Word "GRENADE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a small explosive bomb thrown by hand or fired from a missile

Crossword Clues for GRENADE

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Clue Source Date
Hand-thrown weapon The Times Concise 03 Sep 2022
Cordial but not popular? One may blow up The Times Cryptic 01 Aug 2022
What may cause danger if tossed by first to enter? The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Sep 2021
Lobbed weapon New York Times 08 Sep 2021
Order regained after I dropped bomb The Telegraph Cryptic 02 May 2021
Pineapple class to admit unmarried men The Sun Two Speed 30 Apr 2021
Thrown weapon The Sun Two Speed 30 Apr 2021
Most of the objective in test result can be explosive Irish Times Crosaire 20 Mar 2021
Bizarre ad with green pineapple The Sun Two Speed 22 Jan 2021
Thrown bomb The Sun Two Speed 22 Jan 2021
Dangerous thing to catch New York Times 22 Jan 2021
Hurled weapon Thomas Joseph 28 Nov 2020
Small bomb The Telegraph Quick 26 Aug 2020
Staggering range of French bomb The Sun Two Speed 24 Aug 2020
GI’s “pineapple” Wall Street Journal 20 Jun 2020
___ launcher New York Times 03 May 2020
Enraged (anag.) The Telegraph Quick 02 Nov 2019
Explosive device The Times Concise 12 Oct 2019
En garde! That's explosive weapon! The Sun Two Speed 26 May 2019
Thrown weapon Newsday 10 May 2019
Grandee exploding bomb that's handy The Sun Two Speed 31 Jan 2019
Pineapple in garden cultivated by English The Sun Two Speed 30 Jul 2018
Small bomb The Times Concise 06 Jul 2018
Fantastic range of French bomb The Sun Two Speed 21 Apr 2018
Hurled weapon LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2018
Hurled weapon The Washington Post 03 Mar 2018
Hand-thrown bomb The Times Concise 21 Feb 2017
Lobbed bomb Universal 04 Feb 2017
Small explosive shell Family Time 29 Jan 2017
Lobbed bomb
Bruno Mars song that reached #1 in 2011 Wall Street Journal 24 Dec 2016
Small space in standard egg The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Sep 2016
2011 #1 hit for Bruno Mars Wall Street Journal 23 Jan 2016
European in work unit picked up explosive The Times Cryptic 13 Nov 2015
Small space in rank for explosive device The Telegraph Toughie 01 Oct 2015
Explosive device Eugene Sheffer 20 Feb 2015
Pineapple with a pin
It has a safety pin
Lobbed weapon
Small explosive shell
Small explosive
Weapon with a pin
Small explosive shell
Its business is booming
Explosive pineapple
Explosive shell thrown by hand
Pin holder
It may contain tear gas
Pineapple, e.g.
Small explosive shell
Explosive device
Explosive shell
Hand-thrown missile
Small shell
Small exploder
Hurled explosive
Pineapple of a sort
Explosive missile
Pineapple, to a G.I.
Pineapple of sorts
Lobbed explosive
Explosive missile
Piece of weaponry
Small explosive
Pineapple, to a soldier
Field missile
Pineapple for a G.I.
Small missile
Type of missile.
War weapon.
Small bomb.
Explosive weapon.
Explosive missile.
Gen. Ridgway's "adornment" in the field.
Explosive hand shell.
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