Crossword Clues for GUNS

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Clue Source Date
Biceps, in gym-speak Eugene Sheffer 12 Apr 2022
Laser tag equipment New York Times 16 Dec 2021
Arsenal array Newsday 19 Sep 2021
Warm review of pieces Irish Times Crosaire 06 Aug 2021
Turned over well-protected weapons The Telegraph Toughie 25 May 2021
Warm review of pieces Irish Times Crosaire 10 Mar 2021
Bulging biceps, in slang Wall Street Journal 10 Dec 2020
Big biceps, slangily New York Times 05 Dec 2020
Holster fillers Premier Sunday 15 Nov 2020
Holster fillers Thomas Joseph 09 Aug 2019
Big biceps, in slang New York Times 02 Aug 2019
Arsenal inventory USA Today 20 Jul 2019
Weaponry Eugene Sheffer 13 Mar 2019
Firearms The Times Concise 28 Jan 2019
Tries hard (for) LA Times Daily 22 Jan 2019
Tries hard (for) The Washington Post 22 Jan 2019
Tries hard (for)
Big biceps, in slang
Arsenal inventory
Big biceps, slangily USA Today 19 Dec 2018
Revs Newsday 16 Sep 2018
Big biceps, at the gym LA Times Daily 19 Aug 2018
Big biceps, at the gym The Washington Post 19 Aug 2018
Biceps, metaphorically The Washington Post Sunday 13 May 2018
Big biceps, at the gym
Big biceps, slangily
Cannons The Sun Two Speed 30 Dec 2017
Comfortable about weapons The Sun Two Speed 30 Dec 2017
Shooters, and a word that can follow the last parts of 17-, 40- and 64-Across and 11- and 30-Down USA Today 04 Apr 2017
Turn over secure weapons The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Mar 2017
Biceps, slangily The Washington Post 21 Dec 2016
Tries earnestly (for) LA Times Daily 06 Nov 2016
Strong arms, in slang Wall Street Journal 04 Jun 2016
Second Amendment issue USA Today 19 Mar 2016
Weapons in pub room turned up The Sun Two Speed 12 Feb 2016
Tries earnestly (for)
Holster items Universal 17 Dec 2015
Holster items USA Today 27 Jan 2015
Weapons offered comfortable returns The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jan 2015
Things we can't ever regulate, apparently
Holster items
Arsenal items
Holster items
Cramps "Bikini Girls With Machine ___"
Shiny Toy ___
Bulgy biceps, slangily
Big biceps
Water and cap
Paintball weaponry
Tries (for)
Magazine contents
Magazine articles
Paintball weaponry
Magazine articles?
Magazine contents
Rifles and revolvers
Big biceps, familiarly
Glocks and such
Firing range pieces
Revolvers and rifles
They may be fired
Strong arms
Big biceps, familiarly
They're held by stocks
Strong arms
Aims (for)
Holster fillers
Spear and squirt
Round containers
Gatling et al.
Oater props
Big ___ (V.I.P.'s)
See 31-Across
Strong arms
Revs the motor
Rockers __ N' Roses
Squirt and cap, for two
Water and cap, for two
Saluters' needs
Burp and squirt, for two
Butter alternative
Cops' props
Water and cap
Lethal weapons
Alternative to butter?
Theme of the puzzle
Uzi and derringer
26-Across items
Western weapons
Rock's -- N' Roses
Uzis e.g.
Holster items
Aims (for)
Butter substitute?
Spear and squirt
Butter's alternative
Revs, as an engine
___ or butter
Bren and Sten
"The ___ of Navarone": 1961 film
Revs up
Revs the engine
Pop and siege
Sten and Bren
Gatling, etc.
Squirt and pop.
Goes hunting.
Big ___ (VIPs).
Hunting equipment.
Stick to one's ___ (be firm).
Big ___.
Races, as a motor: Slang.
Replacements of bows and arrows.
Fired in Zola's Attack on the Mill.
War matériel.
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