Word "GRILLE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a framework of metal bars used as a partition or a grate
grill, grillwork

Part of Speech:
small opening (like a window in a door) through which business can be transacted
lattice, wicket

Part of Speech:
grating that admits cooling air to car's radiator
radiator grille

Crossword Clues for GRILLE

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Clue Source Date
Distinctive BMW feature New York Times 10 Aug 2022
Extra protection on helmet gets one almost cooked The Times Cryptic 09 Aug 2022
Metal framework The Washington Post 20 May 2022
Metal framework LA Times Daily 20 May 2022
Car part between headlights Premier Sunday 14 Nov 2021
Car radiator covering Premier Sunday 22 Aug 2021
Grating last of cheese to go under cooker
Metal grating The Times Concise 23 Jun 2021
Auto grating The Washington Post Sunday 13 Jun 2021
Screen in restaurant on base The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Jun 2021
Front piece on a car Universal 05 May 2021
Metal framework The Telegraph Quick 03 May 2021
Car's radiator cover Newsday 26 Apr 2021
Screen reporter's question thoroughly
Cook needs the last of cheese grating
Girl is excited with the French window fixture
Screen restaurant, English The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2020
Toast with last bit of cheese after grating
Protective lattice The Sun Two Speed 24 Jun 2020
Cook with energy framework The Sun Two Speed 24 Jun 2020
Car grating USA Today 08 Dec 2019
Feature on the front of a car New York Times 20 Aug 2019
Grating good cheese from France (not Belgium), around two pounds The Telegraph Toughie 09 Aug 2019
Prominent Edsel feature USA Today 14 Feb 2019
Screen question prior to opening of enquiry
Mesh not entirely heated
Prominent Edsel feature
Feature on the front of a car
Car part between the headlights New York Times 19 Nov 2018
Screen restaurant close to home
Grating The Times Concise 17 Oct 2018
Distinctive Rolls Royce feature LA Times Daily 26 Aug 2018
Distinctive Rolls Royce feature The Washington Post 26 Aug 2018
Car front Universal 02 Jan 2018
Car front
Car part between the headlights
Distinctive Rolls Royce feature
Question the ultimate framework
Framework in Greek and English houses incorrect
Question from the last Pope divides the priest and the sinner in the confession box Irish Times Crosaire 29 Sep 2017
Car's radiator cover Universal 27 Sep 2017
Grate, cook and start to eat The Telegraph Toughie 22 Aug 2017
Radiator protector New York Times 16 Jun 2017
Grating last of cheese on barbecue
Asked questions, endlessly grating
Question closely what closes off fire? This could The Times Cryptic 05 Jan 2017
Car's radiator cover
Radiator protector
In a bad way in work holding up part of the car Irish Times Crosaire 31 Dec 2016
Radiator protector The Washington Post 27 Dec 2016
Part between the headlights Thomas Joseph 12 Dec 2016
Vent cover Wall Street Journal 05 Oct 2016
Car radiator cover Newsday 01 Dec 2015
Car's radiator cover The Sun Two Speed 03 Nov 2015
Almost cooked by grating The Sun Two Speed 03 Nov 2015
Decorative grating Newsday 04 Oct 2015
Feature of a car front Universal 11 Jun 2015
Auto radiator cover Universal 09 Jun 2015
Quiz game ultimately grating
Decorative grating
Feature of a car front
Auto radiator cover
Car radiator cover
Car part that may have a decorative design
Bra's location
Decorative metal grate
Front-end feature covered by a car bra
Decorative metal grate
A Bentley has a big one
It's between the headlights
Cover on the front of a car
Place for a car ornament
Memorable Edsel feature
It may be covered with a bra
Distinctive part of a car's front
Window grate
Ventilative opening
Car part
Car part
Place for a car ornament
Bar & ___
It's between the headlights
Protective auto screen
Distinctive Rolls-Royce feature
Auto part
Distinctive Rolls-Royce feature
Front-end 300C feature
Decorative grating
A bra might cover it
Auto logo spot, maybe
Radiator cover
A bra might cover it
Where to see an auto logo
Protective auto screen
Jaguar feature
Cowcatcher, e.g.
Framework of metal bars
Car front
Fancy car front
Openwork barrier
Gate design
Decorative grating
Window grating
Window grating
Prominent Edsel feature
Wrought-iron grating
Radiator front
Car's front
BBQer's need
Auto front piece
Auto front
Car front
Edsel feature
Wrought-iron grating
Open grating
Auto's "face"
Area above a bumper
Metal grating
Openwork barrier
Openwork barrier.
Wrought-iron screen.
Iron screen.
Ticket office window.
Box office window.
Ticket-seller's window.
Teller's window grating.
"Gift" to Hitler, now in United States.
Metal grating.
Bra's location
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