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Word "HELLO" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an expression of greeting
hi, how-do-you-do, howdy, hullo
every morning they exchanged polite hellos

Crossword Clues for HELLO

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Clue Source Date
'Konnichiwa' translation USA Today 16 Apr 2021
Greeting word LA Times Daily 13 Apr 2021
Celebrity mag The Telegraph Quick 09 Apr 2021
''Greetings!'' Newsday 08 Mar 2021
What 'ciao' can mean The Washington Post Sunday 28 Feb 2021
Often the first thing out of characters' mouths in The Inferno is to do with love Irish Times Crosaire 25 Feb 2021
Conversation starter Newsday 17 Dec 2020
Phone call starter Newsday 16 Nov 2020
Pick-up line? New York Times 09 Oct 2020
How do you do The Sun Two Speed 17 Sep 2020
Greeting man will love The Sun Two Speed 17 Sep 2020
Word of greeting USA Today 08 Sep 2020
Ringtone response Newsday 06 Sep 2020
Greeting from underworld duck The Sun Two Speed 22 Jul 2020
“What have we here?!” Wall Street Journal 22 Jul 2020
Nametag heading USA Today 22 Jun 2020
'Hafa adai' translation USA Today 06 Jun 2020
****Phone greeting Universal 31 May 2020
Word whose rise in popularity coincided with the spread of the telephone New York Times 31 May 2020
Telephone greeting USA Today 23 May 2020
Hi or how do you do The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2020
Greeting he will love The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2020
Phone greeting Thomas Joseph 01 Apr 2020
Word on a name tag Family Time 30 Mar 2020
''Are you paying attention?'' Newsday 12 Mar 2020
Name tag word Newsday 05 Mar 2020
Adele hit whose title is a greeting Universal 29 Dec 2019
'Anyone there?' USA Today 19 Dec 2019
Word on many name tags Wall Street Journal 25 Jun 2019
Nametag word Thomas Joseph 13 Jun 2019
"Greetings!" Family Time 03 Jun 2019
Hi, howdy Irish Times Simplex 16 Apr 2019
Greeting The Sun Two Speed 10 Apr 2019
Formal "Yo!" Universal 27 Feb 2019
Stereotypical cry into a canyon New York Times 19 Feb 2019
"You there?" Universal 13 Feb 2019
'Anybody home?' USA Today 20 Jan 2019
"Anybody home?"
'Well, look at that!' The Washington Post Sunday 25 Nov 2018
'Is anybody here?' USA Today 22 Nov 2018
Dolly's greeting? Universal 14 Sep 2018
"___, is it me you're looking for?" Universal 15 Aug 2018
Common greeting Universal 14 Aug 2018
'That's pretty obvious!' New York Times 08 Jul 2018
'Are you listening?' USA Today 25 Jun 2018
Aloha alternative Universal 06 Jun 2018
Word of welcome Newsday 29 May 2018
Adele hit that won three Grammys The Washington Post 26 May 2018
''I didn't expect that!'' Newsday 24 Mar 2018
Nametag greeting Newsday 04 Mar 2018
'Are you listening?!' New York Times 07 Jan 2018
The man will have no word of greeting The Sun Two Speed 05 Jan 2018
"Is anybody here?"
"Are you listening?"
"That's pretty obvious!"
"Are you listening?!"
Fancy coming across that magazine! The Telegraph Toughie 26 Dec 2017
Is not in Hollies - and that's to be welcomed Irish Times Crosaire 21 Sep 2017
'Um ... I'm standing right here!' New York Times 26 Aug 2017
''What have we here!'' Newsday 28 Jul 2017
Introductory greeting The Telegraph Quick 07 Jul 2017
When its second syllable is drawn out, 'Are you out of your mind?!' New York Times 17 Mar 2017
Form of greeting he will love The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Feb 2017
'You there?' Wall Street Journal 13 Jan 2017
"Is anybody home?" Universal 03 Jan 2017
When its second syllable is drawn out, "Are you out of your mind?!"
"Um ... I'm standing right here!"
''Anybody home?'' Newsday 29 Dec 2016
Hi Canadiana 05 Sep 2016
A greeting The Telegraph Quick 24 Aug 2016
Phone answerer's word Newsday 15 Aug 2016
"Aloha" may mean this USA Today 12 Aug 2016
Adele song with the lyric 'I must have called a thousand times' New York Times 31 May 2016
"Hi" Family Time 23 May 2016
''This is a surprise!'' Newsday 15 May 2016
Chat-starting word Universal 24 Apr 2016
Introduction follower Newsday 09 Apr 2016
No. 1 single of 1984 or 2015 The Chronicle of Higher Education 11 Mar 2016
Surprised response: maintained cut long overdue at first The Times Cryptic 22 Feb 2016
Word used when answering the phone Family Time 01 Feb 2016
Adele song with the lyric "I must have called a thousand times"
'___, I Love You' (1968 chart-topper by The Doors) The Washington Post 21 Dec 2015
Start of a phone conversation Universal 19 Oct 2015
Word printed on nametags Newsday 15 Oct 2015
Male will ring and hear this? The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Aug 2015
Echo tester's word New York Times 12 Jul 2015
Common conversation starter USA Today 29 Apr 2015
"What have we here?!" LA Times Daily 31 Jan 2015
Paste-on name-tag word The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Jan 2015
Word on a red-and-white name tag New York Times 06 Jan 2015
Eric Clapton "___ Old Friend"
Cry of surprise
"Is anybody home?" preceder
"You had me at __"
Welcoming word
Word on many nametags
Call opener
What "you had me at," in a classic movie line
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