Word "HEARTS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a form of whist in which players avoid winning tricks containing hearts or the queen of spades
black maria

Crossword Clues for HEARTS

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Clue Source Date
Body pumps Irish Times Simplex 15 Jun 2022
Tries to take in tailor's top suit The Guardian Cryptic 07 Jun 2022
Tries pinching end of wet suit The Telegraph Cryptic 12 May 2022
Card game Eugene Sheffer 22 Apr 2022
Try on top and bottom of this suit The Times Cryptic 14 Apr 2022
Trick-taking game Thomas Joseph 13 Apr 2022
Card suits in bodies Irish Times Simplex 12 Feb 2022
2 centres The Guardian Cryptic 16 Dec 2021
Suit warms up around summer's end The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Nov 2021
Design has been put into that man's suit The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Oct 2021
Tries purchasing top of trouser suit The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Aug 2021
Body pumps Irish Times Simplex 08 Jul 2021
See 52-Across Universal 15 Jun 2021
Quarter of a deck Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2021
Tries tucking in top of trouser suit The Telegraph Cryptic 12 May 2021
Team's various red cards The Telegraph Toughie 12 May 2021
Quarter deck? Wall Street Journal 06 May 2021
Trick-taking game Thomas Joseph 01 Oct 2020
Body pumps Irish Times Simplex 24 Aug 2020
Card suits in bodies Irish Times Simplex 25 Jun 2020
Cores The Telegraph Quick 04 Mar 2020
Cards suit The Times Concise 13 Nov 2019
Suit on a table The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jul 2019
Trick-taking game LA Times Daily 29 Jun 2019
Trick-taking game The Washington Post 29 Jun 2019
Card suit and essential organs Irish Times Simplex 04 Jun 2019
NFLD's _____ Content Canadiana 25 Mar 2019
Valentine symbols Newsday 06 Mar 2019
Trick-taking game
Catch trousers, making hole in suit The Telegraph Toughie 21 Dec 2018
Red card suit Newsday 05 Sep 2018
Hero decorations New York Times 21 Jun 2018
Card game in which you can 'shoot the moon' Wall Street Journal 12 Jun 2018
Trick-taking card game Thomas Joseph 19 Mar 2018
Card suit The Times Concise 16 Jan 2018
Hero decorations
Card game in which you can "shoot the moon"
Vital organs Eugene Sheffer 10 Nov 2017
Suits those at the centres Irish Times Crosaire 31 Oct 2017
Trick-taking card game New York Times 29 Apr 2017
They may be broken Wall Street Journal 01 Apr 2017
Aptly named card game Jonesin 21 Mar 2017
Card suit The Telegraph Quick 02 Feb 2017
Trick-taking card game
One of four suits Universal 06 Nov 2016
Red suit USA Today 03 Nov 2016
They beat Republican in eliminating contests The Telegraph Toughie 30 Aug 2016
Game with tricks LA Times Daily 14 Aug 2016
Organs try suppressing test, oddly The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jul 2016
Scottish footballers playing cards The Telegraph Cryptic 13 May 2016
English county accommodating a Scottish football team The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Apr 2016
Suits those at the centre Irish Times Crosaire 02 Feb 2016
Game with tricks
One of four suits
Valentine symbols LA Times Daily 07 Dec 2015
Try at first to salute quarterdeck? The Telegraph Toughie 27 May 2015
Playing-card suit The Telegraph Quick 23 Feb 2015
Try on extremely tasteless suit The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Feb 2015
Deck suit USA Today 04 Jan 2015
Valentine symbols
Deck suit
Artichoke servings
Artichoke pieces
Rakes often break them
Card game for romantics?
*Artichoke sections*
Red card suit
Red suit
"Lowest score wins" card game
Trick-taking card game
One of four suits
Quarter deck?
Trick-taking game
Trick-taking game
Bridge suit
Quarter deck?
See 12-Across
Game similar to Black Lady
Low-score-wins card game
Red suit
Trick-taking game
Card game
Trick-taking game
Essential parts
Red suit
Artichoke pieces
Whist cousin
Red suit
Breast beaters
Bridge alternative
Game with tricks
With 48-Across, deepest longing
Trump, at times
Artichoke delicacy
Card game
Card game in which you might shoot the moon
Card suit
Ruthless card game
Red suit
Deck suit
Major suit
Strip poker suit?
Game similar to Black Lady
Favorite game of Bill Clinton
Seats of affections
Game with tricks
Bridge suit
Major suit
Card game
Favorite game of President Clinton
____ and flowers
Game of which black lady is a variation
Card game
___ and flowers
Alice's queen
Partner of flowers
Beating items
Second-best suit.
Card game.
Companion of flowers.
Flowers' companions.
Valentine symbols.
Popular card game.
A game at cards.
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