Crossword Clues for GRANTS

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Clue Source Date
Financial awards USA Today 14 Oct 2022
Concedes New York Times 07 Aug 2022
Research endowments Universal 18 Jul 2022
Sources of academic funding New York Times 18 Jul 2022
Awards from foundations USA Today 01 Feb 2022
Allows; gifts The Times Concise 30 Oct 2021
Vouchsafes; concedes The Guardian Speedy 20 Jun 2021
Academic funds Thomas Joseph 29 May 2021
Endowments for the arts Wall Street Journal 19 Jan 2021
Research aids Eugene Sheffer 16 Jan 2021
Monetary awards USA Today 07 Nov 2020
Bestows USA Today 10 Mar 2020
Allows The Telegraph Quick 18 Jul 2019
Allows good tirades The Telegraph Cryptic 24 May 2019
Agrees to, allows The Times Concise 03 Aug 2018
Research funding sources LA Times Daily 30 Jul 2018
Research funding sources The Washington Post 30 Jul 2018
Donations from foundations Newsday 13 Jun 2018
Accords New York Times 19 Jan 2018
Research funding sources
Foundation's awards Newsday 09 May 2017
Bestows Premier Sunday 27 Nov 2016
Research aid Wall Street Journal 12 Mar 2016
Subsidies, monetary aid Irish Times Simplex 18 Jun 2015
Arts endowments
Research aids
What the Ford Foundation gives
Foundation awards
Scholarship relatives
Research aid
Students' awards
Endowments for the arts
Some government funding
Monetary gifts
Endowments for the arts
Research funds, often
Foundation awards
Student awards
Hugh and Lou
Scholars' money
Lou and Lee
___ Tomb, in N.Y.C.
College income
Funds for research
Foundation gifts
Julia and Ulysses
U. S. and Cary
Foundation offerings
U.S. and others
White House residents, 1869–77.
___ Tomb.
White House residents, 1869.
U. S. and Cary.
Mr. Wood and Ulysses Simpson.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.

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