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Crossword Clues for HEATS

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Clue Source Date
Track trials Thomas Joseph 16 Dec 2020
Race prelims LA Times Daily 08 Dec 2020
Warms up for races The Sun Two Speed 28 Nov 2020
Cooks through The Sun Two Speed 28 Nov 2020
Warms up Premier Sunday 18 Oct 2020
Warms Universal 05 Oct 2020
Qualifying races The Washington Post 20 Sep 2020
Warms up for the preliminary races Irish Times Simplex 29 Jul 2020
Warms up in the oven Newsday 23 Jun 2020
Preliminary races Newsday 29 Apr 2020
Track meet divisions New York Times 11 Aug 2019
Trial rounds The Washington Post 29 Jan 2019
Track events The Washington Post Sunday 07 Jan 2018
Track prelims
Makes someone less cool The Washington Post Sunday 03 Dec 2017
Puts on a burner USA Today 20 Oct 2017
Uses a microwave Universal 01 Mar 2017
Finals preceders Newsday 04 Feb 2017
Warms (up) Premier Sunday 09 Oct 2016
Puts in the oven Universal 28 Aug 2016
Race makeup Wall Street Journal 13 Aug 2016
Warms up, as food Newsday 25 Jul 2016
Events at meets Jonesin 19 Apr 2016
Puts on the back burner? Universal 30 Jan 2016
Makes warm Universal 10 Oct 2015
Warms up, as leftovers Universal 22 Jun 2015
Sticks in the oven
Time trials
Makes warmer
Intensifies, with "up"
Track races
Trials on tracks
Events in battle of bands
Battle of bands events
Warms, as food
Some elimination rounds
Meet preliminaries
Microwaves, say
Early races
Track meet events
Track rounds
Puts in the microwave
Track and field events
Puts on the back burner, maybe
Microwaves, as leftovers
Prelims, of sorts
Increases molecular motion
Puts on the burner
Nukes, so to speak
Race rounds
Meet prelims
Qualifying events
Preliminary contests
Takes the chill off
Uses the microwave
Parts of 19 Across
Qualifying track events
Certain competitions
Preliminary events
Preliminaries at a track meet
Trial runs
Track meet events.
Track events.
Preliminary events.
Track term.
Parts of a race.
Track meet preliminaries.
Preliminary rounds of races.
Divisions of a race.
Preliminary races.
Divisions of a contest.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.