Crossword Clues for HIGHS

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Clue Source Date
Peak temperatures New York Times 14 Sep 2022
Some temperature extremes New York Times 19 Jul 2022
They're never low Universal 10 Jul 2022
Stock-market stats Newsday 18 Jun 2022
Lofty levels The Telegraph Quick 07 Jun 2022
Parts of daily forecasts USA Today 17 Feb 2022
Some daily temps New York Times 04 Nov 2021
Anticyclones The Telegraph Quick 16 Aug 2021
Anticyclones The Times Concise 07 Dec 2020
Weather report word The Washington Post 19 Sep 2020
Weather report word LA Times Daily 19 Sep 2020
Weather forecast figures New York Times 21 Jun 2020
Some Weather Channel extremes Universal 25 Apr 2020
Forecast guesses Wall Street Journal 22 Oct 2019
Euphoric episodes The Telegraph Quick 21 Aug 2019
Euphoric states The Telegraph Quick 29 May 2019
Euphoric states Universal 26 Jan 2019
Euphoric states
Forecast guesses
Periods of intoxication Canadiana 12 Nov 2018
Weather forecast data The Washington Post Sunday 22 Jul 2018
Peak periods Eugene Sheffer 15 May 2018
Weather map or stock market figures USA Today 12 Jan 2018
Weather map or stock market figures
Weather map figures USA Today 25 Nov 2017
Weather Channel listings The Washington Post Sunday 15 Oct 2017
Euphoric states [8][7] New York Times 20 Sep 2017
Partner of lows Universal 24 Aug 2017
States of euphoria The Telegraph Quick 12 Jul 2017
Weathercast numbers Wall Street Journal 28 Jun 2017
Stock market stats Newsday 17 Feb 2017
Periods of euphoria Universal 02 Jan 2017
Partner of lows
Periods of euphoria
Weather map figures
Euphoric states [8][7]
Euphoric moments The Telegraph Quick 27 Jul 2016
Meteorologists enjoy these feelings of elation The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jun 2016
Drugged states producing rushes, it's said The Telegraph Toughie 14 Jan 2016
Good feelings Newsday 19 Dec 2015
Weather map notations Universal 13 Dec 2015
States of elation Universal 09 Dec 2015
Weather systems Newsday 16 Aug 2015
Weather data Thomas Joseph 04 Aug 2015
Good feelings
Weather map notations
States of elation
Weather systems
Opposites of 77-Down
Exchange extremes
Weather Channel data
Weather map notations
Weathercast numbers
Good times
Weather forecast components
Stock-market stats
Weather forecast components
Euphoric feelings
Times up?
Good times
Good times
Weather report stats
Some temperature extremes
Euphoric feelings
Euphoric feelings
Euphoric moments
Weather chart data
Some daily temperatures
Weather map numbers
Moments to savor
Forecast extremes
Moments to savor
Temperature peaks
Systems that are usually fair
Euphoric states, slangily
Systems that are usually fair
Peak periods
Up times
Wall Street figures
States of euphoria
Up states
Mountain-top experiences
Dow figures
Good times
Weather-map areas
Weather map notations
Weather map notations
Euphoric states
Climbers' euphorias?
Stock market figures
Euphoric moments
Euphoric states, slangily
Good weather
Euphoric states
Exchange figures
Weather data
Exhilarating moments
Meteorological areas
Amex-listing info
Top levels
Stock listings
Stock-market listings
Temperature listings
Stock market quotations.
Top levels.
Peaks on the business chart.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.