Word "GREEN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an area of closely cropped grass surrounding the hole on a golf course
putting green, putting surface
the ball rolled across the green and into the bunker

Part of Speech:
a piece of open land for recreational use in an urban area
common, commons, park

Part of Speech:
of the color between blue and yellow in the color spectrum; similar to the color of fresh grass
dark-green, greenish, light-green
a green tree
green fields
green paint

Crossword Clues for GREEN

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Clue Source Date
Data about men serving in shade of 14 12 The Guardian Cryptic 27 Jun 2022
Between blue and yellow Irish Times Simplex 16 Jun 2022
Campaigner good about environment (first and second) The Times Cryptic 25 May 2022
See 4 Down The Guardian Weekend 16 Apr 2022
Lacking seasoning Newsday 16 Apr 2022
Middle color on the agender pride flag USA Today 01 Apr 2022
Verdant The Guardian Quick 17 Mar 2022
Golfer's target LA Times Daily 09 Mar 2022
Golfer's target The Washington Post 09 Mar 2022
Ecological style of writing about to be promoted The Guardian Cryptic 04 Mar 2022
Putting __ LA Times Daily 27 Feb 2022
Putting __ The Washington Post 27 Feb 2022
Color associated with envy Newsday 01 Feb 2022
Color of shamrocks Newsday 31 Jan 2022
Putting site Thomas Joseph 19 Jan 2022
Naive politician The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Dec 2021
Environmentally friendly politician removes plastic from resting place Irish Times Crosaire 07 Dec 2021
Place for putting inexperienced member of party The Telegraph Toughie 06 Oct 2021
Environmentally friendly LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2021
Environmentally friendly The Washington Post 04 Oct 2021
Eco-friendly Newsday 01 Oct 2021
Colour The Times Concise 19 Jul 2021
Fresh, in a sense New York Times 27 Jun 2021
Immature environmentalist The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jun 2021
Color associated with envy Newsday 11 May 2021
Colour The Times Concise 19 Apr 2021
Place to putt The Washington Post 14 Feb 2021
Place to putt LA Times Daily 14 Feb 2021
'Let's Stay Together', a single by Al --, released in 1971 The Telegraph General Knowledge 08 Feb 2021
See 26-Down Universal 06 Feb 2021
Word before "bean" or "screen" Universal 03 Feb 2021
_____field, Nova Scotia Canadiana 01 Feb 2021
Naive The Telegraph Quick 29 Dec 2020
Raw eco-politician The Sun Two Speed 24 Dec 2020
Verdant The Sun Two Speed 24 Dec 2020
New part of course? The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Dec 2020
Like unripe bananas Premier Sunday 01 Nov 2020
Colour; inexperienced The Times Concise 17 Oct 2020
Author mostly inexperienced The Sun Two Speed 06 Sep 2020
Like most vegetation New York Times 03 Aug 2020
Place for putting vegetable The Sun Two Speed 27 Jul 2020
Golfer’s target Wall Street Journal 10 Jun 2020
Environmentally conscious New York Times 25 May 2020
Saskatchewan lake Canadiana 25 May 2020
Earth-friendly Universal 13 May 2020
Easy-to-park car New York Times 30 Apr 2020
Inexperienced eco-politician The Sun Two Speed 30 Apr 2020
Eco-friendly USA Today 17 Apr 2020
Color of lime Sour Patch Kids Universal 09 Apr 2020
See 4 Down The Telegraph Toughie 24 Mar 2020
The colour of growing grass Irish Times Simplex 14 Mar 2020
Colour The Telegraph Quick 15 Nov 2019
Politician; fresh The Times Concise 21 Sep 2019
Environmentally friendly roads out of rose garden Irish Times Crosaire 22 Aug 2019
Inexperienced Universal 17 Aug 2019
Like a raw rookie USA Today 23 Jul 2019
Inexperienced Thomas Joseph 20 Jun 2019
Immature Wall Street Journal 11 Jun 2019
Raw facts about religious study The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Apr 2019
Oscar the Grouch's hue USA Today 26 Apr 2019
Eco-friendly The Telegraph Quick 31 Mar 2019
Fenway 'Monster' color USA Today 16 Mar 2019
Color, a shade of which ends each of the starred answers Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2019
Environment-friendly USA Today 15 Mar 2019
Grassy area; politician The Times Concise 20 Feb 2019
Between blue and yellow Irish Times Simplex 09 Feb 2019
Common political activist The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jan 2019
Like a raw rookie
Color, a shade of which ends each of the starred answers
Oscar the Grouch's hue
Fenway "Monster" color
There's always a hole in one The Washington Post 12 Dec 2018
There's always a hole in one LA Times Daily 12 Dec 2018
Inexperienced The Telegraph Quick 31 Oct 2018
Inexperienced politician The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Oct 2018
Ecofriendly The Telegraph Quick 21 Sep 2018
Gang ___ (New York Jets nickname) Wall Street Journal 10 Sep 2018
Color for rolls of dimes Jonesin 07 Aug 2018
Inexperienced LA Times Daily 29 Apr 2018
Inexperienced The Washington Post 29 Apr 2018
Eco-friendly Eugene Sheffer 24 Apr 2018
Verdant The Telegraph Quick 08 Apr 2018
Putting site Thomas Joseph 16 Jan 2018
Gang ___ (New York Jets nickname)
There's always a hole in one
Needing training Newsday 10 Dec 2017
Golf goal Wall Street Journal 05 Dec 2017
Cabbage color Newsday 24 Nov 2017
Place for putting Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2017
See 43 Down The Washington Post Sunday 22 Oct 2017
Color of lettuce Newsday 26 Sep 2017
Grassy, about to be covered in dirt? The Telegraph Toughie 17 Aug 2017
Place for putting member of minority party The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Aug 2017
Go shade Universal 26 Jul 2017
Not ready for prime time Wall Street Journal 17 Jun 2017
Hunger cut by 20 per cent by northern politician The Telegraph Toughie 07 Jun 2017
The color of money Universal 01 Jun 2017
Tee shot target on a par-3 USA Today 19 May 2017
Tom _____ ( satirical shock comedian ) Canadiana 17 Apr 2017
Environmentally sound Newsday 14 Apr 2017
Ecologically supportive Wall Street Journal 08 Apr 2017
Like a raw recruit USA Today 05 Apr 2017
Naive Wall Street Journal 25 Mar 2017
Color of limes Newsday 14 Feb 2017
Place to find a flag LA Times Daily 06 Jan 2017
Like a raw recruit
Tee shot target on a par-3
Go shade
The color of money
Place to find a flag
Gullible LA Times Daily 23 Dec 2016
Color of shamrocks Newsday 12 Jul 2016
Place for putting balls Family Time 12 Jun 2016
See 100-Across New York Times 17 Apr 2016
Environmentally friendly The Washington Post 04 Apr 2016
Ecological The Telegraph Quick 17 Jan 2016
Some wealth Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2015
Raw The Chronicle of Higher Education 20 Nov 2015
Grass color Family Time 16 Nov 2015
New player may finish here after driving The Times Cryptic 10 Sep 2015
Inexperienced The Times Concise 07 Sep 2015
Wet behind the ears Universal 23 Aug 2015
Inexperienced USA Today 18 Aug 2015
Part of village with a hole in it? The Times Cryptic 10 Aug 2015
Kind of bean or grocer USA Today 10 Jun 2015
Environment-minded Newsday 31 May 2015
Hole setting Wall Street Journal 22 May 2015
Like a 21-Across USA Today 24 Apr 2015
Go color Thomas Joseph 27 Mar 2015
Who'd want energy reduced, loosely? The Telegraph Toughie 20 Mar 2015
Politician wanting information about boundaries of Rye The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jan 2015
Inexperienced Eugene Sheffer 02 Jan 2015
Hole setting
Some wealth
"Longview" ___ Day
Wet behind the ears
Kind of bean or grocer
Like a 21-Across
Gumby's color
Color of money
With 6-Across, approve
Place for putting balls
Putting spot
Kermit's color
Olive or kelly
Light you may go on
See 28-Down
___ Day
Easy to take?
Emerald or olive
Needing seasoning
What * stands for in ten Across clues
"Go" color
Outlaws "___ Grass and High Tides"
Concerned about the environment
See 89-Down
Color of envy
Emerald color
Emerald's color
Lime color
Not yet trained
Envy's color
Golfer's target
Light you may go on
Place for putting balls
Environmentally conscious
Appropriate way to go today, which can precede the answers to starred clues
Appropriate way to go today, which can precede the answers to starred clues
Color of Libya's flag
Place for putting balls
"It's not easy bein' __": Kermit's lament
"It's not easy bein' __": Kermit's lament
The color of money
Environmentally friendly
Place for putting balls
Wet behind the ears
Environmentally friendly
Place for putting balls
Putting place
"Envious" color
Glade shade
Wet behind the ears
Naturally concerned?
Like the starts of the answers to the six starred clues
Ralph Nader's party
Chip-shot destination
Like a raw recruit
Cup surrounder
Traffic light color
Flag locale
Tee shot's target
Color of the jacket worn by the Masters winner
Color for the inexperienced
Color of inexperience?
New at the game
Traffic light color
Environmentally correct
Putting place
St. Patrick's Day color
Tiger's target
Like absinthe
The color of money
Light color?
Like some apples
Golfer's target
Environmentally sound
Wet behind the ears
Golfer's target
"Colorless ___ ideas sleep furiously" (famous linguistic sentence)
Comden's writing partner
Chip-shot destination
The color of money
Color of jacket given to the Masters winner
Travel light?
Some political parties
Cup area
"Let's Stay Together" singer Al
Word with tea or pepper
Place for a hole
Color of money
It has a hole with a pin in it
Like the Grinch
Dough color?
Camouflage color
Blue + yellow
Kermit's color
Not experienced
European liberal
Sinking area?
Place for putting
Color of 21 Across
Color of the Philadelphia Eagles
Village center
Like a rookie
With 46 Down inexperienced miss?
Hornet hue?
Tiger's favorite color?
Place for putting balls
Driver's target
"Go" color
White House's ___ Room
German environmentalist
In leaf
Chipper's goal
Golfer's target
Masters jacket color
March 17th color
Color for the 17th
Golf hole's locale
Village center
March 17 color
Ethan Allen and the ___ Mountain Boys
Gretna ___, Scotland
Gretna ___
Back front
Millionaire Hetty
He wrote "Loving"
Raw; unseasoned
"The Corn Is ___"
Hunter or Kelly follower
Envious, in a way
Hunter or Kelly
Tributary to the Colorado
Putting area
U.S. Open winner: 1977
Go-ahead color
Back or horn
Golfer's color
Like Arlen's hat
___ light
Kind of thumb
With 18 Across, first Super Bowl champs
Yule color
Village area
Long ___ (money)
Olive or pea.
Links site.
Former labor leader.
Part of a golf course.
Light shade.
Eccentric financier (1834–1916).
Links area.
Putting course.
Village square.
Putting area.
Area of smooth turf.
Oldest U. S. Senator.
Senator from Rhode Island.
Rhode Island Senator.
Oldest U. S. senator.
President of AFL, 1924–52.
Rhode Island legislator.
79-year-old President of the AFL.
U. S. labor leader.
President of AFL since 1924.
President of A. F. L. since 1924.
A. F. L. president since 1924.
Perennial AFL head.
"___ Mansions."—Hudson.
Head of the AFL.
President of the A. F. of L.
Labor leader.
R.E.M.'s major label debut
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