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Crossword Clues for GINA

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Clue Source Date
Torres of “9-1-1: Lone Star” Wall Street Journal 24 Mar 2021
Carano of "Deadpool" LA Times Daily 07 Jan 2021
Carano of 'Deadpool' The Washington Post 07 Jan 2021
Actress Torres Universal 24 Dec 2020
Yul's 'Solomon and Sheba' co-star The Washington Post 31 Oct 2020
Yul's "Solomon and Sheba" co-star LA Times Daily 31 Oct 2020
Rodriguez of "Jane the Virgin" Universal 05 Oct 2020
'The Mandalorian' actress Carano USA Today 30 Aug 2020
CIA director Haspel Wall Street Journal 18 Aug 2020
Carano of "The Mandalorian" Universal 17 Jul 2020
Rodriguez who starred in 'Jane the Virgin' New York Times 14 Jun 2020
Actress Gershon Eugene Sheffer 02 Jun 2020
Carano of “The Mandalorian” Wall Street Journal 07 May 2020
Gal pal of Dennis the Menace New York Times 26 Feb 2020
Actress Lollobrigida Universal 16 Nov 2019
Haspel of the CIA USA Today 10 Oct 2019
Gershon of 'Face/Off' Premier Sunday 23 Jun 2019
Gershon of 'Riverdale' USA Today 26 May 2019
Actress Torres of 'Firefly' The Washington Post 04 Mar 2019
Actress Torres of "Firefly" LA Times Daily 04 Mar 2019
'Jane the Virgin' actress Rodriguez New York Times 10 Feb 2019
Gershon of "Face/Off"
Gershon of "Riverdale"
"Jane the Virgin" actress Rodriguez
'Dennis the Menace' girl USA Today 19 Jun 2018
Rodriguez of 'Jane the Virgin' USA Today 14 May 2018
Gershon of "P.S. I Love You" USA Today 30 Mar 2018
"Dennis the Menace" girl
'Jane the Virgin' star Rodriguez Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2017
Gershon of 'Cocktail' Premier Sunday 05 Nov 2017
Chelsea Peretti's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' role Wall Street Journal 25 Sep 2017
Actress and former mixed martial arts champion Carano New York Times 22 Feb 2017
Gershon of 'Bound' Thomas Joseph 10 Feb 2017
Gershon of "House of Versace" USA Today 01 Feb 2017
Lollobrigida or Gershon Universal 04 Jan 2017
Lollobrigida of film USA Today 03 May 2016
Gershon of "Cocktail" USA Today 12 Mar 2016
Girl's name The Times Concise 18 Feb 2016
Actress Carano of 'Fast & Furious 6,' 2013 New York Times 28 Aug 2015
Entertainer Lollobrigida Premier Sunday 09 Aug 2015
Gershon of "Killer Joe" LA Times Daily 13 Jun 2015
Gershon of 'Rescue Me' New York Times 22 May 2015
Lollobrigida of Hollywood Premier Sunday 10 May 2015
Martin's wife on the 1990s sitcom 'Martin' New York Times 22 Mar 2015
Schock of The Go-Go's
Irish popsters ___, Dale Haze and the Champions
Martin's wife on the 1990s sitcom "Martin"
Gershon of "Rescue Me"
Actress Carano of "Fast & Furious 6," 2013
Gershon of Hollywood
Blues Traveler song about their tour manager
"Suits" actress Torres
Science journalist Kolata
Lollobrigida of "Hotel Paradiso"
Girlfriend on "Martin"
Actress Gershon of "Bound"
Gershon of "Showgirls"
Legendary Lollobrigida
Dennis the Menace girl
Lollobrigida of the screen
Blues Traveler song about their manager
Gershon who played a seductive dry cleaner on "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Gershon of film
Dennis the Menace's friend
Lollobrigida of films
Actress Gershon of "Cocktail"
Friend of Dennis the Menace
Yul's "Solomon and Sheba" costar
Rock's co-star in "Strange Bedfellows"
Hollywood's Lollobrigida
Dianne Wiest's "In Treatment" role
Drea's "Joey" role
Ms. Lollobrigida
Luscious Lollobrigida
Greek pianist Bachauer
1962 Johnny Mathis hit
Lovely Lollobrigida
La Lollo's first name
Sophia contemporary
Joey's sister on "Joey"
"Sesame Street" veterinarian
"Face/Off" actress Gershon
Lollobrigida of "Solomon and Sheba"
"Dennis the Menace" character
Burt's "Trapeze" costar
Signoret film
Actress Manès
"___ body . . . ": Burns
First name in movies
Movie name.
First name of screen star.
First name in movies.
Famous first name, in movies.
___ Lollabrigida.
Movie star's first name.
First name of movie fame.
Miss Lollobrigida.
Name on the "Trapeze" marquee.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.