Word "HAIRLINE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a very thin line

Part of Speech:
the natural margin formed by hair on the head

Crossword Clues for HAIRLINE

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Clue Source Date
Initially high flyers sort of crack The Guardian Cryptic 29 Aug 2022
Area of recession New York Times 29 Jan 2022
Fine hose following back of thigh The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Aug 2021
Very fine (crack) The Times Concise 19 Mar 2021
Cutting edge? New York Times 24 Jan 2021
Fine hose put on thigh lastly The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Mar 2019
Fine opening for Holloway's Emirates, say The Telegraph Toughie 23 Aug 2018
Hothead at United, for example, is found up top Irish Times Crosaire 06 Jul 2018
Tiny, as a fracture Eugene Sheffer 05 Jun 2018
Very fine hour with fliers The Telegraph Toughie 24 Aug 2017
Very narrow approach south of locks The Times Cryptic 19 May 2017
Plugs can move it forward New York Times 02 Jan 2016
Plugs can move it forward
Victim of recession Wall Street Journal 30 Mar 2015
Very thin hothead with flighty type Irish Times Crosaire 10 Feb 2015
Very narrow
Mr. Clean's lack
Kind of fracture
Recession victim?
Very thin
Victim of recession
Forehead border
Commonly receding boundary
It may be receding
This often recedes with time
Temple feature
Recession victim?
Kind of fracture
Middle-age concern
It may get higher with age
Widow's peak e.g.
Receding object, sometimes
This may recede
Very narrow margin
Receder of note
Aging Romeo's concern
Very slender margin.
Narrow color striping, in textiles.
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