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Crossword Clues for HEIDI

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Clue Source Date
Klum of 'Project Runway' New York Times 11 Apr 2021
Gardner of 'S.N.L.' New York Times 19 Feb 2021
Alpine girl of story Thomas Joseph 06 Jan 2021
Model and TV host Klum New York Times 28 Dec 2020
Evan's mom in 'Dear Evan Hansen' USA Today 27 Nov 2020
Longtime 'Project Runway' host Klum New York Times 23 Nov 2020
Model Klum Premier Sunday 22 Nov 2020
Supermodel Klum Universal 16 Nov 2020
'S.N.L.' cast member Gardner New York Times 18 Oct 2020
Alpine girl of kiddie lit Newsday 31 Jul 2020
Gardner on “SNL” Wall Street Journal 11 Jul 2020
Swiss girl played by Shirley Temple Universal 03 May 2020
Swiss girl of children's literature Universal 01 Mar 2020
Swiss miss in kid-lit USA Today 24 Feb 2020
Classic children's heroine once played in film by Shirley Temple New York Times 13 Feb 2020
Swiss miss of kid-lit USA Today 01 Dec 2019
Alpine protagonist The Washington Post 29 Nov 2019
Former 'America's Got Talent' judge Klum Jonesin 17 Sep 2019
Alpine heroine The Washington Post 16 Sep 2019
Spyri's Alpine heroine USA Today 13 Sep 2019
Emmy winner Klum Universal 06 Sep 2019
Former senator Heitkamp Newsday 02 Aug 2019
Klum on many covers Premier Sunday 16 Jun 2019
Alpine girl of fiction Newsday 05 Apr 2019
Fictional Swiss miss The Washington Post 05 Feb 2019
Spyri's Swiss miss USA Today 03 Feb 2019
'America's Got Talent' judge Klum The Washington Post 30 Jan 2019
"America's Got Talent" judge Klum LA Times Daily 30 Jan 2019
Heitkamp of North Dakota politics New York Times 16 Nov 2018
Johanna Spyri heroine USA Today 04 Nov 2018
Orphaned Swiss girl in Johanna Spyri's children's novel The Telegraph General Knowledge 03 Dec 2017
Swiss miss in a children's story Wall Street Journal 21 Aug 2017
Klum of "Project Runway" USA Today 26 Jun 2017
1937 Shirley Temple title role The Washington Post 23 Jun 2017
Swiss miss of literature Wall Street Journal 24 May 2017
Swiss miss of kid lit Newsday 15 May 2017
Spyri heroine Thomas Joseph 06 May 2017
Statuesque Klum The Washington Post 08 Feb 2017
With 12-Down, model who hosts 'Project Runway' The Washington Post 27 Jun 2016
Friend of a goatherd named Peter Wall Street Journal 09 Jun 2016
Swiss miss of kiddie lit Jonesin 07 Jun 2016
1937 role for Shirley Temple The Washington Post 05 Jun 2016
Fictional orphan of the Alps Wall Street Journal 16 May 2016
Montag of "The Hills"
Swiss miss who was the bête noire of 1968 Jets fans The Washington Post 12 Nov 2015
1881 novel 'for children and those who love children' New York Times 29 Oct 2015
Noted Swiss miss Universal 27 May 2015
First name on the 'America's Got Talent' panel New York Times 29 Mar 2015
First name on the "America's Got Talent" panel
1881 novel "for children and those who love children"
Klum on magazine covers
Title orphan of fiction
Film that famously interrupted a 1968 NFL telecast
Reality star Montag
Judging colleague of Howard, Howie, and Mel B
Swiss miss of fiction
1937 Shirley Temple role
Tim's "Project Runway" co-host
Klum who says, "in fashion, either you're in, or you're out"
Storybook friend of goatherd Peter
Fictional friend of Peter the goatherd
"Project Runway" host Klum
Alpine moppet
Literary 67-Across girl
Temple title role
Swiss miss
Shirley Temple title role
Howdy Doody's sister
Alp-Öhi's granddaughter in an 1880 novel
Judge Klum of "Project Runway"
Novel whose first chapter is titled "Up the Mountain to Alm-Uncle"
Literary heroine whose best friend is a goatherd
Fictional girl of the Alps
Cover girl Klum
Title heroine played by Shirley Temple in 1937
Storied Swiss miss
Literary Swiss girl
Clara's title friend in a classic novel
Wasserstein's "The __ Chronicles"
Spyri young heroine
Alpine classic
Fictional Alpine miss
Dete's niece, in a beloved 1880 novel
Literary girl of the Alps
Swiss girl of fiction
Spyri's Alpine orphan
Young Alpine heroine
Shirley Temple role
Fictional Alpine girl
Johanna Spyri classic
Swiss miss?
Fictional Alps girl
Little girl of the Alps
Wendy Wasserstein heroine
1937 role for Shirley temple
Fictional Alpine heroine
Wasserstein's "The __ Chronicles"·
The ___ Chronicles
Spyri girl
Johanna Spyri novel
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.