Word "GRAY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
make grey

Part of Speech:
English radiobiologist in whose honor the gray (the SI unit of energy for the absorbed dose of radiation) was named (1905-1965)
louis harold gray

Part of Speech:
clothing that is a grey color

Crossword Clues for GRAY

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Clue Source Date
Like overcast skies Wall Street Journal 25 Jul 2022
Looking like rain, say New York Times 02 Jul 2022
Dreary Universal 02 Jul 2022
____ Lake, Northwest Territories Canadiana 20 Jun 2022
See 22 Down The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Jun 2022
Slate-colored LA Times Daily 15 May 2022
Slate-colored The Washington Post 15 May 2022
Like gloomy skies LA Times Daily 10 May 2022
Like gloomy skies The Washington Post 10 May 2022
Dull color Universal 09 May 2022
Battleship color Eugene Sheffer 27 Apr 2022
See 4 Down The Guardian Weekend 09 Apr 2022
Actor Matthew ___ Gubler USA Today 01 Apr 2022
Battleship color Eugene Sheffer 23 Mar 2022
Color of an overcast sky New York Times 21 Mar 2022
Rhyme for "away" in "You Are My Sunshine" Universal 12 Mar 2022
Overcast Thomas Joseph 04 Mar 2022
Slate-colored Thomas Joseph 14 Feb 2022
Cloudy-looking Newsday 27 Jan 2022
See 21 Across The Guardian Weekend 02 Oct 2021
Parliamentarian Herb, for one Canadiana 13 Sep 2021
Ethically uncertain The Washington Post 10 Aug 2021
Ethically uncertain LA Times Daily 10 Aug 2021
Hair color associated with wisdom Universal 14 Jul 2021
Battleship color Eugene Sheffer 19 May 2021
Silver-haired Premier Sunday 16 May 2021
Gloomy, weather-wise The Washington Post Sunday 28 Mar 2021
Author of 'Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard' The Telegraph General Knowledge 14 Mar 2021
Anatomy book author Henry The Washington Post 24 Feb 2021
Anatomy book author Henry LA Times Daily 24 Feb 2021
Gloomy, weatherwise New York Times 31 Jan 2021
Slate-colored Thomas Joseph 05 Jan 2021
Like a cloudy day LA Times Daily 22 Dec 2020
Like a cloudy day The Washington Post 22 Dec 2020
Singer Macy USA Today 04 Dec 2020
Political warhorse Herb Canadiana 02 Nov 2020
Color of overcast skies Newsday 26 Oct 2020
___ area (uncertainty) Universal 14 Oct 2020
Like gloomy skies LA Times Daily 28 Sep 2020
Like gloomy skies The Washington Post 28 Sep 2020
Color of a seal's skin, perhaps Universal 19 Sep 2020
With 32-Down, ambiguity ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme New York Times 06 Aug 2020
Like an overcast sky USA Today 12 Jul 2020
Neutral color Premier Sunday 17 May 2020
Like gloomy skies USA Today 04 May 2020
Ethically uncertain The Washington Post 23 Apr 2020
Ethically uncertain LA Times Daily 23 Apr 2020
Looking like rain The Washington Post 19 Feb 2020
Looking like rain LA Times Daily 19 Feb 2020
Cloudy sky color Newsday 05 Sep 2019
Cloudy The Washington Post 11 Aug 2019
Cloudy LA Times Daily 11 Aug 2019
Overcast sky's color Newsday 23 Jul 2019
Koala color USA Today 08 Jun 2019
Overcast Thomas Joseph 30 May 2019
Between white and black Family Time 31 Mar 2019
Destroyer hue Newsday 07 Mar 2019
Dreary color Universal 22 Jan 2019
Koala color
Like gloomy skies
Dreary color
Simon --, author of the play 'Butley' The Telegraph General Knowledge 24 Dec 2018
Uncommon eye color Newsday 21 Dec 2018
A Civil War shade Universal 18 Dec 2018
Neutral hue New York Times 14 Dec 2018
Color between white and black Family Time 26 Nov 2018
Regular letters from Germany for English poet The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Nov 2018
Color of an overcast sky New York Times 11 Sep 2018
Neutral hue Wall Street Journal 08 Aug 2018
63-Down uniform color USA Today 23 Jun 2018
Ominous, weatherwise Wall Street Journal 26 Apr 2018
Color of an overcast sky
Ominous, weatherwise
A Civil War shade
63-Down uniform color
Neutral hue
Neutral hue
Confederate color Universal 07 Dec 2017
Suggesting snow, perhaps Wall Street Journal 29 Nov 2017
Slaty color Premier Sunday 22 Oct 2017
Dull color Universal 14 Oct 2017
Overcast Newsday 08 Jun 2017
Ash, e.g New York Times 31 May 2017
Just For Men covers it USA Today 04 May 2017
Civil War uniform color Universal 30 Apr 2017
Dreary New York Times 23 Apr 2017
Herb _____ (Deputy PM from 1997 to 2000) Canadiana 17 Apr 2017
Squirrel color Newsday 12 Apr 2017
Overcast New York Times 22 Mar 2017
Confederate wear The Washington Post 06 Feb 2017
Ash, e.g.
Civil War uniform color
Confederate color
Dull color
Just For Men covers it
King entertained by poet and elegist The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Dec 2016
*English surgeon Henry LA Times Daily 23 Oct 2016
Like Confederate uniforms Wall Street Journal 23 Aug 2016
Color between black and white Family Time 25 Jul 2016
Neutral shade Universal 13 Jul 2016
Elegiac poet The Telegraph Quick 17 Jun 2016
Oscar Wilde's Dorian USA Today 06 May 2016
It's between black and white Universal 03 Feb 2016
Color of many squirrels Newsday 19 Jan 2016
Oscar Wilde's Dorian
*English surgeon Henry
It's between black and white
Neutral shade
Neutral color USA Today 30 Dec 2015
Between white and black USA Today 11 Dec 2015
Color for a wolf or whale USA Today 05 Dec 2015
Like overcast weather The Washington Post 10 Nov 2015
Neither white nor black USA Today 04 Nov 2015
#696969, in hexadecimal color code Jonesin 27 Oct 2015
Type of matter Universal 22 Oct 2015
Overcast Eugene Sheffer 18 Sep 2015
Confederate color Eugene Sheffer 11 Sep 2015
Aptly named Civil War general Henry LA Times Daily 30 May 2015
Light black Universal 19 May 2015
English poet appearing intermittently in Germany The Telegraph Cryptic 10 May 2015
Not black or white Universal 28 Apr 2015
Showing signs of aging Eugene Sheffer 15 Apr 2015
Just for Men target New York Times 03 Jan 2015
Like an overcast sky
Like gloomy skies
Like overcast weather
Aptly named Civil War general Henry
Color of overcast skies
Just for Men target
Light black
Not black or white
Type of matter
Between white and black
Color for a wolf or whale
Neither white nor black
Neutral color
___ Matter ("Breaking Bad" corporation)
Grecian Formula target
Like the old mare that "ain't what she used to be"
Battleship shade
Type of matter
Confederate soldier's color
Gloomy, weatherwise
"White Ladder" David
Koala color
Hair color before a dye job, perhaps
He of the aging portrait
Battleship shade
Battleship color
Black and white
Koala's color
Battleship color
"Battleship" shade
Memorable anatomist
Noted anatomist
"Battleship" color
Looking like rain
Pre-dyed hair color, often
Battleship color
Confederate wear
Black and white together
Color with fifty shades?
Dingy color
Civil War side
Some people are dying to hide it
Not clear-cut
Confederate color
Neutral color
__ matter
Pre-dye shade, perhaps
Not clear-cut
Blue opponent
Confederacy color
__ matter
Confederate color
Civil War color
Like catbirds and koalas
Pre-dye shade, perhaps
Civil War color
Like a foreboding sky
Color for a wolf or whale
It's often touched up
Neither black nor white
South side?
Anatomist Henry
Civil War color
Hair color
Age, perhaps
With 8-Down, source of an ethical dilemma
"The Picture of Dorian ___"
Civil War side (with "the")
Confederate army
Age, perhaps
Henry who wrote a noted anatomy text
Showing signs of age, perhaps
Henry who wrote a noted anatomy text
Confederate uniform color
Civil War soldier
Showing signs of age, perhaps
Battleship shade
South side?
It's often touched up
Davis of note
Color associated with aging
Battleship color
English elegist
Drabble character Jane
Johnny Reb's color
"Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise" poet
Confederate uniform color
Lee's uniform color
Oscar Wilde's Dorian
"Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise" poet
Ambiguous, idiomatically
_____ matter (brains)
"Little Orphan Annie" cartoonist Harold
Pre-dye hair shade, often
"The Picture of Dorian ___"
Like the old mare
Sort of squirrel
Like rainy skies
Ambiguous, idiomatically
Horse color
Black and white mix
Battleship color
Color for 4 Down
Looking like rain
Like many a winter sky
Ill-defined area
18th century elegist Thomas
Battleship color
Blue's opponent
With 12-Down, legal ambiguity, e.g.
Boat contents
With 12-Down, legal ambiguity, e.g.
Morally unclear
Black and white?
Battleship shade
Like a rainy day
Blue opponent
Blue foe
Blue opponent
Lee side?
Wilde's evil, personified
Like many a winter sky
Civil War side, with "the"
Threatening, as the sky
United Negro College Fund President Bill
Confederate color
Battleship color
Rebel wear
Neutral hue
Certain horse
Linda of Dallas
Neutral color
Moral dilemma color
See 107-Across
Confederate soldier
Equine hue
Erin or Linda
Thomas the poet
Dull color
Famed elegist
Color of Lee's uniform
An achromatic color
"Duncan ___," Burns poem
Neutral shade
Soul-seller Dorian
She's Sue Ellen
Neutral color
CSA color
Achromatic color
Country-churchyard visitor
"Elegy" poet
Confederate hue
Author of a famous elegy
Renowned elegis
Uniform color of 1861
Dorian of fiction
Like dismal skies
Battleship ___
Lee's color
Like Barbara Frietchie's hair
American botanist
Beard color
Word with beard or matter
Elegy man
" . . . cold ___ stones, O Sea"
English poet
Dull color.
Soft color
Flannel color.
See 34 Down.
British poet.
English poet.
Uniform color of 1861.
Uniform color.
Dusty miller shade.
Horse of a certain color.
"Elegy" man.
Squirrel color.
Native Dancer's color.
Head of the Veterans Administration.
Achromatic color.
He wrote a famous elegy.
He reported on foreign economic policies last November.
Hilarious Dolores in "Two on the Aisle."
Head of Veterans Administration.
New Secretary of Army.
Secretary of the Army.
Color which has no hue.
He said, "Ignorance is bliss.”
Father of the telegraph.
Famous botanist (1810–88).
Author of famous elegy, 1750.
Discoverer of Columbia River (1755–1806).
Discoverer of Columbia River, 1792.
___ Ladies.
___ notes (wine characteristic)
Sweats shade
Like overcast skies
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