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Word "HELP" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose
assistant, helper, supporter
they hired additional help to finish the work

Part of Speech:
a means of serving
avail, service
there's no help for it

Part of Speech:
improve the condition of
These pills will help the patient

Crossword Clues for HELP

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Clue Source Date
What a good Samaritan offers New York Times 14 Apr 2021
Lend a hand Eugene Sheffer 13 Apr 2021
Assistance Newsday 24 Feb 2021
A leg up New York Times 21 Feb 2021
Assist The Telegraph Quick 18 Feb 2021
Beatles movie Thomas Joseph 18 Feb 2021
Aid Universal 13 Dec 2020
'We're in trouble!' The Washington Post Sunday 22 Nov 2020
"SOS!" Universal 08 Nov 2020
Assist, aid Irish Times Simplex 02 Oct 2020
Cry of distress Newsday 28 Jun 2020
'SOS!' USA Today 28 May 2020
Record album with explosive opening! The Telegraph Toughie 09 Apr 2020
The Beatles’ second film Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2020
Beatles album with a bang LA Times Daily 23 Feb 2020
The 200th UK No 1 single, in 1965 The Times Specialist Sunday 09 Feb 2020
Pitch in New York Times 27 Nov 2019
Knowing about line in musical film The Telegraph Toughie 30 Oct 2019
Distress call Thomas Joseph 29 Oct 2019
Call to a lifeguard USA Today 22 Oct 2019
1965 Beatles movie USA Today 14 Sep 2019
Succour The Telegraph Quick 01 May 2019
Rightmost option in most menu bars New York Times 19 Apr 2019
The option to cure - will that save someone's bacon? Irish Times Crosaire 06 Apr 2019
Beatles album The Telegraph Quick 26 Mar 2019
Emergency menu The Washington Post 23 Dec 2018
Give clues to Universal 24 Nov 2018
Give assistance to Newsday 29 Oct 2018
Assist in Beatles movie The Sun Two Speed 05 Sep 2018
The Beatles' second movie USA Today 29 Apr 2018
What tech support provides Newsday 15 Apr 2018
Assist by turning some of the people homeward The Sun Two Speed 21 Feb 2018
'Can I get a hand here?!' New York Times 20 Feb 2018
"Can I get a hand here?!"
Toolbar button with a question mark The Washington Post 27 Dec 2017
Give a hand The Washington Post 20 Oct 2017
Beatles film of 1965 Universal 17 Oct 2017
Relief Newsday 22 Jul 2017
Assist someone Family Time 03 Jul 2017
Word hidden ''across'' the five longest answers Newsday 07 May 2017
Beatles song, album or movie New York Times 30 Apr 2017
Beatles' second film The Washington Post 17 Apr 2017
Make oneself useful Universal 13 Jan 2017
Line in trendy Beatles' song The Times Cryptic 19 Dec 2016
Software menu option Newsday 15 Dec 2016
Album with 'Ticket to Ride' Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2016
Assist young dog to get a trim on top The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Sep 2016
Be of assistance Universal 02 Aug 2016
'I need a hand!' The Washington Post 04 Jul 2016
Be a good Samaritan USA Today 27 May 2016
Word menu Wall Street Journal 23 Apr 2016
Beatles movie of 1965 USA Today 10 Apr 2016
Fellow has old recording, one by the Beatles The Times Cryptic 10 Feb 2016
Man with record to give assistance The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2015
Aid, assist The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2015
Album that included 'Ticket to Ride' Wall Street Journal 06 Jul 2015
'Mayday!' Eugene Sheffer 06 Jun 2015
Throw a line to New York Times 20 May 2015
Be of use Newsday 10 May 2015
"S.O.S.!" Universal 24 Apr 2015
Guide The Telegraph Quick 19 Apr 2015
Endangered one's cry Universal 10 Feb 2015
Butler, e.g New York Times 29 Jan 2015
Butler, e.g.
Desperate cry
Beatles album title with an exclamation point
Beatles album that features "Ticket to Ride"
Beatles album that featured "Yesterday"
"I could use a hand here!"
1965 movie starring the Beatles
Servants (with "the")
Give backup
Toolbar feature
Second Beatles movie
Beatles song, album, and movie
"Save me!"
1965 Beatles hit
Software menu for newbies
Maids and butlers, collectively
It included "Ticket to Ride"
Butlers and maids (with "the")
Toolbar offering
Software menu
Software assistance
Menu choice
Menu that includes suggestions
It may be on the way
Fab Four film of 1965
Song with the lyric "I do appreciate you being round"
A hand
Servants, e.g.
Provide assistance
Menu option
Common menu option
Household staff
911 caller's quest
1965 Beatles romp
Album that included "Ticket to Ride"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.