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Word "GOATEE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a small chin beard trimmed to a point; named for its resemblance to a goat's beard

Crossword Clues for GOATEE

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Clue Source Date
Colonel Sanders' beard Universal 24 Nov 2020
Uncle Sam feature Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2020
Oresteia opening in Gate - the final scene is pointedly hairy Irish Times Crosaire 07 Nov 2020
Chin thing Newsday 09 Aug 2020
Chin adornment Newsday 26 Jul 2020
Pointed beard Irish Times Simplex 13 Jul 2020
Facial hair for the Dude in 'The Big Lebowski' The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jun 2020
At opening of Oresteia in Gate, the final scene is pointedly hairy Irish Times Crosaire 14 Dec 2019
Facial feature named after an animal The Washington Post 27 Sep 2019
Somewhere in India needing support -- it's hairy The Telegraph Toughie 25 Sep 2019
Small beard Eugene Sheffer 24 Sep 2019
Kin of a soul patch Wall Street Journal 29 Aug 2019
Colonel Sanders feature Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2019
Relative of a Vandyke New York Times 05 May 2019
Mini-beard Newsday 06 Mar 2019
Pointy beard The Telegraph Quick 01 Oct 2018
Colonel Sanders facial feature The Washington Post 18 Sep 2018
Lenin wore one Newsday 20 Apr 2018
The Devil has one New York Times 19 Apr 2018
Devil's facial feature USA Today 09 Mar 2018
Facial hair The Telegraph Quick 05 Mar 2018
Green light for American driver's Focus - of course, it can be hairy to a point Irish Times Crosaire 16 Dec 2017
Malcolm X facial feature New York Times 04 Oct 2017
Attack ends of extensive beard The Telegraph Toughie 28 Sep 2017
Dermal patch? Newsday 12 Aug 2017
Beard The Telegraph Quick 17 Jul 2017
Chin cover Universal 22 May 2017
Pointy-haired thing Newsday 07 May 2017
Buffalo Bill feature LA Times Daily 24 Feb 2017
Dimple concealer Newsday 03 Dec 2016
Try a shirt: it hangs off you The Times Cryptic 20 Oct 2016
Part of a devil costume New York Times 26 Aug 2016
Facial feature of Walter White in 'Breaking Bad' The Washington Post 08 Jul 2016
Relative of a soul patch New York Times 06 May 2016
Colonel Sanders' facial feature USA Today 03 Feb 2016
Feature of the Devil New York Times 31 Jan 2016
Small pointed beard The Times Concise 13 Jan 2016
Small, pointed beard USA Today 11 Jan 2016
Feature of a stereotypical evil twin Wall Street Journal 16 Sep 2015
Buffalo Bill wore one Newsday 02 Aug 2015
Part of an Uncle Sam costume
Uncle Sam facial feature
Dimple hider, at times
Part of Duchamp's parody of the "Mona Lisa"
President Lincoln wore one, now and then
Vandyke's cousin
Buffalo Bill trademark
Colonel Sanders trademark
Chin hider
Chin beard
It might hide a dimple
Facial feature of Colonel Sanders
The devil is often depicted with one
Satan is often seen with one
Muttonchops alternative
Vandyke's relative
Other item drawn on 39-/42-Across by 23-Across to create 40-Across
Tufted beard
If you stop wearing one, you may lose a point
Old Nick's beard
Graffitist's addition to a face
Cousin of a vandyke
Spock sported one in the "Mirror, Mirror" episode of "Star Trek"
Hirsute adornment
Colonel Sanders wore one
Part of a Vandyke
Chin hair
Sigmund Freud feature
Satan's growth
Pete Fountain has one
Mitch Miller's trademark
Col. Sanders feature
Feature of Duchamp's Mona Lisa
Col. Sanders' facial hair
Hair on my chinny-chin-chin
Chin decor
Van Dyke, e.g.
Graffiti artist's addition
A Spike Lee feature?
Trimmed beard
Chin growth
Pointed feature
Beard style
Devilish facial hair
Chin whiskers
Vandyke's brother
Small, tufted beard
Chin festoon
Abbreviated beard
Vandyke's kin
Col. Sanders sported one
Vandyke relative
Beard type
Beard with an appropriate name
Facial adornment
Facial feature
Vandyke's cousin.
Relative of burnsides.
Feature of Uncle Sam.
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