Word "HANDS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the force of workers available
manpower, men, work force, workforce

Part of Speech:
(with `in') guardianship over; in divorce cases it is the right to house and care for and discipline a child
my fate is in your hands
too much power in the president's hands

Crossword Clues for HANDS

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Clue Source Date
Hired helpers (5)
Sets of cards for deck labourers (5)
Two or three on a clock
Certain shows of support
Passes for the people who work in the factory
"His clothes are dirty but his _ _ _ _ _ are clean", from Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay" (5)
Analog-clock parts
They're employed to measure horses!
Body parts Mirror Quick 29 Feb 2024
Manual workers leave hotel to move sand Mirror Cryptic 29 Feb 2024
Men working on deck may be left, right? (5)
Passes to one (5)
Pointers for the workers
"All ___ on deck!"
. . . down (without a doubt) (5)
Gives pointers to (5)
__ over; delivers Commuter 09 Dec 2023
Moving parts on an analog watch USA Today 08 Nov 2023
Finger and palm sites
Indicators of hours and seconds? The Guardian Cryptic 04 Jul 2023
Ranch crew Eugene Sheffer 05 May 2023
'My ___ are tied' USA Today 24 Mar 2023
What are needed to play the last-word theme of the puzzle Newsday 08 Mar 2023
Upper limbs
What many clocks and card games have New York Times 22 Jan 2023
Clock parts Universal 09 Jan 2023
Body parts outlined to make turkey drawings USA Today 17 Oct 2022
Crew from both sides of Honduras The Telegraph Toughie 28 Sep 2022
Finger and palm sites
Such influences may follow bloody minute change The Telegraph Toughie 05 Aug 2022
Body parts pressed into the slabs at Grauman's Chinese Theatre The Washington Post Sunday 15 May 2022
Parts of analog clocks USA Today 15 May 2022
Jazz __: dance technique LA Times Daily 25 Feb 2022
Jazz __: dance technique The Washington Post 25 Feb 2022
Ranch laborers Universal 16 Feb 2022
Ranch workers Thomas Joseph 31 Jan 2022
"All ___ on deck!"
Crew playing cards
NHS ad agitated workers Irish Times Crosaire 30 Oct 2021
See 1 Across The Telegraph Toughie 28 Oct 2021
'Loud ___: Autistic People, Speaking' (2012 book) USA Today 28 Aug 2021
Manual workers describing case for historians?
Rounds of applause USA Today 22 Mar 2021
Parts traced for turkey drawings USA Today 01 Mar 2021
Ranch crew Eugene Sheffer 13 Feb 2021
Holdings in mahjong and pinochle USA Today 26 Dec 2020
'Hired' workers The Washington Post 25 Nov 2020
. Even bits of this would do for workers
Delivers sand mixture after end of March
Ranch employees Universal 29 Jul 2020
Contents of gloves USA Today 06 Jul 2020
They often work around the clock Newsday 05 Jul 2020
Big and little clock parts Universal 17 Jun 2020
Places with palms? The New Yorker 01 Jun 2020
More than one of them in 3 down similarly working around the clock? Irish Times Crosaire 26 Feb 2020
Piano duet quartet The Washington Post 08 Feb 2020
Piano duet quartet LA Times Daily 08 Feb 2020
Hired workers
"Put your ___ up in the air." (request from the stage)
Ones on deck Universal 19 Dec 2019
Help boy, offering practical experience
Gloves fit them like a glove Universal 17 Sep 2019
Gives The Telegraph Quick 12 Sep 2019
Ranch workers Thomas Joseph 12 Aug 2019
Straight, flush and straight flush Universal 13 Jul 2019
German chap importing Dutch bananas
Ranch crew Wall Street Journal 12 Jan 2019
Ranch crew
Straight, flush and straight flush
Gloves fit them like a glove
They operate around the clock New York Times 21 Dec 2018
See 10ac.
They're put in mittens Newsday 11 Jun 2018
Straights and flushes LA Times Daily 18 Mar 2018
Straights and flushes The Washington Post 18 Mar 2018
Piano players Newsday 17 Feb 2018
Deal result Wall Street Journal 27 Jan 2018
Picker-uppers? LA Times Daily 18 Jan 2018
Picker-uppers? The Washington Post 18 Jan 2018
They operate around the clock
Bolger and Lahr, in ''The Wizard of Oz'' Newsday 23 Dec 2017
NHS ad agitated workers Irish Times Crosaire 18 Oct 2017
Manual workers
What card dealers deal New York Times 07 Aug 2017
Rounds of applause Newsday 31 Jul 2017
Clipper crew Newsday 11 Jun 2017
Poker holdings The Washington Post 28 May 2017
Poker holdings LA Times Daily 28 May 2017
Card dealings Universal 09 Apr 2017
Cruise crew Newsday 19 Mar 2017
Farmworkers The Washington Post 12 Feb 2017
What card dealers deal
Poker holdings
Card dealings
Ranch crew Newsday 27 Jul 2016
They're raised in schools Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2016
Dan's ____ (Alfredson's scoring touch) Canadiana 29 Feb 2016
Workmen The Times Concise 08 Feb 2016
"All ___ on deck!" USA Today 08 Aug 2015
Sets of cards Thomas Joseph 03 Aug 2015
Distributes, with ''out'' Newsday 29 Jul 2015
Clapping tools USA Today 08 May 2015
Classroom show? Family Time 04 May 2015
Ranch workers Newsday 18 Mar 2015
"All ___ on deck!"
Distributes, with "out"
Clapping tools
Ranch workers
Ranch crew
Grabby Jewel song?
Sets of 13 cards
Jewel's grabby song?
Poker holdings
Crew members
Ones working around the clock?
Crew members
Poker holdings
Ranch workers
They work around the clock
You get them from dealers
Clock parts
Analog clock features
They work around the clock
Jazz ___
They're on the clock
What to lay on Bon Jovi?
Bridge units
Bridge units
Arrows of time?
Piano players?
Meat hooks
Rounds of applause
Piano players?
Hired workers
Rounds of applause
Clock trio, often
They travel around the clock
Ranch workers
Property masters, e.g.
See 3-Down
Results of deals
Poker holdings
Ranch workers
Deck crew
They're held in cards
They travel around the clock
They create applause
Rounds of applause
Puppet governors?
49 Down units
Meat hooks
Result of a deal
Horse measurements
Ranch crew
Word with on, off, up or down
Clock parts
See 13-Down
Palms' places
Rounds of applause
Workers on deck
Clock parts
Two of these are needed to type every answer here except 17- & 59-Across and 11- & 27-Down
See the puzzle title
Clock-face features
Poker dealings
Poker segments
"All _____ on deck!"
They make clapping sounds
Join _____: unite
Card-game holdings
Bridge holdings
"Look, ma, no __!"
Deck or dock workers
Arm extensions
Hired workers
Employees, as on a ranch
Clock parts
Two on the dial
Farm workers
Field workers
"___ Across the Table," 1934 song
Crew members
Gin holdings
Bridge units
Glad and Learned
Card deals
Ship's crew.
Clock parts.
___ down (easily).
Card players.
Pointers on a dial.
Farm ___.
Gives: Slang.
Rounds of applause.
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