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Word "GORE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the shedding of blood resulting in murder

Part of Speech:
Vice President of the United States under Bill Clinton (born in 1948)
al gore, albert gore jr.

Part of Speech:
a piece of cloth that is generally triangular or tapering; used in making garments or umbrellas or sails

Crossword Clues for GORE

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Clue Source Date
45th Vice President Newsday 11 Feb 2021
Feature of a creature feature, perhaps New York Times 11 Feb 2021
Clinton's vice president Newsday 19 Jan 2021
Blood and guts general's oration raising eyebrows, first of all The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jan 2021
2000 candidate LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2021
"Burr" author Vidal Eugene Sheffer 25 Dec 2020
Cheney predecessor Newsday 11 Dec 2020
Blood Canadiana 07 Dec 2020
Clinton's veep Eugene Sheffer 10 Nov 2020
"It's My Party" singer Lesley LA Times Daily 22 Oct 2020
'It's My Party' singer Lesley The Washington Post 22 Oct 2020
Veep under Clinton Newsday 28 Sep 2020
Candidate of 2000 Thomas Joseph 24 Sep 2020
Impale Canadiana 20 Jul 2020
“Kensington ____” is an informal term for stage blood The Times Specialist Sunday 19 Jul 2020
Go on to become environmentalist The Sun Two Speed 25 May 2020
Clinton running mate The Sun Two Speed 25 May 2020
R-rating reason The Washington Post 19 Apr 2020
A former US vice president Family Time 22 Mar 2020
Quayle successor LA Times Daily 15 Mar 2020
Lesley who had a hit with “It’s My Party” Wall Street Journal 12 Mar 2020
Feature of some horror films USA Today 05 Mar 2020
"An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" author LA Times Daily 23 Feb 2020
'An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power' author The Washington Post 23 Feb 2020
Sight at a gladiatorial fight New York Times 03 Nov 2019
Climate change activist Al Universal 24 Aug 2019
2000 also-ran USA Today 08 Aug 2019
Author of 18/24 Across Newsday 19 Jul 2019
Cause of an R rating New York Times 14 Jul 2019
Former vice president Al Family Time 08 Jul 2019
Use a bull horn? Family Time 29 Apr 2019
1990s veep Newsday 20 Feb 2019
Slasher film staple Wall Street Journal 07 Feb 2019
Horror film staple
Stick with bull horns Family Time 24 Dec 2018
42nd's second The Washington Post 15 Dec 2018
'90s veep Newsday 11 Nov 2018
Horror film feature, often The Washington Post 02 Sep 2018
Al of 'An Inconvenient Truth' USA Today 29 Aug 2018
Horror film blood Universal 13 Jul 2018
Zombie film feature The Washington Post Sunday 24 Jun 2018
Carnage New York Times 15 Jun 2018
Reason for an R The Washington Post 03 Jun 2018
Blood and guts Universal 18 May 2018
Turn with regard to product of cuts to body The Telegraph Cryptic 16 May 2018
Horror movie effects USA Today 05 May 2018
Ogre spilt blood The Sun Two Speed 21 Mar 2018
Clotted blood The Sun Two Speed 21 Mar 2018
Quayle's successor USA Today 05 Mar 2018
Al who wrote "Earth in the Balance" USA Today 26 Jan 2018
Horror movie stuff New York Times 21 Jan 2018
Al of "An Inconvenient Truth"
Stick it to? New York Times 29 Dec 2017
The stuff of horror films Universal 08 Dec 2017
Lieberman's running mate Wall Street Journal 05 Dec 2017
'Earth in the Balance' author The Washington Post Sunday 26 Nov 2017
Albert with a Nobel Peace Prize USA Today 19 Nov 2017
Reason for an R rating Wall Street Journal 16 Nov 2017
'Kill Bill' feature The Washington Post Sunday 12 Nov 2017
31 Across in 2000 Newsday 08 Oct 2017
'Saw' stuff New York Times 21 Sep 2017
Environmental activist, and the letters changed in the theme answers Wall Street Journal 29 Aug 2017
Leave note in blood The Telegraph Toughie 04 Aug 2017
'An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power' figure Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2017
'An Inconvenient Truth' narrator New York Times 29 Jun 2017
'Friday the 13th' staple Premier Sunday 25 Jun 2017
45th American vice president Jonesin 13 Jun 2017
'90s vice president Newsday 11 Jun 2017
'90s veep Al Premier Sunday 05 Mar 2017
Author Vidal Newsday 19 Feb 2017
Loser to Bush in 2000 Family Time 05 Feb 2017
He "used to be the next president" USA Today 30 Jan 2017
"Saw" stuff
"An Inconvenient Truth" narrator
2007 Peace Prize recipient New York Times 25 Dec 2016
Key type of vein with lots of blood Irish Times Crosaire 15 Dec 2016
Senator who created and introduced the High-Performance Computing Act of 1991 New York Times 18 Nov 2016
Reason for an "R" rating USA Today 09 Nov 2016
Bush-whacked 2000 candidate The Washington Post 26 Oct 2016
The amount of bloodshed on the fringes of Goblet of Fire Irish Times Crosaire 08 Oct 2016
Only DC-born VP Newsday 12 Aug 2016
Ex-veep Al Premier Sunday 24 Jul 2016
What's seen in 'Saw' New York Times 11 Jul 2016
Bull wound Family Time 19 Jun 2016
Loser in a momentous 2000 Supreme Court case New York Times 13 Jun 2016
He served with Clinton USA Today 30 May 2016
Former veep on Apple's board Newsday 19 May 2016
Wound at Pamplona Universal 18 May 2016
__-Tex (water-repellent fabric) Universal 29 Apr 2016
Wound at the corrida Universal 31 Mar 2016
"An Inconvenient Truth" creator USA Today 27 Feb 2016
2000 Bush opponent LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2016
1990s vice president Newsday 10 Feb 2016
2000 Democratic presidential nominee The Washington Post 05 Feb 2016
Blood's partner The Washington Post 11 Jan 2016
Blood that's been shed The Times Concise 06 Jan 2016
What's seen in "Saw"
Reason to cover your eyes in the theater? New York Times 25 Dec 2015
Bill Clinton's veep Universal 28 Nov 2015
''Earth in the Balance'' author Newsday 15 Nov 2015
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