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Crossword Clues for HASAT

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Clue Source Date
Attacks Wall Street Journal 09 Mar 2021
Goes after LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2021
Rips into New York Times 08 Dec 2020
Sets upon LA Times Daily 02 Dec 2020
Lets loose on LA Times Daily 24 Nov 2020
Fights Wall Street Journal 18 Jun 2020
Starts doing Universal 18 Apr 2020
Starts in on Newsday 18 Jun 2019
Attacks vigorously New York Times 16 Jun 2019
Fights with Newsday 30 Apr 2019
Engages in battle Wall Street Journal 22 Jan 2019
Lays into New York Times 20 Jan 2019
Wrangles with Newsday 22 Dec 2018
Deals with Newsday 27 Oct 2018
Tears into Eugene Sheffer 08 Jun 2018
Argentine author Jorge ___ Borges New York Times 01 Mar 2018
Assails Newsday 08 Jan 2017
Tackles The Chronicle of Higher Education 27 May 2016
Starts, as a big job New York Times 16 Feb 2016
Starts a fight with Newsday 08 Jan 2016
Goes after, as a task New York Times 17 Sep 2015
Rolls up the sleeves and begins New York Times 12 Apr 2015
Laces into Premier Sunday 01 Mar 2015
Attacks, as a project
Attacks with vigor
Begins to pursue vigorously
Sets on
Starts to work on
Attacks vigorously: 2 wds.
Aggressively attempts
Argues with
Does battle with
Tackles hostilely
Initiates an attack
Lights into
Tackles diligently.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.