Times 11 Oct 2021
Alphabet-enders preceder Newsday 25 Sep 2021
___ Z USA Today 21 Aug 2021
__-Z LA Times Daily 09 Jul 2021
__-Z The Washington Post 09 Jul 2021
Title for Lee or Grant :Abbr The Washington Post 07 Jun 2021
Title for Lee or Grant :Abbr LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2021
Information The Sun Two Speed 21 Mar 2021
Knowledge from Albigensians The Sun Two Speed 21 Mar 2021
Shortened word before X, Y or Z USA Today 15 Mar 2021
Four-star officer: Abbr New York Times 15 Mar 2021
High-ranking U.S. Army officer Wall Street Journal 09 Mar 2021
Knowledge good with vacant expression The Sun Two Speed 24 Feb 2021
X or Z, for short USA Today 16 Feb 2021
___ Y (millennials) USA Today 04 Dec 2020
Mil. head honcho LA Times Daily 24 Nov 2020
Mil. head honcho The Washington Post 24 Nov 2020
Follower of 'next' and preceder of 'X' USA Today 09 Nov 2020
USMC bigwig Wall Street Journal 05 Sep 2020
Lead-in to X, Y or Z New York Times 13 Aug 2020
__-Z: Millennials' followers LA Times Daily 21 Jul 2020
__-Z: Millennials' followers The Washington Post 21 Jul 2020
With 63-Across, boomer's kid Premier Sunday 28 Jun 2020
Lead-in to X, Y or Z USA Today 05 May 2020
With 118-Down, child of a boomer Premier Sunday 26 Apr 2020
Demographic cohort, for short Newsday 05 Apr 2020
Title for DDE LA Times Daily 16 Mar 2020
Title for DDE The Washington Post 16 Mar 2020
Sgt.'s superior Thomas Joseph 24 Feb 2020
Information (abbr.) The Sun Two Speed 21 Dec 2019
Four-star officer: Abbr Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2019
Lead-in to X or Y New York Times 19 Oct 2019
Lead-in to X or Y
Pentagon VIP The Washington Post 07 Oct 2019
Pentagon VIP LA Times Daily 07 Oct 2019
___ Z (millennials' successors) Universal 05 Oct 2019
X or Y preceder New York Times 30 Aug 2019
Lead-in to X, Y or Z The Washington Post 16 Aug 2019
Lead-in to X, Y or Z LA Times Daily 16 Aug 2019
High-ranking off The Washington Post 25 Jul 2019
High-ranking off LA Times Daily 25 Jul 2019
Cohort, for short Newsday 06 Jul 2019
Military VIP LA Times Daily 09 Jun 2019
Military VIP The Washington Post 09 Jun 2019
___-Xers (boomer's kids) USA Today 17 May 2019
Mil. VIP Premier Sunday 14 Apr 2019
___ Z ('90s-'00s cohort) Universal 10 Apr 2019
High mil. rank Premier Sunday 31 Mar 2019
Next-___ (cutting-edge) Universal 17 Mar 2019
X or Z preceder The Washington Post 09 Feb 2019
X or Z preceder LA Times Daily 09 Feb 2019
Mil. bigwig Eugene Sheffer 08 Feb 2019
Mil. bigwig Premier Sunday 03 Feb 2019
Next-___ (cutting-edge)
___-Xers (boomer's kids)
Four-star officer: Abbr.
Base boss: Abbr.
Military VIP
___ Z ('90s-'00s cohort)
___ Z (millennials' successors)
Lead-in to X, Y or Z
High-ranking off.
X or Z preceder
Pentagon VIP
X or Y preceder
Mil. bigwig Thomas Joseph 23 Oct 2018
__-Xer (boomer's kid) Newsday 05 Aug 2018
95-Across' rank: Abbr Premier Sunday 22 Jul 2018
Mil. leader Wall Street Journal 27 Jun 2018
X or Y preceder Newsday 03 Jun 2018
Bk. with the ark story The Washington Post 16 May 2018
Bk. with the ark story LA Times Daily 16 May 2018
Mil. title Premier Sunday 13 May 2018
It may precede X or Y The Washington Post Sunday 06 May 2018
Demographer's cohort, for short Newsday 20 Apr 2018
___-X New York Times 27 Mar 2018
Mil. bigwig The Washington Post 26 Feb 2018
Mil. bigwig LA Times Daily 26 Feb 2018
___ Xers (baby boomers' kids) Wall Street Journal 05 Feb 2018
Mil. leader
Lead-in to X, Y or Z
Bk. with the ark story
Mil. bigwig
Information supplied by agent The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Dec 2017
Info The Telegraph Quick 27 Dec 2017
Information The Telegraph Quick 17 Nov 2017
Next ___ (emerging group of young leaders, informally) New York Times 14 Oct 2017
Abbreviation for Grant Universal 23 Sep 2017
Mil. VIP Jonesin 19 Sep 2017
Col.'s superior New York Times 02 Apr 2017
X or Y preceder LA Times Daily 20 Jan 2017
Abbreviation for Grant
X or Y preceder
Col.'s superior
Next ___ (emerging group of young leaders, informally)
Mil. rank Premier Sunday 01 Jan 2017
___-Xers Wall Street Journal 30 Nov 2016
Atty. ___ Jonesin 22 Nov 2016
Mil. VIP USA Today 11 Jun 2016
Mil. rank Wall Street Journal 05 May 2016
__-Xer Newsday 24 Apr 2016
Title for Powell or Petraeus (abbr.) The Washington Post 29 Jan 2016
Mil. title LA Times Daily 16 Jan 2016
Mil. title
Mil. VIP
Base VIP LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2015
___-Xers (baby boomers' kids) Universal 29 Nov 2015
Senior officer in intelligence The Times Cryptic 16 Nov 2015
Geo. Washington, in the Revolutionary War New York Times 01 Jun 2015
__-Xers (Boomers' kids) Universal 30 May 2015
Col.'s boss Thomas Joseph 23 Apr 2015
45-Down, for one: Abbr New York Times 21 Mar 2015
Title for Powell or Petraeus: Abbr New York Times 09 Feb 2015
Base VIP
___ X (cohort after the Baby Boomers)
45-Down, for one: Abbr.
Geo. Washington, in the Revolutionary War
Title for Powell or Petraeus: Abbr.
X or Y preceder
__-Xers (Boomers' kids)
___-Xers (baby boomers' kids)
DDE, e.g.
First of 66 books: Abbr.
Ulysses S. Grant or Robert E. Lee (abbr.)
VIP doing four-star reviews?
USMC bigwig
First Bible bk.
___ Xers (baby boomers' kids)
__ X'er
Brig. ___
X or Y lead-in
Pentagon VIP
___ Xer
Highest rank in the USMC
___ Xers (baby boomers' kids)
O.T. opener
D. Petraeus's title
First Bible bk.
Mil. bigwig
With 36-Across, many a thirtysomething, briefly
Sec. of State Powell, e.g.
Old Testament bk.
___ Xers
D. Petraeus's title
First Bible bk.
With 36-Across, many a thirtysomething, briefly
Age, informally
Cohort, for short
-- Xer
USAF bigwig
Col.'s boss
___-Xers (boomers' kids)
USAF bigwig
41-Down was named after one: Abbr.
R.E. Lee's rank
Col.'s superior
With 34-Across, Y2K 30-year-old, e.g.
Mil. commander
___-Xers (baby boomers' kids)
Mil. title
See 51-Down: Abbr.
Patton or Petraeus: Abbr.
Lee, e.g.: Abbr.
Campaign manager: Abbr.
___ X'er (Baby Boomer's child, perhaps)
Atty. __
Mil. leader
Mil. leader
88 Across's rank (abbr.)
Corps VIP
Highest rank in the USMC
Mil. bigwig
Exod. preceder
Grant, e.g.: Abbr.
-- -X
D.D.E. was one
OT book
D.D.E.'s WWII rank
With 69-Down, V.I.P. in the 30-Down
Grant, e.g.: Abbr.
O.T. book
With 8-Down, one who grew up on MTV, maybe
___ X
Col.'s superior
Robt. E. Lee, for one
___ Xer
Army rank (abbr.)
O.T. book
Mil. bigwig
O.T. book
17-gun salute recipient: Abbr.
X, Y or Z
Mil. title
O.T. opener
O.T. opener
"Brig." follower
___ Xers
Xer beginning
Mil. leader
Pentagon fig.
First bk.
Washington, for one (abbr.)
Atty. ___
Mil. commander
Mil. title
Star wearer: Abbr.
___-Y (modern youth)
First Bible bk.
Adm.'s counterpart
Brigade cmdr.
__-Xers (boomers' kids)
Mil. rank
Mil. boss
First bk.
Atty. ___
One with four stars: Abbr.
Col.'s boss
First Bible bk.
Mil. boss
It follows Brig.
Campaign mgr.?
OT start
12-Down's rank
Tommy Franks's rank: Abbr.
12-Down's rank
Mil. rank
Start of the Bible: Abbr.
Tommy Franks's rank: Abbr.
___-Xers (boomers' kids)
Eisenhower's rank (abbr.)
Brass biggie (abbr.)
DDE's title, once
Adm.'s associate
Col.'s superior
Lee, e.g.: Abbr.
___ Xer
Four-star officer: Abbr.
Robt. E. Lee, for example
___ X
Clark's mil. rank
OT opener
___ Xers (baby boomers' kids)
Cmdr. in the army
Highest rank in the USMC
One who wears four stars: Abbr.
X or Y: abbr.
Col. superior
Tommy Franks, for one: Abbr.
J.E.B. Stuart, for one
U.S. Grant or R.E. Lee
Brigade ldr.
Army officer: Abbr.
___ X
Joint Chiefs member: Abbr.
Mil. bigwig
Eisenhower's rank: Abbr.
Ambrose Burnside, for one: Abbr.
Mil. rank
Battle star: Abbr.
Mil. title
Part of GE
USAF brass
Pentagon VIP
Robert E. Lee, e.g.
___ Xers (those born after 1965)
___ X
OT kickoff
Mil. rank
U.S. Grant, for one
Title for Bradley: abbr.
Rank for 66-Across: Abbr.
Milit. rank
Army VIP
Promoted col.
___ X
___-Xers (boomers' kids)
Washington, e.g.: Abbr.
Schwarzkopf's rank, once (abbr.)
USMC's highest rank
Military leader: Abbr.
Highest USMC rank
Ike's title, once
Grant or Lee (abbr.)
___ Xer (person born after 1965)
O.T. opener
U. S. Grant, for one
Col.'s superior
Ike was one
Grant or Lee: Abbr.
Beginning bk.
Exod. preceder
U. S. Grant's rank
Not spec.
Lee or Grant for short
Promoted col.
5-star title
Grant's mil. rank
Colin Powell, e.g.
DDE for one
Col.'s boss
O.T. book
Powell or Westmoreland, e.g.: Abbr.
Bible bk.
Ike, e.g.: Abbr.
D.D.E.'s rank
R.E. Lee title
A superior of 59-Down
Mil. officer
R. E. Lee, e.g.
Army V.I.P.
D.D.E. was one
Source of the above quot.
Army off.
Four-star off.
Mil. rank
Bk. of the Bible
D.D.E. in W.W. II
G.W. in '76
Five-star off.
Brig. or Maj. follower
Mil. bigwig
E.T.O. leader
Brig. or lt. follower
Brig. or Lt. follower
Army man: Abbr.
Brig. or Lt.
Mil. man
Col.'s superior.
O. T. book: Abbr.
Washington in 1775: Abbr.
Relative of 63 Across.
Book of the Bible: Abbr.
O.T. book: Abbr.
Military man: Abbr.
Lyman Lemnitzer is one: Abbr.
Brig. ___.
Book of the Torah: Abbr.
Twining, for one: Abbr.
Officer: Abbr.
Twining's title: Abbr.
Dahlquist's rank: Abbr.
Lauris Norstad's title: Abbr.
Clay, for instance: Abbr.
Collins' rank: Abbr.
Twining is one: Abbr.
Military title: Abbr.
Marshall's title: Abbr.
Thimayya's title: Abbr.
Army officer: Abbr.
J. Lawton Collins' rank: Abbr.
Handy's rank: Abbr.
Lawton Collins' rank: Abbr.
The Col.'s superior.
Title of 56 Across.
Army rank: Abbr.
Military rank: Abbr.
Hypothetical particle.
Military officer: abbr.
Kind: comb. form
Commanding officer: abbr.
One with four stars: Abbr.
Man o' war?: Abbr.
Pershing, e.g.: Abbr.
Star man?: Abbr.
Petraeus, e.g.: Abbr.
Petraeus's rank: Abbr.
David Petraeus, e.g.: Abbr.
With 47-Across, one who grew up alongside hip hop culture
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