Word "HALLOWED" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
worthy of religious veneration
Jerusalem's hallowed soil

Crossword Clues for HALLOWED

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Clue Source Date
Sacred The Telegraph Quick 09 Aug 2022
Made holy The Times Concise 09 Jun 2022
Public building due to be consecrated The Sun Two Speed 16 Oct 2020
Sacred The Sun Two Speed 16 Oct 2020
Like God's name, in the Lord's Prayer New York Times 19 Mar 2020
Holy opening to Heaven admitted The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Nov 2019
Held holy The Times Concise 28 Jul 2019
Sacred, as ground USA Today 25 Mar 2019
Sacred The Telegraph Quick 14 Feb 2019
Sacred, as ground
Blessed and married after salutation The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Dec 2018
Chamber due to become sacrosanct The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Apr 2018
Sanctified The Telegraph Quick 08 Sep 2017
Heroin is legalised and that's on the grounds it's particularly good Irish Times Crosaire 22 Mar 2017
... sanctified and authorised by Church finally The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Feb 2017
Blessed lobby had to pay The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Aug 2016
Much-loved college was in debt The Telegraph Toughie 19 Jul 2016
Revered husband acknowledged The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Mar 2016
Dedicated hospital given permission The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jan 2016
Husband, completely outstanding, revered The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Jul 2015
"... ___ be thy name"
" . . . be Thy name"
Like some ground
Like saints
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