Word "HEART" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the hollow muscular organ located behind the sternum and between the lungs; its rhythmic contractions move the blood through the body
pump, ticker
he stood still, his heart thumping wildly

Part of Speech:
the courage to carry on
mettle, nerve, spunk
you haven't got the heart for baseball

Part of Speech:
an area that is approximately central within some larger region
center, centre, eye, middle
they ran forward into the heart of the struggle

Crossword Clues for HEART

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Clue Source Date
Beat it or you're finished!
Body pump Thomas Joseph 24 Apr 2024
Curvy shape often approximated by either two hands or an index finger and thumb
Courage of rector interrupting Passion
He has the skill and courage
A centre but not a club (5)
Centre of the arts (5)
It might precede breaker, throb and warming (5)
Where The _ Is, ITV drama of the 1990s and 2000s (5)
& 25A Novella by Joseph Conrad narrated by the character Marlow published in 1902 volume Youth: a Narrative, and Two Other Stories Mirror Quiz 12 Apr 2024
Card sounding like hart (5)
Blood pumper Commuter 04 Apr 2024
Valentine symbol Universal 03 Apr 2024
In the Arts Centre (5)
Flemish earthenware drinks bottle
"Places in the ___"; Sally Field movie
Run in preliminary contest, displaying courage The Times Quick Cryptic 26 Mar 2024
He has skill on the organ
Tin Man's wish in "The Wizard of Oz" New York Times Mini 25 Mar 2024
Listen to team's leader with compassion (5) Puzzler Cryptic 19 Mar 2024
Earth (anag) (5)
At mixing with men, with intent (5)
The ___ of Midlothian, Scott novel (5)
Our star's movie: A Mighty -
Blood pump
The warmth gets right into the centre (5)
Body's 'pumping' organ (5)
Hollow muscular organ whose contractions propel the blood through the body (5)
Card game we hear
In the warm-up: right in the middle (5)
Artichoke core LA Times Daily 04 Mar 2024
Central point, the ... of the matter
Pump that shifts earth (5)
One in a suit that's earth-shattering (5)
He has skill in one kind of surgery (5)
___ Reef, box B coral formation in the Great Barrier Reef (5)
This will beat one in a red suit (5)
The middle man: Arthur (5)
Hank Williams song with the words, "But sleep won't come the whole night through; Your cheating ... will tell on you"
Centre of red card (5)
Muscular organ that pumps blood through the body (5)
Try temperature in central section (5)
With 1-Down, Valentine's Day treat that may contain an "I Luv U" message
"Barracuda" band Wall Street Journal 14 Feb 2024
"Wear one's ___ on one's sleeve," phrase for someone who may be very confessional this Valentine's Day
Symbol of Valentine's Day New York Times Mini 14 Feb 2024
Earthquake centre
The middle, or centre, of the theatre is rebuilt (5)
The artisan hides compassion (5)
Small fireplace providing warmth (5)
US rock band led by sisters Ann (vocals) and Nancy (guitar) Wilson, formed in 1974 (5)
Core planet where the last shall be first The Sun Two Speed 25 Jan 2024
Compassion The Sun Two Speed 25 Jan 2024
Listen to half, showing compassion (5)
R Stewart hit, You're In My ----- (5)
Vital organ Mirror Classic 23 Jan 2024
My ----- Will Go On, Titanic theme (5)
Often red symbol of love
Core member of pack
Pumping organ that may melt after an emotional movie
Image on a Valentine’s Day card LA Times Mini 07 Jan 2024
For warmth, getting right into the middle (5)
Core member of pack (5)
Image on a Valentine's Day card
Cardiologist's study
A man requires skill and courage (5)
"Barracuda" band LA Times Daily 23 Dec 2023
See 9 Across Mirror Quiz 13 Dec 2023
The core is hard to tear out (5)
"I would not complain of my wounded ___", from New Order's "Regret" (5)
Red playing-card (5) Puzzler 29 Nov 2023
A way to get the earth to transplant
Showing courage when there's an earthquake (5)
This beats rhythmically inside your chest
Centre; courage The Telegraph Quick 20 Nov 2023
Cardiologist's concern
<3 USA Today 03 Nov 2023
Reaction to a sweet text message New York Times Mini 03 Nov 2023
Ticker The Guardian Quick 20 Oct 2023
Organ between the lungs Universal 19 Oct 2023
Essential part Newsday 13 Oct 2023
"Places in the ___," 1984 Oscar-winning film about a group trying to save a cotton farm
Valentine symbol The Telegraph Quick 04 Oct 2023
"Eat your ___ out!" Universal 03 Oct 2023
*Prost!* Gingerbread ___, cookie with colorful icing you may find at Oktoberfest
Body pump Thomas Joseph 23 Sep 2023
Edible part of an artichoke Universal 20 Sep 2023
Judge tango for passion The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Sep 2023
Artichoke's center Universal 29 Aug 2023
Blood-pumping organ USA Today 19 Aug 2023
Organ with ventricles Universal 30 Jul 2023
Courage The Telegraph Quick 01 Jul 2023
Cardiologist's specialty
What <3 is, in texts
Soul mate? Eugene Sheffer 02 Jun 2023
Cardiology organ
Blood-pumping organ
Mettle Newsday 01 Apr 2023
Blood-pumping organ
Body pump Thomas Joseph 20 Feb 2023
Valentine symbol Thomas Joseph 14 Feb 2023
Bodily pump Premier Sunday 12 Feb 2023
Fearlessness New York Times 14 Jan 2023
"My ___ Will Go On," song by Celine Dion
Valentine symbol LA Times Daily 19 Dec 2022
"Barracuda" band with a romantic name
Body pump Thomas Joseph 13 Dec 2022
Core Eugene Sheffer 07 Nov 2022
Red card The Telegraph Quick 30 Oct 2022
Artichoke part USA Today 30 Sep 2022
Body pump Thomas Joseph 28 Sep 2022
The suicide king, for one Wall Street Journal 28 Sep 2022
Ticker LA Times Daily 25 Sep 2022
Drunk author emptied the bottle
Drunk author emptied the bottle The Guardian Cryptic 17 Aug 2022
Courage The Telegraph Quick 03 Aug 2022
Listen to trumpet initially, and organ The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Jul 2022
Core The Times Concise 23 Jul 2022
Valentine's symbol
Core The Telegraph Quick 09 Jul 2022
Thrilling New York Times 19 Jun 2022
Cardiologist's specialty
Newspaper mogul lacks guts, ultimately, and compassion
Symbol of love
Organ that's the symbol of love
Passion about right here?
Soul mate? Eugene Sheffer 04 May 2022
Body pump Thomas Joseph 02 May 2022
Band whose debut album 'Dreamboat Annie' was released in the U.S. on Valentine's Day in 1976 The Washington Post 12 Apr 2022
Band whose debut album "Dreamboat Annie" was released in the U.S. on Valentine's Day in 1976 LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2022
Core The Times Concise 14 Feb 2022
Characters in the arts centre The Times Cryptic 01 Feb 2022
"Don't Go Breaking My ___," 1976 duet by Elton John and Kiki Dee
Part of body buried in rich earth The Times Cryptic 10 Jan 2022
Runs in preliminary round, showing courage The Times Cryptic 06 Jan 2022
Organ that's the symbol of love
Center Thomas Joseph 18 Dec 2021
Symbol of affection LA Times Daily 01 Dec 2021
Essence LA Times Daily 30 Nov 2021
Core The Telegraph Quick 24 Nov 2021
Centre The Telegraph Quick 13 Nov 2021
"Wear my ___ upon my sleeve," phrase popularized by William Shakespeare which means to openly show emotions
Valentine's card shape, maybe
Body pump Thomas Joseph 21 Oct 2021
Pick up car with enthusiasm Irish Times Crosaire 07 Oct 2021
Central, essential part Newsday 06 Oct 2021
Body pump Thomas Joseph 28 Sep 2021
Core; courage The Telegraph Quick 22 Sep 2021
Beater back from reserve overrun by deer
"Don't Go Breaking My ___," 1976 song by Elton John covered by Q-Tip feat Demi Lovato
One beating US police will cover up close to bar
Compassion The Telegraph Quick 18 Aug 2021
Central element Newsday 15 Aug 2021
Symbol of love USA Today 10 Aug 2021
Valentine symbol Universal 27 Jul 2021
Core Canadiana 26 Jul 2021
Center Thomas Joseph 21 Jul 2021
Body part with meadows, according the song Stardust The Times Specialist Sunday 18 Jul 2021
Red card New York Times 11 Jul 2021
"Elastic ___," 2013 song by Sia featuring the Weeknd and Diplo
Valentine's Day symbol Premier Sunday 20 Jun 2021
Cardiovascular concern The Washington Post Sunday 30 May 2021
Middle Earth is back to front
Courage The Telegraph Quick 19 May 2021
Cardiology concern
Cardiologist's specialty USA Today 05 May 2021
Core The Telegraph Quick 28 Apr 2021
Detect beat finally in this?
Male with cunning and courage The Sun Two Speed 07 Apr 2021
Core; courage The Telegraph Quick 07 Apr 2021
Core The Sun Two Speed 07 Apr 2021
"My ___ Will Go On," song by Celine Dion
Romantic emoji Newsday 18 Mar 2021
"___-Shaped Box," horror novel written by Joe Hill whose title is inspired by a Nirvana song
Bitter judge ultimately dealt spectacular conclusion
Body pump Thomas Joseph 23 Feb 2021
"Piece of My ___," song cover by Janis Joplin
"Mama's Broken ___," 2011 song by Miranda Lambert from the album "Four the Record"
Playing card one beats
Queen wears hat regularly for courage
Will try to be on time The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Jan 2021
Geographic center Newsday 17 Jan 2021
Card offering sympathy?
"My ___ Will Go On," song by Celine Dion
Opens 14 across with enthusiasm Irish Times Crosaire 10 Dec 2020
Courage; centre The Telegraph Quick 09 Dec 2020
Organ installed in empty hut's centre
"My ___ Will Go On," song by Celine Dion which served as the theme song to James Cameron's 1997 epic romance film "Titanic"
It's a phenomenal beater Family Time 01 Nov 2020
Soul mate Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2020
Body organ The Telegraph Quick 19 Oct 2020
Core of world back to front
Courage The Sun Two Speed 04 Oct 2020
Core planet where the last shall be first The Sun Two Speed 04 Oct 2020
That man's method of kindness...
Middle card
Core USA Today 10 Aug 2020
Band led by the Wilson sisters LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2020
Band led by the Wilson sisters The Washington Post 02 Aug 2020
"___ of Gold," 1972 song by Neil Young which is his only U.S. No. 1 single
Any of 13 red playing cards Newsday 29 Jun 2020
"Elastic ___," hit song written and performed by Sia for her album "1000 Forms of Fear"
Shape of Twitter's 'like' button The Washington Post Sunday 07 Jun 2020
Artichoke's center USA Today 06 Jun 2020
Soul mate? Universal 24 May 2020
Centre; courage The Telegraph Quick 27 Apr 2020
Quotation part 6 Canadiana 09 Mar 2020
Pick up car with enthusiasm Irish Times Crosaire 25 Feb 2020
Vital organ Irish Times Simplex 13 Feb 2020
Image on a valentine
Mollusc in centre's something dire (10, two words)
Valentine symbol Newsday 31 Dec 2019
Sing along to this Elton John-Kiki Dee duet! "Don't go breaking my ___, I couldn't if I tried..."
Pick up end of carpet beater
Core The Times Concise 07 Nov 2019
Courage Newsday 27 Oct 2019
Center Thomas Joseph 24 Oct 2019
Spirit of our planet finally coming to the fore
"Home is where the ___ is," idiom signifying emotional attachment towards one's home
Artichoke serving Newsday 13 Oct 2019
Term of endearment that sounds the same as ‘dear' when uttered
Male, cunning, shows courage The Sun Two Speed 10 Aug 2019
Artichoke serving USA Today 31 Jul 2019
Pumping organ
Try bit of toasted offal perhaps
Centre The Telegraph Quick 30 May 2019
Organ with chambers Wall Street Journal 22 Apr 2019
Eat your ____ out Canadiana 22 Apr 2019
Tin Woodman's wish USA Today 23 Mar 2019
Pumping organ
Person unlucky in love could be this broken The Telegraph Toughie 13 Mar 2019
Hark! Lost part's deep inside
Chest thumper?
Skill must follow explosive enthusiasm
Symbol on a valentine New York Times 11 Feb 2019
Metaphor for emotion Newsday 20 Jan 2019
Almost home, where this is?
<3 Universal 10 Jan 2019
Symbol on a valentine
Organ with chambers
Tin Woodman's wish
Artichoke serving
Symbol on many a bumper sticker New York Times 27 Dec 2018
Blood-pumping organ
It beats a run in the wild The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Dec 2018
Middle The Times Concise 18 Nov 2018
Ticker LA Times Daily 04 Nov 2018
Ticker The Washington Post 04 Nov 2018
Compassion from judge at start of trial
Courage of the organ Irish Times Simplex 03 Oct 2018
Epicentre of earthquake? Irish Times Crosaire 29 Sep 2018
Centre The Times Concise 12 Aug 2018
Broken ___, "Operation" game piece that is found in the chest
Courage in member of pack? The Telegraph Toughie 12 Jun 2018
Hater can show feeling The Sun Two Speed 24 May 2018
Beating organ Premier Sunday 20 May 2018
Middle card The Telegraph Cryptic 07 May 2018
Mid-Feb. symbol Universal 14 Apr 2018
Enthusiasm of boxer finally ready to mate?
Core The Guardian Speedy 31 Mar 2018
Tin Woodman's quest Family Time 26 Mar 2018
Central part Newsday 25 Mar 2018
Tin Man's desire New York Times 19 Mar 2018
Essence The Washington Post 11 Mar 2018
Essence LA Times Daily 11 Mar 2018
Courage, passion to overcome resistance
Vital organ The Sun Two Speed 31 Jan 2018
Listen to team's leader with compassion The Sun Two Speed 31 Jan 2018
Tin Man's desire
The suicide king, e.g.
Symbol on many a bumper sticker
Mid-Feb. symbol
Partner of 24-Down Wall Street Journal 13 Dec 2017
Soul mate? LA Times Daily 08 Dec 2017
Soul mate? The Washington Post 08 Dec 2017
Stag full of energy and courage The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Nov 2017
Body part Canadiana 06 Nov 2017
Courage to try — final shot
Valentine's Day symbol Universal 17 Oct 2017
Blood-pumping organ
Valentine's Day symbol Newsday 04 Oct 2017
Cordiality and warmth - that's about right
Compassion LA Times Daily 27 Aug 2017
Compassion The Washington Post 27 Aug 2017
Core Eugene Sheffer 29 Jul 2017
Crux LA Times Daily 14 May 2017
Crux The Washington Post 14 May 2017
Red card The Telegraph Quick 05 May 2017
Artichoke center Newsday 18 Apr 2017
EKG organ LA Times Daily 20 Mar 2017
EKG organ The Washington Post 20 Mar 2017
Try followed by team's first red card The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Feb 2017
Valentine shape Universal 17 Feb 2017
Valentine symbol Eugene Sheffer 10 Feb 2017
Target for 69-Across The Washington Post 03 Feb 2017
Valentine decoration Newsday 24 Jan 2017
Core Thomas Joseph 17 Jan 2017
Soul mate? Wall Street Journal 14 Jan 2017
Valentine's Day symbol
EKG organ
Soul mate?
Run in preliminary contest, showing courage
Compassion Wall Street Journal 19 Oct 2016
Ogre's lack Universal 18 Oct 2016
Bodily pump Premier Sunday 02 Oct 2016
Courage in the organ Irish Times Simplex 13 Sep 2016
____ ache Canadiana 12 Sep 2016
Chest beater? The Washington Post 10 Sep 2016
Tin Man's quest Wall Street Journal 25 Jul 2016
It's in the chest Irish Times Simplex 02 Jun 2016
Internal pump New York Times 15 May 2016
Courage The Washington Post 13 May 2016
Song beginning 'Well, since my baby left me' Wall Street Journal 30 Apr 2016
He has skill and courage The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Mar 2016
Constant beater Universal 14 Mar 2016
Valentine symbol New York Times 18 Jan 2016
Valentine symbol
'Let every ___ prepare him room' Wall Street Journal 22 Dec 2015
Sense of sympathy Newsday 13 Nov 2015
Counterpart of 'thou is', similarly wrong in mood The Times Cryptic 12 Nov 2015
See 30-Down New York Times 27 Oct 2015
Ace maybe showing enthusiasm The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Oct 2015
Soul mate? Eugene Sheffer 24 Sep 2015
Valentine symbol ... or, when read as two words, what you can't do when the answers to starred clues are spoken LA Times Daily 15 Sep 2015
Bottle of spirit?
25  Listen to model spirit
Generous disposition Newsday 25 Jul 2015
The Tin Man's desire USA Today 16 Jun 2015
Tin Man's want Eugene Sheffer 09 May 2015
Listen to first love
Centre; core The Telegraph Quick 16 Mar 2015
Tin Man's need
Sense of sympathy
Valentine symbol ... or, when read as two words, what you can't do when the answers to starred clues are spoken
Shape carved on a tree, maybe
"Let every ___ prepare him room"
See 30-Down
The Tin Man's desire
Generous disposition
Male has primarily able and extremely robust organ
Enthusiasm for game's curtailed
Courage to try it at last
The centre of Earth is molten
Warmth gets right into the centre
Texter's "less than three"?
Pump organ
Valentine symbol
Organ with chambers
Central part
Tin Woodman's need
Soul partner
Soul mate?
The Tin Man wanted one
"Crazy on You" band
Not a club to show enthusiasm
Pacemaker's place
It may be seen with a 37-Across
Pacemaker's place
Organ with chambers
Shape carved on a tree, often
Ticker symbol?
Cupid's target
Capacity for sympathy
Symbol after "I" on many a bumper sticker
Essential part
Rock band led by two sisters
Soul's partner
Tin Man's prize
Artichoke center
"Barracuda" rockers
Might know your favorite song by this
Buffett "Songs You Know by ___"
Internal pumper
Gift from the Wizard of Oz that's really a clock
What the Tin Woodman sought from the Wizard of Oz
Valentine shape
Cardiologist's concern
Coward's lack
Most essential part
Capacity for sympathy
What ya gotta have?
11-Down is part of it
Pump that breaks?
Tin Man's request
Shape carved on a tree
Circulation director?
Valentine's Day shape
"Captain Planet" element
A certain king or queen, e.g.
Pumping organ
Artichoke center
Artichoke center
Soul mate?
"Barracuda" band
Word with "burn" or "break"
Valentine's Day symbol
Soul mate?
Cardiology concern
Valentine's Day symbol
Atrium locale
It "has its reasons which reason knows nothing of": Pascal
Valentine shape
Central section
Pacemaker's place
Cardiology concern
It "has its reasons which reason knows nothing of": Pascal
Tin Woodsman's need
"Barracuda" band
Valentine symbol
Red card
Soul mate?
Candy-box shape
One of 13 cards
Valentine symbol
Red card
What the Tin Man wanted
Soul mate?
Circulation manager?
Tin Man's quest
Valentine symbol
What "you gotta have"
Artichoke morsel
Four-chambered organ
Tin Man's desire
Valentine's Day symbol
Valentine's Day decoration
Welty novel "The Ponder ___"
Word with burn or break
Valentine's Day symbol
Chest beater
Innermost part
Valentine's Day offering
Ticker symbol?
Muscular organ
Atrium site
Valentine decoration
What you gotta have, in a "Damn Yankees" song
Part 4 of quote
Artichoke serving
Shape of Gift #1
"Magic Man" band
Atrium locale
Part 4 of quote
Breast beater
Tin Man's need
Soul's partner
Kind of murmur
Breast beater?
It's strengthened by 20-Across
Conrad's '-- of Darkness'
Circulation director?
Atrium site
Person's pump
It's strengthened by aerobic exercise
Soul's partner
Kind of murmur
Atrium site
"Damn Yankees" tune
"Member" of the Four-H Club
Chest beater
"Nothin' At All" rock group
Atrium locale
"Dog and Butterfly" group
Breast beater
Red king, e.g.
Lover's gift
Shape carved on a tree, maybe
Vital pump
Ann and Nancy Wilson
Vital pump
"Damn Yankees" tune
Important pump
One of the H's in 4-H
Chest beater
Damn Yankees song
Body part identified with core beliefs
Part of body buried in rich earth
Characters in the arts centre
"Damn Yankees" song
Capacity for sympathy
Inside pump
Ticker symbol?
One in a red suit
Tin Man's desire
Cardiologist's concern
Central section
Coward's lack
One of the Four H's
The Tin Woodsman's quest
"___ and Soul"
Central point
Organ with chambers
The Tin Man's desire
Valentine's Day shape
Tin Woodman's request
Valentine symbol
Best of the artichoke
"Damn Yankees" song
Seat of affections
Tin Woodman's desire
Tin Man's desire
Part of a suit
It beats, working
Vital organ
You gotta have it
Tin Woodman's quest
"Damn Yankees" hit
Love, on bumper stickers
Cor or core
Artichoke part
Welty's "The Ponder ___"
Innermost part
This is sometimes lost
End of quotation
What "you gotta have"
What ya gotta have
By ___ (from memory)
Cupid's target
Greene's "The ___ of the Matter"
"Young at ___"
You gotta have miles of it
"Cross my ___ . . . "
"The ___ Is a Lonely Hunter"
Suit card
Generous disposition
Kind of beat or burn
Lettuce part
"The ___ of Midlothian"
Kind of throb or land
Sleeve wear for some
Mouthful for a frightened one
Kind of burn
"Cross my ___"
Celery tidbit
Barnard concern
Center of activity.
Kind of line across one's palm.
Vital part.
Inmost thoughts and feelings.
Soul's companion.
Bridge bid.
Capacity for sympathy.
Tin Woodman's desire.
Innermost part.
It's pledged to "great loyalty" in 4-H clubs.
Another part of 4-H Club motto.
Efficient pump.
"The ___ of Midlothian."
The Tin Woodman's wish.
Humane feeling.
Companion of "soul."
Symbol of affection.
"The ___ of the Matter," Graham Greene novel.
"A merry ___ goes all the day,/Your sad tires in a mile-a."—Winter's Tale.
Vital organ.
"One flag, one land, one ___, one hand."—Holmes.
Blood's starting place
Chest thumper?
Classic tattoo
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