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Word "HOG" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
domestic swine
grunter, pig, squealer, sus scrofa

Part of Speech:
a person regarded as greedy and pig-like

Part of Speech:
a sheep up to the age of one year; one yet to be sheared
hogg, hogget

Crossword Clues for HOG

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Clue Source Date
Greedy one Thomas Joseph 10 Apr 2021
Monopolise The Telegraph Quick 05 Apr 2021
Glutton Eugene Sheffer 27 Feb 2021
Monopolize USA Today 20 Feb 2021
Greedy fellow Thomas Joseph 17 Feb 2021
Go ___-wild New York Times 15 Feb 2021
Harley-Davidson's NYSE symbol LA Times Daily 06 Feb 2021
Harley, in biker slang The Washington Post Sunday 17 Jan 2021
Apt ticker symbol for Harley-Davidson New York Times 27 Nov 2020
Truffle hunter The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jun 2020
Harley, e.g The Washington Post 22 Jun 2020
Animal in a sty Family Time 31 May 2020
A pig, specifically a castrated male domesticated one The Times Specialist Sunday 03 May 2020
Large 23-Across producer Family Time 27 Apr 2020
Selfish sort New York Times 29 Mar 2020
Harley-Davidson's NYSE symbol, fittingly Universal 28 Mar 2020
Large porker Newsday 03 Mar 2020
Blanket ___ (person who steals the covers) USA Today 22 Feb 2020
Refuse to share The Washington Post 12 Dec 2019
Babe, e.g The New Yorker 09 Dec 2019
Curling line? Canadiana 25 Nov 2019
Biker’s bike Wall Street Journal 15 Oct 2019
Here's one glutton for starters The Sun Two Speed 13 Oct 2019
Greedy person (informal) The Sun Two Speed 13 Oct 2019
Take more than one's share of Universal 11 Oct 2019
Harley, to its rider Family Time 08 Sep 2019
Its dream could be pie in the 42-Across? Family Time 02 Sep 2019
Male pig The Times Concise 01 Aug 2019
Greedy sort USA Today 18 Jul 2019
Large pig Newsday 27 May 2019
Gluttonous type New York Times 27 May 2019
Sty resident Thomas Joseph 15 Apr 2019
Big pig Universal 28 Mar 2019
Take most of Universal 24 Mar 2019
Harley Davidson's NYSE symbol The Washington Post 28 Feb 2019
Greedy type Premier Sunday 03 Feb 2019
Take way more than one's share of Universal 07 Jan 2019
Biker's bike
Harley, slangily USA Today 18 Dec 2018
Take more than your share Universal 02 Dec 2018
Pig Premier Sunday 25 Nov 2018
Pen resident The Washington Post Sunday 11 Nov 2018
'Sooey!' responder The Washington Post 02 Nov 2018
"Sooey!" responder LA Times Daily 02 Nov 2018
Domestic swine Irish Times Simplex 17 Oct 2018
Gluttonous sort The Washington Post 10 Oct 2018
Biker's wheels The Washington Post 08 Oct 2018
Ungenerous sort The Washington Post 26 Sep 2018
Swine The Washington Post 09 Sep 2018
Huge pig Family Time 20 Aug 2018
Greedy person The Telegraph Quick 12 May 2018
One not into sharing Universal 26 Jan 2018
Mud bath lover Wall Street Journal 03 Jan 2018
Don't share
Take greedily The Telegraph Quick 16 Dec 2017
Animal in a pigpen Newsday 04 Dec 2017
Take an unfair share of USA Today 30 Sep 2017
Unsharing type Thomas Joseph 25 Aug 2017
Harley, to a biker USA Today 20 Mar 2017
Harley-Davidson bike, in slang New York Times 24 Jan 2017
Harley, e.g.
Fail to share Universal 31 Dec 2016
Take too much of Newsday 24 Nov 2016
Harley, in slang Universal 17 Nov 2016
Massive pig Family Time 25 Sep 2016
Take the lion's share Universal 03 Aug 2016
Thing in pens Newsday 16 Jul 2016
The _____ line Canadiana 06 Jun 2016
Non-sharing sort USA Today 04 Jun 2016
One who won't share Universal 22 Apr 2016
Take all of Newsday 18 Mar 2016
Sharer's opposite Newsday 20 Dec 2015
Take an unfair share USA Today 12 Nov 2015
Boar or swine USA Today 20 Oct 2015
Not share New York Times 28 Sep 2015
Non-sharer New York Times 08 Sep 2015
Certain sow Premier Sunday 12 Jul 2015
ETA's leaving hostage to monopolise the limelight, for example Irish Times Crosaire 04 Jul 2015
Hardly a sharer LA Times Daily 10 Jun 2015
Chopper New York Times 08 May 2015
Be selfish about, in a way LA Times Daily 17 Apr 2015
Arkansas razorback
Road monopolizer
Ramones "Wart ___"
Hank Williams, Jr. "___ Wild"
Sty animal
Selfish one
One who doesn't share
Beast in the first "Wizard of Oz" scene
Keep to oneself
To what slop is served
Big motorcycle, slangily
Punk blues band Boss ___
Jon Spencer's Boss ___
Take the lion's share of
Sty dweller
Slop slurper
Road animal?
Take more than one's share
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.