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Clue Source Date
One of the Beatles Thomas Joseph 13 Apr 2024
England and Northampton Saints full-back; 2020 Test debutant against France (6)
___ Canning, former PM (6)
English mathematician (1815-64) whose eponymous form of algebra was fundamental to the development of modern computer circuits (6,5)
Composer of Rhapsody In Blue and the opera, Porgy And Bess, ... Gershwin
1917 and Sunshine on Leith actor, - MacKay (6)
___ McFly: Marty's father in 1 ACROSS (6)
Name shared by US presidents Bush and Washington (6)
First President's first name Commuter 08 Mar 2024
Jamie, hooker appointed captain of the England rugby union team in 2024 (6)
King of Great Britain and Ireland 1714-27 (6)
_ Jetson
Mr Graham, former football manager (6)
Ravine enclosing English patron saint
Mr Burley or Mr Graham (6)
With 39 Across, coiner of the slogan Newsday 09 Feb 2024
Eldest son of the Prince and Princess of Wales (6)
___ Bernard Shaw, dramatist (6)
And 16 Down. Former Northern Ireland and Manchester United player who died in 2005 (6,4)
Irish novelist known for works including A Mummer's Wife (1885) (6)
_ Clooney, star of TV series ER and film Ocean's Eleven (6)
The name of six British kings (6)
Railway engineer, - - - Stephenson Mirror Tea Time 05 Jan 2024
With 31-Across real-life 1950s actor portrayed by Ben Affleck in 2006's Hollywoodland
With 15-Across, congressional expellee of 2023
Former king, say, repeatedly upset about soldiers
_ Lamb, former 6 Music presenter and son of actor Larry (6)
--- Eliot, Victorian author The Times Concise 01 Dec 2023
King who instituted a decoration for bravery; a character in Joyce Grenfell's "don't do that" Nursery School monologue; or, a spoken word performer known as "the poet" (6)
Money Monster actor, ... Clooney (6)
Dragon-slaying saint The Guardian Quick 30 Oct 2023
Friend of Jerry and Elaine Thomas Joseph 13 Sep 2023
__ Alexander Trebek Newsday 05 Aug 2023
Clooney of "Syriana" Eugene Sheffer 08 Jul 2023
Victoria's grandpa Newsday 01 Jul 2023
Elroy Jetson's dad Thomas Joseph 16 Jun 2023
___ Washington Carver USA Today 27 May 2023
Friend of Jerry and Elaine Thomas Joseph 18 May 2023
'Star Wars' creator Lucas Wall Street Journal 29 Apr 2023
One of six in charge of our land, one a so-called farmer The Guardian Cryptic 19 Jan 2023
Writer Orwell Premier Sunday 25 Dec 2022
"Mad Max" director Miller Thomas Joseph 04 Nov 2022
Friend of Jerry and Elaine Wall Street Journal 01 Nov 2022
Cheddar, possibly — cheese, finally eaten by king The Guardian Cryptic 06 Sep 2022
___ Eliot, pen name of 19th century author Mary Ann Evans known for "Middlemarch"
Margaret __, author of The Memoirs of Cleopatra (1997) The Guardian Weekend 25 Jun 2022
___ Gershwin, "Rhapsody in Blue" composer who was awarded a posthumous Pulitzer Prize Special Citation
King, say, eating good eggs up The Guardian Cryptic 29 Mar 2022
Harrison or Clinton Wall Street Journal 19 Mar 2022
___ Michael, "Careless Whisper" singer who sang for Princess Diana in 1993
___ Soros, Hungarian-born American investor who founded and funded the Open Society Foundations
Cheddar maybe tucked into by English fellow The Times Cryptic 10 Feb 2022
Dream collaborator USA Today 02 Jan 2022
___ Buza, actor who played Santa Claus in the 2015 movie "A Christmas Horror Story"
___ Costanza, character played by Jason Alexander in "Seinfeld"
Composer Gershwin Eugene Sheffer 18 Nov 2021
___ Foreman, professional boxer who held the word heavyweight title twice between 1973 and 1995
Harrison who was the lead guitarist for The Beatles
___ Michael, former member of the boy band Wham! who went solo with the single "Careless Whisper"
'Seinfeld' friend The Washington Post 30 May 2021
"Seinfeld" friend LA Times Daily 30 May 2021
___ Carlin, stand-up comedian and "Brain Droppings" author who rose to prominence in the '60s
*Allen's comedy partner Burns The Washington Post Sunday 14 Feb 2021
"Curious ___," 2006 animated movie which features the voice of Dick Van Dyke as Mr. Bloomsberry
___ Costanza, major character from "Seinfeld" who is played by Jason Alexander
Patron saint of England Newsday 23 Dec 2020
So-called pilot finding echo in feed? The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Nov 2020
Stuff about English and their once and future king?
___ Blanda, former NFL kicker and quarterback whose career spanned twenty-six seasons
Friend of Jerry and Elaine Thomas Joseph 05 Aug 2020
Lots of eggs eaten by just one revolting fellow
Clooney of "Syriana" Eugene Sheffer 06 Jun 2020
___ Russell, British driver who drives for ROKiT Williams in Formula 1
"By ___!" Universal 02 May 2020
King acted madly in theatre, executed patron
Bolt secures English king
___ Pig, Peppa's younger brother in the animated children's TV series, "Peppa Pig"
Author Eliot or Sand Universal 25 Nov 2019
___ Lazenby, Australian actor who portrayed James Bond only once in a 1969 movie
Victoria's granddad Newsday 05 Oct 2019
___ H.W. Bush,President who started the tradition of annual turkey pardoning
One of the Beatles New York Times 21 Aug 2019
Hanover king, egregious lunatic after losing America
Presidential name in three centuries LA Times Daily 09 Jun 2019
Presidential name in three centuries The Washington Post 09 Jun 2019
Prince William's eldest Newsday 06 Jun 2019
Costanza perhaps earthy, right revolting example
One of the Beatles
Presidential name in three centuries
William and Kate's son The New Yorker 31 Dec 2018
"Tenth of December" author Saunders The New Yorker 10 Sep 2018
___ Strait, "Check Yes or No" singer who's won multiple CMAs
Dutch filmmaker ___ Sluizer who made a Hollywood remake of his original film "Spoorloos" titled "The Vanishing"
Dan ____ ( Salish chief and distinguished actor ) Canadiana 16 Jul 2018
Eliot the writer? Not he The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jul 2018
____ Selkirk (Canuck who replaced Babe Ruth) Canadiana 19 Mar 2018
Beatle Harrison Universal 21 Jan 2018
Beatle Harrison
First name on a one-spot Universal 21 Dec 2017
Echo encountered in ravine in Washington?
Elroy's dad Thomas Joseph 11 Aug 2017
King's initially escaped into ravine
Presidential first name Universal 21 May 2017
Foreman with a grill USA Today 12 Apr 2017
Name after Dan and befure Chuvalo Canadiana 06 Feb 2017
Foreman with a grill
First name on a one-spot
Presidential first name
England's patron saint The Times Concise 07 Dec 2016
Composer Gershwin Newsday 07 Jun 2016
He enjoyed 9, lodge or genteel houses
Author of The Mill on the Floss The Guardian Quick 04 May 2016
President before Barack Newsday 14 Mar 2016
Stuff about English prince or king?
Washington on a dollar bill Newsday 15 Dec 2015
Dan ____ Chuvalo Canadiana 16 Nov 2015
Lucas of film Premier Sunday 11 Oct 2015
Costanza of reruns USA Today 24 Sep 2015
Dragon slayer The Telegraph Quick 04 Aug 2015
Mr. Jefferson of 'The Jeffersons' New York Times 28 Jun 2015
"Seinfeld" character USA Today 17 May 2015
With 20-Across, the first cat president? Jonesin 09 Apr 2015
One of six British kings LA Times Daily 29 Jan 2015
One of six British kings
Washington on a dollar bill
Costanza of reruns
Lucas of film
"Seinfeld" character
Mr. Jefferson of "The Jeffersons"
Withdrawing from Montenegro, Egypt's patron saint
Best flight controller?
Actual first name of Tom Seaver and Orson Welles
First name of three presidents
First name of three presidents
First name of three U.S. presidents
Name of six British kings
Wolf encircles English saint
Pilot's life's ending in ravine
New British royal of 2013
With 52-Across, singer known as the "King of Country"
Self-described "short, stocky, slow-witted bald man" of "Seinfeld"
Self-described "short, stocky, slow-witted bald man" of "Seinfeld"
Name some judge or general
Friend of Jerry and Elaine
British royal name
Costanza of reruns
"By ___!"
Harrison, Kennedy or Clinton
Name of six British monarchs
Friend of Jerry and Elaine
Friend of Jerry
Dennis the Menace's neighbor Wilson
Name of three presidents
TV host Stephanopoulos
Name of three presidents
Dennis the Menace's neighbor Wilson
Magazine whose debut issue featured a cover photo of Cindy Crawford dressed as Washington
Brad's "Burn After Reading" co-star
Composer Gershwin
Magazine whose debut issue featured a cover photo of Cindy Crawford dressed as Washington
Patron saint of England
"Seinfeld" character
Dragon-slaying saint
Elizabeth II's dad
Any of boxer Foreman's five sons
Mr. Whipple's first name
TV pundit Stephanopoulos
Pollster Gallup
Pollster Gallup
Singer Strait
Jason's "Seinfeld" role
First name of three U.S. presidents
One-quarter of 35-Down
With 126-Down, a noted humorist
First name of three presidents
With 47-Across, author of the quip
Strait or Smiley
Fighter Foreman
Magazine founded by JFK Jr.
Actor Clooney
Fighter Foreman
Magazine founded by JFK Jr.
Substitute for gum or Jove?
Cosmo's friend
Bush or Sand
Bush or Sand
Kennedy or Clinton
Ira's brother
Magazine founded by J.F.K.Jr.
Eastman or Westinghouse
With 37-Across, speaker of the query
Name of six English kings
Bush or Washington
Name of six English kings
Comment maker's first name
Magazine founded by J.F.K. Jr.
With 50-Down, speaker of the quotation
Quipster's first name
Director Lucas
Fab Four member
Cheddar maybe tucked into by English fellow
Comic Gobel
Gracie's comedy partner
Eastman or Westinghouse
Dragon slayer
Comedian Carlin
"Seinfeld" neurotic
"Seinfeld" character
With 24 Down and 66 Across author of the comment
England's patron saint
John F. Kennedy Jr.'s magazine
King during W.W. II
With 47 Across, speaker of quotation
First name of 107 Across
Dragon-slaying saint
Artist Bellows: 1882-1925
"With ___" (ending for 14 Across)
"Let ___ do it"
Boy or Phyllis
Patron st. of England
Irish play-wright Moore
Gobel or Gershwin
Babe Ruth's first name
Victor at Yorktown
First name of 40 Across
Writer Eliot
U.S. notable, with 18 Across
U. S. economist Henry
N. Y. lake
New York lake.
Hanoverian name.
Lake in New York.
Lake in New York state.
Lake Horicon of Cooper's novels.
Lake in eastern New York.
Lake in N. Y.
Man's name in an expression.
Sec. of Treasury Humphrey.
Mr. Santayana.
Sen. Aiken of Vermont.
Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.
One of Prince Charles' names.
Senator from Vienna, Ga.
Senator from Georgia.
Lake south of Champlain.
Popular ruler.
Exponent of the single tax.
King who may return to Greek throne.
King of Greece.
Funk godfather Clinton
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