Crossword Clues for HAIRS

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Clue Source Date
Bits of fur (5)
Shocks husband with look and sexy top (5)
Used for baits not mounted on hooks (5)
Things "split" when picking nits Universal 29 Feb 2024
Strands at a salon
Split __ LA Times Daily 02 Feb 2024
Split them to quibble The Guardian Quick 01 Feb 2024
Clog in a bathtub drain, maybe New York Times 29 Oct 2023
Salon sweepings
Things left on the cutting-room floor? Universal 25 Jun 2023
A baby's first few may be saved in an album Universal 17 Jun 2023
Eyebrow parts USA Today 08 Mar 2023
Mustache parts USA Today 02 Mar 2023
Crime scene strands Universal 18 Nov 2022
Lock parts Thomas Joseph 10 Nov 2022
Skin filaments The Times Concise 11 Oct 2022
What nitpickers split Newsday 08 Jun 2022
Some crime scene evidence Wall Street Journal 07 Jun 2022
Threadlike structures on the body Irish Times Simplex 20 May 2022
Fine things see off professorships
Nitpickers split them Premier Sunday 06 Mar 2022
Lashes makeup New York Times 07 Jan 2022
Some crime scene evidence Wall Street Journal 18 Dec 2021
Baby ___ (wisps that can be styled) USA Today 25 Oct 2021
They're rarely worth splitting The Washington Post 29 Sep 2021
They're rarely worth splitting LA Times Daily 29 Sep 2021
Split __ LA Times Daily 22 Aug 2021
Split __ The Washington Post 22 Aug 2021
Narrow margins Newsday 25 Jul 2021
Locks The Telegraph Quick 18 May 2021
Beard bits Wall Street Journal 01 May 2021
Clues for DNA analysis The Washington Post 21 Feb 2021
Clues for DNA analysis LA Times Daily 21 Feb 2021
Nitpickers split them LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2021
Nitpickers split them The Washington Post 10 Jan 2021
Whiskers Thomas Joseph 05 Jan 2021
They may be split LA Times Daily 13 Nov 2020
They may be split The Washington Post 13 Nov 2020
Offices rejecting the prime things which are fine and tiny
Nitpickers split them Wall Street Journal 24 Aug 2020
Bits of forensic evidence New York Times 22 Jul 2020
Small pieces of criminal evidence Universal 27 May 2020
Baby ___ USA Today 19 May 2020
Some CSI evidence Wall Street Journal 04 Apr 2020
What quibblers split Eugene Sheffer 02 Mar 2020
They cross in sights LA Times Daily 01 Mar 2020
They cross in sights The Washington Post 01 Mar 2020
Split ___ (nitpick) New York Times 20 Aug 2019
They're split in debates The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jul 2019
Split ___ (nitpick)
Strands on barbershop floors
What quibblers split USA Today 24 Nov 2018
They're split by nitpickers USA Today 08 Mar 2018
Natural fibres trim front of seats
What quibblers split
Bristles Universal 19 Oct 2017
Thin margins Newsday 07 Sep 2017
Narrow margins Newsday 09 Apr 2017
Head cover Universal 27 Mar 2017
Petty distinctions, metaphorically LA Times Daily 27 Jan 2016
Crime scene finds, perhaps The Washington Post 15 Jan 2016
Petty distinctions, metaphorically
They may be split by quibblers LA Times Daily 27 Jul 2015
Might stand up on back of your neck in pit
They may be split by quibblers
Unpleasant discoveries in soup
Beard bits
They may be split
Head count?
What hagglers split
Shavings, maybe
What hagglers split
Razor targets
What nitpickers split
*Scope lines
Cilia, commonly
Quibblers split them
A prig splits them
See 23-Across
Shower drain cloggers
What quibblers split
They may be split
What quibblers split
What nitpickers split
Barbershop debris
They might be split in a spat
Lock parts
They might be split in a spat
Split __ (quibble)
The average person has over 100,000
Components of locks
Crime scene evidence, often
Some crime scene evidence
Slim margins
Barbershop refuse
They may be split during an argument
Wig components
Razor targets
With 12-Down, rifle shooter's aid
They're sometimes split
"CSI" clues
See 22-Across
Sources of some DNA samples
They may be split
Eyebrow makeup
Fine points, figuratively
Razors cut them
Razors cut them
Fine points, figuratively
They're found in the brush
Pate topper
They may be split
Split _____ (be picky)
Split ___ (quibble)
They may be split in an argument
What nitpickers split
Razor targets
Razor targets
They may be split in an argument
Sometimes they're split
Fur units
Crime scene evidence, maybe
Peruke components
Goosebumps raise them
Splitting __ (quibbling)
Salon sweepings
Wig components
They're sometimes split
Split ___ (nitpick)
Split ____: be picky
Producers of bangs?
Components of locks
Narrow margins
What quibblers split
Tiny margins
They are often split
These are split sometimes
Winning edges, frequently
Minute distances
What some quibblers split
Sticklers split these
These are missing on a pilgarlic
Split ___
Sink clogging items
Split ___ (cavil)
Tress elements
Thin margins
Split ___.
Pelt components.
What pedants split.
Silver threads among the gold.
Head covering.
129,000 for the average head.
Markers in a bomb sight.
Fine filaments.
Very small degrees.
Small distances.
Estimate is 120,000 per normal head.
Things figuratively split in drawing fine distinctions.
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