Word "GOLD" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a soft yellow malleable ductile (trivalent and univalent) metallic element; occurs mainly as nuggets in rocks and alluvial deposits; does not react with most chemicals but is attacked by chlorine and aqua regia
atomic number 79, au

Part of Speech:
a deep yellow color
he admired the gold of her hair

Part of Speech:
having the deep slightly brownish color of gold
aureate, gilded, gilt, golden
long aureate (or golden) hair
a gold carpet

Crossword Clues for GOLD

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Clue Source Date
Shakespeare says that all that glisters is not this The Guardian Quick 26 Jul 2022
First-place medal Eugene Sheffer 23 May 2022
Alchemist's target metal Universal 09 Mar 2022
Olympian's quest Universal 12 Feb 2022
Top prize New York Times 06 Jan 2022
Egg on lady, every so often getting first prize? The Times Cryptic 24 Dec 2021
Metal measured in karats USA Today 24 Dec 2021
Color on the Jamaican flag USA Today 22 Dec 2021
Person opposed to 27 shot after part of target The Guardian Cryptic 15 Oct 2021
*Valuable ingot Universal 14 Oct 2021
Precious metal The Times Concise 12 Oct 2021
Grand antique, 15's end product The Telegraph Toughie 10 Sep 2021
Precious metal The Times Concise 02 Aug 2021
Au The Washington Post 20 Jun 2021
Au LA Times Daily 20 Jun 2021
Au, on the periodic table USA Today 25 May 2021
Metal whose symbol is Au, and what can be mined in 62-Across Universal 18 May 2021
Top Olympic medal Premier Sunday 16 May 2021
__ standard The Washington Post 21 Feb 2021
__ standard LA Times Daily 21 Feb 2021
Top medal LA Times Daily 14 Feb 2021
Top medal The Washington Post 14 Feb 2021
Andrew --, American singer-songwriter, son of Ernest -- and Marni Nixon The Telegraph General Knowledge 01 Feb 2021
Word before "standard" or "star" Universal 12 Nov 2020
First-place medal The Sun Two Speed 30 Aug 2020
Deity keeps pound in metal The Sun Two Speed 30 Aug 2020
First-place medal Eugene Sheffer 28 Jul 2020
Top Olympic medal New York Times 29 Jun 2020
Top Olympic prize Newsday 16 Jun 2020
Winner's prize The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jun 2020
Word before 'record' or 'leaf' USA Today 02 May 2020
Bottled gas, at best, missing the precious stuff Irish Times Crosaire 17 Apr 2020
Good old precious metal The Sun Two Speed 11 Apr 2020
Olympic stuff? Family Time 23 Feb 2020
Busang product? Canadiana 30 Dec 2019
Tail up crossing line for a medal? The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Dec 2019
Product of Busang, perhaps Canadiana 18 Nov 2019
Olympics goal Wall Street Journal 18 Nov 2019
Top prize at the Olympics Universal 20 Oct 2019
Medal for 30-Across LA Times Daily 22 Sep 2019
Medal for 30-Across The Washington Post 22 Sep 2019
Seventh of passengers getting on first? The Telegraph Toughie 10 Sep 2019
American Olympian's quest Universal 03 Sep 2019
It's measured in karats Universal 09 Aug 2019
Shelley's ''living god'' that ''rules in scorn'' Newsday 03 Aug 2019
Precious metal The Telegraph Quick 09 Jul 2019
Precious metal The Times Concise 14 May 2019
Most malleable metal Newsday 14 Apr 2019
Sutter's Mill discovery USA Today 02 Apr 2019
Good antique? It's very valuable The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Mar 2019
Highest standard Universal 12 Mar 2019
Top prize at the Olympics
Medal for 30-Across
It's measured in karats
American Olympian's quest
Sutter's Mill discovery
Highest standard
Trunk sent back with diamonds and precious metal The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Dec 2018
Neil Young's "Heart of __" LA Times Daily 22 Sep 2018
Neil Young's 'Heart of __' The Washington Post 22 Sep 2018
Miner's find LA Times Daily 16 Sep 2018
Miner's find The Washington Post 16 Sep 2018
Top medal Thomas Joseph 14 Aug 2018
Panner's target Universal 15 May 2018
Stuff in a safe, maybe The Washington Post Sunday 15 Apr 2018
Panner's target
Miner's find
Neil Young's "Heart of __"
Top prize LA Times Daily 03 Dec 2017
Top prize The Washington Post 03 Dec 2017
Cause of a rush Wall Street Journal 09 Nov 2017
See 7-Across New York Times 01 Nov 2017
The color of honey Newsday 30 Aug 2017
Olympian's goal LA Times Daily 11 Jul 2017
Olympian's goal The Washington Post 11 Jul 2017
Heart of ____ (Neil Young hit) Canadiana 26 Jun 2017
First-place medal Newsday 06 Jun 2017
____ River, British Columbia mine site Canadiana 15 May 2017
Krugerrand composition Newsday 23 Mar 2017
Cavity filling option USA Today 13 Jan 2017
Cavity filling option
Top prize
Olympian's goal
See 7-Across
What athletes aim for -- and archers The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Dec 2016
Olympian's quest The Washington Post 24 Dec 2016
Gift of the Magi Thomas Joseph 19 Dec 2016
Alchemist's obsession Newsday 21 Oct 2016
Good antique that's often bought as investment The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Oct 2016
Klondike strike USA Today 06 Oct 2016
Certain Olympic medal Family Time 27 Mar 2016
Klondike lure Eugene Sheffer 30 Jan 2016
Like some charge cards Universal 11 Jan 2016
Like some charge cards
A gift of the Magi Canadiana 28 Dec 2015
Olympian's prize LA Times Daily 22 Nov 2015
Top prize at the Olympics New York Times 09 Nov 2015
Alchemist's quest New York Times 08 Oct 2015
Midas' desire Eugene Sheffer 24 Jul 2015
Medal for first place The Telegraph General Knowledge 07 Jun 2015
Winner's prize LA Times Daily 31 May 2015
Kind of necklace Family Time 12 Jan 2015
Olympian's prize
Top Olympic prize
'72 CCR compilation
Winner's prize
Top prize at the Olympics
Alchemist's quest
See 28-Across
Doubloon material
Knox blocks
Rush "Seven Cities of ___"
Sutter's Mill discovery
Top medal metal, usually
Olympian's goal
This puzzle's theme color
See 1-Across
Medal metal
Earring metal
Victor's color
Olympian's goal
Prospector's prize
Olympian's favorite color
Prospector's prize
Something struck
Alchemist's goal
Vein material?
With 64-Across, baseball fielding prize
Top prize
Medal metal
Forty-niner's quest
Gift for a 50th anniversary you'll always treasure?
Olympian's favorite color
Precious metal
The color of honey
Alchemy objective
Element #79
Certain metallic color
#1 honor
Olympic prize
What some hearts are made of
Charge card color
Medal metal
Cause of a worldwide 19th century fever
Cause of a worldwide 19th century fever
'Au' element
With 36-Down, source of great wealth
First-place medal
Medal material, maybe
The color of honey
Rush order?
Olympian's quest
Winner's medal metal
Rush order?
Valuable reserve
Standard material?
Sourdough's hope
Like some records
Valuable reserve
Olympian's quest
Au, on the periodic table
Fort Knox supply
Yellow metallic element
Au, on the periodic table
Fort Knox supply
How hit records go
The color of honey
Expensive tooth filling material
Its price is fixed in London
Like some records
Prospector's find
Kind of standard
Miner's strike
Sarah Hughes took it
Type of brick
Element whose symbol is Au
Medal metal
Top Olympics prize
Type of tooth or chain
Filling material
It was recently sought after in Athens
Ring material
Symbol of goodness
Rumpelstiltskin's output
Olympian's quest
Filling material
Olympian's dream
Winner's medal
Winner's medal
The color of honey
Kind of standard
Like Poe's bug
Winner's medal
It was rushed for
Jewelry metal
Discovery at Sutter's Mill
See 39 Across
Standard stuff
Precious metal
Olympian's quest
Element #79
Sourdough's dream
Forty-niner's quest
Basket-of-___ (yellow perennial)
Top prize
Fort Knox stuff
Doubloon makeup
Pirate's treasure
Prospector's prize
Klondike bar ingredient?
See 51 Down
Sutter s Mill discovery
Sutter's Mill strike
Aqua regia dissolves it
Precious metal
Cherished medal
Draw for the '49ers
Inflation hedge
Kind of finch or fish
Like some records
Kind of digger
Precious metal
For Shakespeare it "glistens'
Winner's medal
Like some charge cards
Credit card color
Klondike strike
Olympics award
Rustproof metal
The color of honey
Coast or rush preceder
Autumnal hue
An Olympic medal
Argonauts' quest: 1848-49
It's not all that glisters
Kind of brick
Discovery at Sutter's Mill
"The ___ Bug": Poe
Au, to chemists
Placer's contents
Early O'Neill play
Sourdough bread?
Evan Hunter's "Streets of ___"
Autumnal color
Olympic top award
Placer contents
Klondike lure
Forty-niner's quest
Newsy metal
Sutter's find
Forty-Niners' quest
Heller hero
Fort Knox contents
"Nothing ___ Can Stay," Frost poem
Like many of 10 Down's records
See 38 Across
Key part of 40 Across
Quest of '49
As good as ___
Stampede of a sort, with 5 Across
Fort Knox specialty
Glittery color
Forty-niners' interest
Sunset hue.
Novelist Herbert.
Yellow shade.
Shade of yellow.
Autumn color.
___ flow, U.S. concern.
Deep yellow.
Valuable commodity.
Bright yellow.
Proverbial paving material.
Lure of the forty-niners.
$35 per ounce.
___ digger.
Element No. 79.
Highly malleable metal.
Product of the Black Hills.
This cannot be exported.
Fort Knox contents.
Dr. Fuchs' accomplice.
See 7-Down
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