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Word "HARSH" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
unpleasantly stern
wild and harsh country full of hot sand and cactus

Part of Speech:
of textures that are rough to the touch or substances consisting of relatively large particles

Part of Speech:
sharply disagreeable; rigorous
the harsh facts of court delays

Crossword Clues for HARSH

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Clue Source Date
'___ but fair' The Washington Post Sunday 04 Apr 2021
Unpleasantly rough The Times Concise 03 Apr 2021
Severe USA Today 21 Mar 2021
Stuffing rook into pot is cruel The Sun Two Speed 15 Jan 2021
Draconian The Sun Two Speed 15 Jan 2021
Like extreme 41-Across LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2021
Unpleasantly stern Irish Times Simplex 08 Dec 2020
Severe, as criticism Newsday 07 Dec 2020
Iron-fisted Wall Street Journal 03 Sep 2020
Like scathing reviews The Washington Post Sunday 17 May 2020
Austere The Telegraph Quick 08 Mar 2020
Strident Wall Street Journal 21 Dec 2019
Stringent Newsday 12 Dec 2019
Not kind New York Times 22 Oct 2019
Unforgiving Universal 07 Oct 2019
Like a zero-star review New York Times 18 Aug 2019
Cruel Wall Street Journal 13 Aug 2019
Like Minnesota winters USA Today 17 Jul 2019
Tyrannical New York Times 18 Jun 2019
Tough on the ears Newsday 26 May 2019
Tough to hear, as criticism The Washington Post 17 May 2019
Very severe Newsday 29 Apr 2019
Like Chicago winters The Washington Post Sunday 28 Apr 2019
Discordant Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2019
Like Antarctic winds Wall Street Journal 15 Dec 2018
Heard course is rough enough Irish Times Crosaire 06 Dec 2018
Severe; bleak The Telegraph Quick 09 Oct 2018
Coarse one leaves like a swift runner The Telegraph Toughie 14 Sep 2018
Severe, as a punishment Newsday 23 Jul 2018
Abrasive New York Times 23 Jun 2018
Rough New York Times 24 May 2018
Grating to the ear USA Today 26 Apr 2018
Like New England winters Wall Street Journal 17 Apr 2018
Stark or strict Universal 05 Apr 2018
Like arctic winters The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Mar 2018
Overly severe Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2018
Gruff Newsday 21 Jan 2018
Like Arctic winters Wall Street Journal 21 Dec 2017
Rough on the eyes or ears New York Times 02 Oct 2017
Coarse grass restricts runs The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Aug 2017
Far from lenient USA Today 07 Aug 2017
Like a rough winter The Washington Post 11 Jul 2017
Grating Thomas Joseph 06 Jul 2017
Unpleasant The Washington Post 25 May 2017
Unpleasant to the ear Wall Street Journal 08 May 2017
Rough, as criticism New York Times 08 May 2017
Like bad winters Universal 09 Mar 2017
Glaring New York Times 31 Dec 2016
Cacophonous Wall Street Journal 06 Jul 2016
Hotel on Trim bog can be freezing Irish Times Crosaire 27 Jun 2016
Knucklehead New York Times 02 Jun 2016
Overly critical Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2016
Unkind Newsday 31 Jan 2016
Austere in Lehar's home The Sun Two Speed 10 Jan 2016
Severe, as weather USA Today 03 Sep 2015
Like Siberian winters New York Times 17 Aug 2015
Grating; severe The Telegraph Quick 21 Jun 2015
Cold and mercilous Canadiana 19 Jan 2015
Excessively stringent
Difficult to endure
Like some truths
Like a desert climate
Like Russian winters
Like taskmasters
Unpleasantly severe
Far from gentle
Quite severe
Not at all gentle
Far from kind
Unnecessarily severe
Quite rough
Extremely unkind
Like an arctic winter
Unduly severe
Tough to take
Not lenient
Like winters in the Arctic
Hard on the ears
Like a winter in Siberia
Like a drill instructor
Like some criticism
Like an Alaskan winter
Jarring to the eye
Tough to endure
Like cold, snowy winters
Strict or stark
Unpleasantly coarse
Like arctic winds
Spartan and ruthless
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