Word "GRUEL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a thin porridge (usually oatmeal or cornmeal)

Crossword Clues for GRUEL

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Clue Source Date
Slop The Washington Post 10 Jun 2022
Slop LA Times Daily 10 Jun 2022
Thin porridge Premier Sunday 01 May 2022
''Oliver Twist'' fare Newsday 20 Jan 2022
Thin porridge The Guardian Quick 18 Oct 2021
Thin liquid food The Times Concise 21 Aug 2021
Meal for Oliver Twist Newsday 29 Jul 2021
Cheap fare starts to get rail users back on the line The Telegraph Toughie 08 Apr 2021
Thin porridge The Telegraph Quick 07 Apr 2021
Thin food The Times Concise 22 Feb 2021
Oliver Twist meal Newsday 18 Feb 2021
Sustenance for Oliver Twist Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2020
Pitiful porridge Wall Street Journal 27 Apr 2020
Unappetizing food in 'Oliver Twist' USA Today 20 Mar 2020
Starving, ultimately regret having left thin watery stuff The Telegraph Toughie 03 Dec 2019
Andrew --, American chef and television personality The Telegraph General Knowledge 14 Jan 2019
Good rule to be broken for porridge The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Dec 2018
Liquid oatmeal food Premier Sunday 09 Dec 2018
Thin porridge The Times Concise 14 Oct 2018
Undesirable soft food Universal 16 Jun 2018
Undesirable soft food
Thin porridge LA Times Daily 17 Dec 2017
Thin porridge The Washington Post 17 Dec 2017
Soupy 'Oliver Twist' fare New York Times 25 Sep 2017
Porridge in heartless gaol, full of regret The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jul 2017
Workhouse porridge Wall Street Journal 06 Jun 2017
Tasteless porridge The Washington Post 26 Jan 2017
Old-timey orphanage offering Wall Street Journal 25 Jan 2017
Setter scoffing game and sloppy food The Times Cryptic 25 Jan 2017
Thin porridge
Soupy "Oliver Twist" fare
Set to consume game, finding something less appetising The Times Cryptic 07 Oct 2016
Meal for Oliver Twist Wall Street Journal 12 Sep 2016
Peasant's porridge The Washington Post 04 Sep 2016
Thin porridge New York Times 16 Aug 2016
Oliver requested more of it Wall Street Journal 13 Aug 2016
Food for Oliver Twist New York Times 06 Mar 2016
Thin porridge
Fare for Oliver Twist New York Times 29 Jul 2015
Thin food not half horrible left The Telegraph Toughie 07 Jul 2015
Porridge The Telegraph Quick 10 Jun 2015
Dish for Oliver Twist New York Times 02 Mar 2015
Dish for Oliver Twist
Fare for Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist fare
"Wuthering Heights" food staple
Dish that Oliver Twist asked for more of
Fare for Oliver Twist
Meal for Oliver Twist
Meager fare for Oliver Twist
What Oliver asked for more of
Twist fare
Peasant's porridge
Paltry porridge
Peasant's porridge
Thin porridge
Oliver Twist meal
Food for Oliver Twist
Peasant's meal
Peasant's meal
Watery porridge
Bland breakfast
Bland breakfast
"Oliver Twist" fare
Oliver's humble meal
Oliver's porridge
Object of Oliver Twist's request for "more"
Twist dish
Oatmeal dish
Unappetizing food
Thin porridge
Dish for Twist
Food for Oliver Twist
Thin fare
Orphanage fare, once
Sustenance for Oliver Twist
Tasteless porridge
Thin cooked cereal
Burgoo or loblolly
Burgoo or loblolly
Dickensian workhouse fare
Thin porridge
Thin oatmeal
Dish for Oliver Twist
Watery porridge
Watery porridge
Watery porridge
Unappetizing meal
Thin porridge
Thin hot cereal
Oliver Twist asked for more of it
Thin broth
Cooked cereal
Thin cooked cereal
Soft food
Spare fare
Dickensian dish
Beggar's breakfast
Cornmeal or oatmeal
Thin cereal
Watery food
Thin porridge.
Thin broth.
Supper for Oliver.
Food for the convalescent.
Menu item for convalescents.
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