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Crossword Clues for HAIRCUT

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Clue Source Date
Short back and sides, for example (7)
Bob, eg Mirror Tea Time 01 Apr 2024
Salon trim (7)
Say, Bob Hope's first appearance at nick (7)
Barber's trim
Musical score from The Barber of Seville? (7)
Bob or fade USA Today 09 Feb 2024
Barber's snip? (7)
A coiffure, do, set or style; the manner in which one is barbered; or, a reduction in the value of an asset (7)
Musical reduction shows top style
Completely bald guys don't need one (7)
Coiffure The Times Concise 26 Nov 2023
An example of barbering (7)
Bob, buzz or beehive New York Times 20 Nov 2023
Perhaps Bob's appearance after Henry left out The Times Cryptic 12 Oct 2023
Main purpose to visit a barbershop
Bob maybe putting musical on record The Guardian Cryptic 14 Sep 2023
Barber's stock-in-trade The Guardian Quick 22 Feb 2023
Barbershop task Newsday 11 Jan 2023
Look almost sweet after hard trim The Telegraph Toughie 17 Nov 2022
Barber's creation The Times Concise 26 Oct 2022
Irish copper in helmet? Could be Bob
Something off the top of your head? Wall Street Journal 05 Mar 2022
Perhaps no2 husband censored following broadcast
Bob may be storing dry fabric finally in shed
Coiffure Eugene Sheffer 29 Dec 2021
Look after husband with sliced bun? The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Aug 2021
Bob, say, helmeted Irish copper?
Pageboy, for instance The Telegraph Quick 16 Apr 2021
Coiffure The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2021
Means to reduce capital growth? The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2021
Distressing event? The Sun Two Speed 04 Dec 2020
Sweeney Todd work, contentious musical, censored
Hot look wounded Bob perhaps
Bob perhaps, lion's man?
Means to reduce capital growth?
In which clip round the ear might be necessary? The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Mar 2020
In which clip round the ear might be administered? The Sun Two Speed 09 Nov 2019
Process of reduction in capital growth? The Telegraph Cryptic 21 May 2019
Trim dilapidated chair with partial cut The Sun Two Speed 22 Oct 2018
Barber's job Universal 21 Sep 2018
Barber's specialty Universal 23 Aug 2018
Process of reduction in capital growth
Style of coiffure The Times Concise 03 May 2018
Broadcast about boring building style seen in Barnet
Barber's job
Barber's specialty
Bob, for example, gets write-down of loan
Husband's manner stung? That's dis­tressing?
Coiffure The Times Concise 22 Aug 2017
Prune topping for this? The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jul 2017
Bob is one hard character visiting nick
Bob, perhaps, has to show contrition at first, entering small dwelling
Coiffure LA Times Daily 27 Jan 2017
Bob, perhaps, is dry (and cold) in shed The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jan 2017
Musical curtailed style for shock The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Oct 2016
Coiffure The Telegraph Quick 20 Jul 2016
Buzz, e.g New York Times 09 Jul 2016
That's when one has some locks removed
Buzz, e.g.
A 'distressing' operation
Hard wind sliced Mohawk for one
Discount vis-à-vis market value, in Wall Street slang
Financial loss, so to speak
Barbershop offering
Buzz, e.g.
Buzz, e.g.
Bob or buzz
Much-photographed event after 39-Across's induction
Removal of some locks
Mohawk, for one
Dis-tressing event?
Classic Ring Lardner story
Removal of some locks
Locksmith job?
Bob or buzz
"Flattop" is one
Tonsorial job
Beauty-shop job
Something for a "boot."
Taking a little off the top?
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