Word "GLOBE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the 3rd planet from the sun; the planet we live on
earth, world

Part of Speech:
an object with a spherical shape
ball, orb

Part of Speech:
a sphere on which a map (especially of the earth) is represented

Crossword Clues for GLOBE

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Clue Source Date
Newspaper with sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy
The ___, Shakespeare's theatre
The _, London theatre associated with William Shakespeare (5)
A ball-shaped map of the world (5)
Geographical sphere (5)
- Theatre, building in Southwark, London, built in 1599 Mirror Quiz 29 Feb 2024
Miniature model of Earth, in geography class
Spherical model of Earth (5)
Ball perhaps rolled around pitch
Sphere Mirror Classic 08 Jan 2024
Map of a kind
Ball-shaped map of the world Mirror Tea Time 16 Dec 2023
Entire world to honour heartless gal first
Spherical representation of the Earth, in Geography class
Shakespeare's theatre on London's South Bank The Guardian Weekend 23 Sep 2023
Spherical Earth model
Sphere The Telegraph Quick 03 Aug 2023
Boston paper Wall Street Journal 28 Jul 2023
Spherical map Newsday 18 Jul 2023
Sphere Premier Sunday 16 Jul 2023
Geography class aid Thomas Joseph 18 May 2023
Small world? Eugene Sheffer 08 May 2023
Golden ___ Award for Best Supporting Actress, award won by Michelle Pfeiffer for the 1989 film "The Fabulous Baker Boys"
Classroom sphere for studying the Earth
Miniature model of Earth
Spherical Earth model
Geography class aid Thomas Joseph 28 Jul 2022
Sphere The Telegraph Quick 26 Jul 2022
Model world New York Times 24 Jul 2022
Classroom aid that may spin
It's a small world New York Times 26 Jun 2022
Golden __ LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2022
Golden __ The Washington Post 17 Feb 2022
Part of an Atlas statue New York Times 10 Aug 2021
''Daily Planet'' logo Newsday 03 Jul 2021
Sphere in a geography class USA Today 17 Jun 2021
Spinning map USA Today 03 May 2021
Spinning sphere in some libraries
Ball game void without pitch
The Toronto ____ and Mail Canadiana 08 Feb 2021
Spherical object The Times Concise 05 Feb 2021
Turning up, for example, about to throw ball
Spherical map of earth The Times Concise 17 Nov 2020
Planet Earth's becoming over-­heated — let's get leaders to retire
It’s a small world Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 2020
Spherical cartography Newsday 02 Sep 2020
Theatre inevitably in the round? The Sun Two Speed 13 Aug 2020
Spherical map The Sun Two Speed 13 Aug 2020
Sphere The Telegraph Quick 07 Aug 2020
Epcot's Spaceship Earth, e.g The Washington Post 05 Jul 2020
Epcot's Spaceship Earth, e.g LA Times Daily 05 Jul 2020
Small Earth on one's desk?
Planet's grand projection The Telegraph Toughie 29 May 2020
Spherical map USA Today 07 May 2020
Spherical map Newsday 28 Apr 2020
Golden ___ Awards, one of the accolades won by the 1994 movie "Forrest Gump" for Best Motion Picture - Drama
Classroom sphere Jonesin 07 Apr 2020
Wikipedia's logo
Wikipedia's logo New York Times 19 Jan 2020
Sphere with a map
To a large extent, goblet's shattered, but it's round
Vendee ___, quadrennial solo non-stop yacht race around the world that starts and ends in France
Geography class spinner Premier Sunday 06 Oct 2019
Spherical representation of the earth
Ball: good place for piercing?
Small world? Premier Sunday 19 May 2019
All the World's a stage for Shakespeare The Telegraph Cryptic 18 May 2019
Grade school classroom accessory New York Times 09 May 2019
Tabletop model of Earth
Sphere with a map
See 22-Down The Washington Post 19 Apr 2019
See 22-Down LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2019
Spherical shape Irish Times Simplex 11 Apr 2019
It's a small world Wall Street Journal 20 Mar 2019
Small world Wall Street Journal 09 Feb 2019
Small world
It's a small world
Grade school classroom accessory
See 22-Down
Theatre in the round? The Sun Two Speed 20 Oct 2018
Geography class aid Thomas Joseph 03 Aug 2018
Ball The Telegraph Quick 20 Apr 2018
Round Earth map LA Times Daily 28 Mar 2018
Round Earth map The Washington Post 28 Mar 2018
Three-dimensional map USA Today 12 Mar 2018
3-D model of the Earth
Boston, MA's newspaper The Guardian Speedy 04 Feb 2018
Golden ___ Award, U.S.-based award that recognizes excellence in film and TV
Round Earth map
Classroom item that spins New York Times 16 Oct 2017
Hitting lob, Edberg nets ball The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Aug 2017
Beantown daily USA Today 06 Aug 2017
Shakespeare's ___ Theatre USA Today 01 Jul 2017
Classroom staple Universal 25 Apr 2017
Geography class prop USA Today 07 Apr 2017
The Bard's theatre USA Today 26 Mar 2017
3-D model of the Earth
Worldly representation in class Universal 06 Jan 2017
The Bard's theatre
Geography class prop
Beantown daily
Shakespeare's ___ Theatre
Worldly representation in class
Classroom staple
Classroom item that spins
Boston daily New York Times 23 Nov 2016
Sphere in a library LA Times Daily 20 Sep 2016
AT&T logo Wall Street Journal 27 Aug 2016
Sphere of Earth The Washington Post 20 Aug 2016
Earth's representation in the classroom Family Time 08 Aug 2016
Boston newspaper USA Today 20 Jul 2016
Small world? Wall Street Journal 09 Jul 2016
Classroom spinner The Washington Post 20 Jun 2016
All countries appear bent on it
Representation of earth The Times Concise 16 May 2016
German lost award for the neighbours - it tells one a lot about how the world works Irish Times Crosaire 19 Jan 2016
Boston daily
Sphere in a library
Boston newspaper
Revolutionary place-finder? Jonesin 15 Sep 2015
Small world? New York Times 28 Jun 2015
World The Telegraph Quick 15 Apr 2015
Chuck in backing, say, the theatre
Classroom accessory Family Time 18 Jan 2015
Small world?
Classroom accessory
Cruise-ship fixture
BAD II '91 album "The ___"
It's a small world
Spherical map
Bard 's theater
Sphere with a map
Geography class fixture
Geography class prop
Spherical map
Planet Earth
Planet Earth
Geography class prop
Small world?
Geography class feature
Small world?
Small world?
Orrery component
It's spun to find countries
Universal picture?
Shakespeare's theater
Earth representation
Geography class feature
Unisphere, e.g.
Earth model
Model of the Earth
Geography-class sphere
See 46-Across
Classroom accessory
Boston newspaper
Meridian shower
Classroom sphere
Unisphere, essentially
Shakespeare's theatre
Schoolroom spinner
Schoolroom feature
Shakespeare's playhouse
Geography class feature
Geography-class fixture
Shakespeare's theatre
London theatre
Shakespeare's theater
Earth model
Boston newspaper
"Daily Planet" logo
It may spin in a classroom
Boston newspaper
It'll show you the world
Classroom fixture
Geographer's sphere
Boston newspaper
Common classroom sight
Classroom aid
Map of the world, perhaps
Schoolroom spinner
Boston daily
Elizabethan theater
Classroom aid
Boston newspaper
Theater on the Thames
Theater where "Hamlet" was first performed
Earth miniature
Earth miniature
Planetary depiction
Beantown news source
Reference that spins
Sphere in a library
Planet representation
Shakespeare's theatre
USMC symbol feature
It shows a lot of latitude
Shakespeare's theatre
Popular supermarket tabloid
Newspaper that broke the Paxson story
Shakespeare's theater
Sphere with a map
World sphere^GLOB
Classroom accessory
Schoolroom spinner
Shakespeare's theater
History classroom accessory
Classroom adjunct
Shakespearean theater
English theatre of note
Earth, e.g.
Geography-lesson prop
Fish bowl
Drake circumnavigated it
Light bulb
Cartographer's item.
Famous theater.
Historic theater.
The world.
Marines' emblem.
Emblem worn by a marine.
Eisenhower's gift to Truman.
Shakespeare's theatre.
Theatre where Shakespeare's plays were first produced.
Boston newspaper, with "The"
Mostly blue ball?
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