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Crossword Clues for HINDU

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Clue Source Date
Religious adherent The Sun Two Speed 14 May 2021
Believer from Neath in dungeon The Sun Two Speed 14 May 2021
Many an Indian The Washington Post 24 Apr 2021
Holi celebrant USA Today 08 Mar 2021
Diwali celebrant Wall Street Journal 24 Feb 2021
Worshipper of Shiva Universal 07 Feb 2021
Like most Nepalis Universal 31 Jan 2021
Many a Mumbai resident LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2021
Gita Jayanti celebrator Wall Street Journal 21 Dec 2020
Yoga practitioner in India Newsday 15 Dec 2020
Indian believer The Sun Two Speed 03 Nov 2020
Faith's back at university The Sun Two Speed 03 Nov 2020
Like Holi and Diwali USA Today 14 Oct 2020
Typical Delhian Newsday 05 Jul 2020
Like the Bhagavad Gita USA Today 19 Jun 2020
Worshiper of Shiva or Vishnu Wall Street Journal 15 Jun 2020
Believer from Nineveh in dungeon The Sun Two Speed 09 May 2020
With 38-Down, Brahma and Vishnu, e.g USA Today 05 May 2020
Like Diwali USA Today 19 Apr 2020
Like the goddess Lakshmi Universal 24 Mar 2020
Believer in kama and karma Universal 20 Mar 2020
Typical pious person of India Newsday 02 Mar 2020
Like many yoga practitioners LA Times Daily 12 Feb 2020
Indian faith Thomas Joseph 26 Dec 2019
Believer kept in filth in dungeon The Sun Two Speed 23 Nov 2019
Many an Indian, religiously Universal 10 Nov 2019
Many a worshiper in India Newsday 21 Oct 2019
Brahmanist Eugene Sheffer 23 Sep 2019
Typical worshiper of India Newsday 09 Sep 2019
Believer from Nazareth in dungeon The Sun Two Speed 13 Aug 2019
Krishna worshiper Newsday 11 Apr 2019
Gandhi, religiously Universal 01 Mar 2019
Like a 65 Down The Washington Post Sunday 24 Feb 2019
Indian religion Family Time 14 Jan 2019
Follower of Indian religion The Sun Two Speed 24 Dec 2018
Believer's back at university The Sun Two Speed 24 Dec 2018
One to whom the Ganges is sacred The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Nov 2018
Veda reader The Washington Post 11 Nov 2018
One seeking nirvana USA Today 14 Oct 2018
Gandhi, for one Newsday 28 Sep 2018
Festival of Colors celebrant New York Times 22 Jul 2018
Vishnu worshiper The Washington Post 15 Mar 2018
Typical New Delhi worshiper Newsday 05 Dec 2017
One believes in Ganesh, indubitably The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Nov 2017
Religious believer The Times Concise 19 Sep 2017
Dhoti wearer Premier Sunday 27 Aug 2017
Swami, for instance Newsday 16 Jun 2017
One who believes in karma The Chronicle of Higher Education 26 May 2017
Karma believer Universal 14 May 2017
Like Apu on "The Simpsons" USA Today 01 Feb 2017
Believer in karma Universal 08 Nov 2016
Vishnu worshipper The Washington Post 01 Jul 2016
Typical Delhi resident The Washington Post 07 Jun 2016
Cast member reported for The Worshipper Irish Times Crosaire 01 Jun 2016
Many a Mumbai man LA Times Daily 09 May 2016
Caste member Universal 19 Feb 2016
Typical native of India Newsday 17 Feb 2016
Believer in 20-Across Wall Street Journal 08 Jan 2016
Worshiper of Brahma New York Times 06 Jan 2016
Brahman, for one Eugene Sheffer 04 Dec 2015
Follower of an Indian religion The Telegraph General Knowledge 30 Aug 2015
Person of faith indulged, essentially The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Aug 2015
Many a yogi Premier Sunday 28 Jun 2015
Gandhi, e.g Premier Sunday 03 May 2015
Trimurti venerator Wall Street Journal 30 Mar 2015
Church in Dublin accommodates believer The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jan 2015
Gandhi, e.g.
Many a Delhi denizen
Dharma believer
Like Gandhi
A believer in karma
Like about 30% of 51-Across, belief-wise
__ Kush mountains
Bhagavad-Gita student, likely
One of a billion
Veda devotee
Typical Bali resident
Believer in Vishnu
Believer in sacred cows
Gandhi, e.g., religiously
Bangalore believer, maybe
Swami, for example
Believer in Brahma
George Harrison, for one
Typical Indian
One of over a billion religious adherents
Dharma follower
Shiva worshiper
Caste member of India
Believer in dharma
Like most Delhi denizens
Veda venerator
Mahatma Gandhi, for one
Indian caste member
Like most Delhi residents
___ Kush (Asian mountain range)
Worshiper in a mandira
Like 80% of India's people
Ashram attendee
Studier of the Upanishads
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.