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Word "HOWL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
emit long loud cries
roar, ululate, wail, yaup, yawl
howl with sorrow

Part of Speech:
make a loud noise, as of wind, water, or vehicles
The wind was howling in the trees

Part of Speech:
cry loudly, as of animals
wrawl, yammer, yowl
The coyotes were howling in the desert

Crossword Clues for HOWL

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Clue Source Date
Cry of bird descending from end of branch The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Apr 2021
Cry of bird beginning to hover above The Telegraph Toughie 24 Mar 2021
Wolf's or dog's cry The Times Concise 09 Mar 2021
Bird on horse: bay? The Telegraph Toughie 12 Jan 2021
Long doleful cry The Times Concise 02 Jan 2021
Sound from a dog USA Today 07 Dec 2020
Coyote's call Newsday 19 Oct 2020
Allen Ginsberg poem Eugene Sheffer 23 Sep 2020
Wolf's cry Universal 11 Sep 2020
Werewolf's wail The Washington Post Sunday 02 Aug 2020
Beat poem allegedly inspired by a peyote vision New York Times 19 Jul 2020
Coyote call Thomas Joseph 14 Jul 2020
Wail like a wolf Universal 04 Apr 2020
Laugh really hard LA Times Daily 04 Feb 2020
React to a siren, dog-style Universal 05 Jan 2020
Imitate a wolf USA Today 22 Dec 2019
Shout The Times Concise 17 Nov 2019
Canine cry Newsday 03 Nov 2019
Bay at the moon Universal 10 Jul 2019
Lupine call The Washington Post 07 Jul 2019
Cry like a coyote Newsday 24 Jun 2019
Cry of pain or laughter USA Today 28 Mar 2019
Wolf call The Washington Post 25 Feb 2019
Roaring wind sound Universal 31 Jan 2019
Long, loud, emotional utterance Irish Times Simplex 26 Nov 2018
Werewolf sound Thomas Joseph 31 Oct 2018
What a wolf will do Family Time 30 Jul 2018
Haunted house sound New York Times 08 Jul 2018
Caterwaul Wall Street Journal 16 May 2018
Coyote cry Newsday 14 Mar 2018
Be wolfish Universal 20 Feb 2018
Wolf sound Universal 17 Oct 2017
Coyote's cry Wall Street Journal 03 Apr 2017
React to a riot Newsday 11 Feb 2017
Emotional cry The Telegraph Quick 28 Oct 2016
Call of the wild LA Times Daily 25 Sep 2016
Bay surrounding Howth's urban sprawl Irish Times Crosaire 15 Sep 2016
Ululate The Washington Post 25 Jul 2016
Cry like a wolf USA Today 06 May 2016
Protest vigorously Newsday 15 Apr 2016
Laugh uproariously USA Today 26 Feb 2016
Wolf's wail Universal 18 Feb 2016
Laugh heartily The Washington Post 08 Feb 2016
Long cry of pain The Telegraph Quick 06 Feb 2016
Wail The Telegraph Quick 16 Dec 2015
Emulate a wolf USA Today 30 Nov 2015
Sound from a wolf Family Time 09 Aug 2015
Plaintive cry USA Today 27 Jun 2015
Loud complaint Newsday 05 Jun 2015
Laugh loudly New York Times 24 Feb 2015
Make like a wolf
Sound in a pound
Lupine cry
Loud laugh
Bay in the woods
Werewolf's cry
Banshee's cry
Wind sound
Laugh hard
Complain loudly
Yuk it up
Wolf wail
Werewolf film sound
Haunted-house sound
Kennel cry
Hearty laugh
React to something hilarious
React to a kneeslapper
Emulate coyotes
Coyote's plaint
Raucous laugh
Laugh out loud
Ginsberg poem
Plaintive sound
Wolf's sound
Allen Ginsberg beat poem
Emulate werewolves
Blow, like a strong wind
Sound of a strong wind
Predatory call
Ginsberg classic
Make a wolf sound
Alan Ginsberg opus
Gale sound
Forest cry
Painful sound
Vigorous protest
Lycanthrope's call
Noted poem of 1956
Controversial poem of 1956
Serenade the moon
Coyote bay
Ginsburg poem
Wilderness song?
Ginsberg work
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.