Crossword Clues for HRS

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Clue Source Date
Day parts: Abbr Universal 29 Jul 2022
Secs., mins., ___ Family Time 04 Jul 2022
A day has 24 (Abbr.) USA Today 31 May 2022
Day divs Eugene Sheffer 28 May 2022
Day fractions (Abbr.) Eugene Sheffer 05 May 2022
Pay stub abbr Newsday 24 Apr 2022
Day divs Wall Street Journal 11 Apr 2022
Time sheet nos Newsday 20 Mar 2022
MLB stats Newsday 20 Feb 2022
Day fractions: Abbr Newsday 19 Jan 2022
The 8,760 in a yr Family Time 02 Jan 2022
Storefront sign abbr Eugene Sheffer 17 Dec 2021
Common storefront info: Abbr Universal 11 Nov 2021
Time card nos Universal 28 Oct 2021
Letters beside CNN countdowns Newsday 16 Oct 2021
A wk. has 168 Wall Street Journal 16 Oct 2021
There are 24 in a day (Abbr.) USA Today 24 Sep 2021
Day divs Eugene Sheffer 18 Sep 2021
Timely abbr. on a timecard Family Time 30 Aug 2021
Pay stub stats Newsday 02 Jul 2021
MLB blasts The Washington Post 27 Jun 2021
MLB blasts LA Times Daily 27 Jun 2021
MLB stat Newsday 27 Jun 2021
PO door posting LA Times Daily 11 Jun 2021
PO door posting The Washington Post 11 Jun 2021
Storefront info: Abbr Universal 02 Jun 2021
60-min. periods Newsday 31 May 2021
The 24 daily, briefly Family Time 26 Apr 2021
The 730 in a typical mo Family Time 25 Apr 2021
Schedule info: Abbr New York Times 24 Apr 2021
Time sheet abbr LA Times Daily 18 Apr 2021
Time sheet abbr The Washington Post 18 Apr 2021
Day fractions (Abbr.) Eugene Sheffer 12 Apr 2021
Sluggers’ stats Wall Street Journal 29 Mar 2021
Store door nos The Washington Post 25 Mar 2021
Store door nos LA Times Daily 25 Mar 2021
They're made of mins New York Times 24 Mar 2021
TV schedule divisions: Abbr Universal 21 Mar 2021
Store door data: Abbr Universal 16 Mar 2021
Divs. of days Premier Sunday 07 Mar 2021
Many, many, many secs Family Time 22 Feb 2021
Day pts Thomas Joseph 18 Feb 2021
Day divs Eugene Sheffer 16 Feb 2021
Day fractions: Abbr Newsday 01 Feb 2021
Pay stub abbr Universal 26 Jan 2021
60-min. periods Premier Sunday 17 Jan 2021
Storefront sign abbr Eugene Sheffer 07 Jan 2021
9 to 5, say: Abbr The Washington Post 11 Dec 2020
9 to 5, say: Abbr LA Times Daily 11 Dec 2020
Time sheet nos Wall Street Journal 03 Dec 2020
A day's 24, briefly Family Time 01 Nov 2020
Timecard entries: Abbr New York Times 31 Oct 2020
Hundreds of mins Family Time 18 Oct 2020
They're made of mins Thomas Joseph 15 Oct 2020
More than mins Family Time 27 Sep 2020
Many mins Universal 15 Aug 2020
Angels' big hits?: Abbr Universal 11 Jun 2020
Store window info: Abbr Premier Sunday 05 Apr 2020
Appt. book blocks The Washington Post 28 Nov 2019
Appt. book blocks LA Times Daily 28 Nov 2019
Two days' 48, briefly Family Time 10 Nov 2019
'48 ___' (1982 film) New York Times 27 Aug 2019
Countdown abbr Newsday 17 Aug 2019
A-Rod's 696 USA Today 02 Aug 2019
Sixty-min. periods Newsday 15 Jul 2019
'48___' (Nick Nolte film) Jonesin 11 Jun 2019
Store posting: Abbr The Washington Post 02 Jun 2019
Store posting: Abbr LA Times Daily 02 Jun 2019
Shop sign nos The Washington Post 03 May 2019
Shop sign nos LA Times Daily 03 May 2019
Timecard abbr New York Times 07 Apr 2019
12 a.m. and 12 p.m Universal 04 Apr 2019
Day's two dozen: Abbr Universal 19 Feb 2019
The 8 from 9 to 5: Abbr The Washington Post Sunday 17 Feb 2019
Time sheet units: Abbr New York Times 10 Feb 2019
60-min. periods LA Times Daily 04 Feb 2019
60-min. periods The Washington Post 04 Feb 2019
MLB scores Universal 07 Jan 2019
Store posting: Abbr.
"Another 48 ___" (1990 Eddie Murphy movie)
Timecard abbr.
A-Rod's 696
Shop sign nos.
MLB scores
Time sheet units: Abbr.
"48 ___" (1982 film)
Day's two dozen: Abbr.
60-min. periods
12 a.m. and 12 p.m.
Freelancers' units: Abbr New York Times 16 Dec 2018
MLB crowd-pleasers Universal 13 Dec 2018
Oct.'s 744 Premier Sunday 02 Dec 2018
Museum posting: Abbr LA Times Daily 25 Nov 2018
Museum posting: Abbr The Washington Post 25 Nov 2018
Billing nos LA Times Daily 22 Nov 2018
Billing nos The Washington Post 22 Nov 2018
Yr.'s 8,760 Wall Street Journal 15 Nov 2018
What many mins. become Universal 05 Nov 2018
IHOP posting Newsday 03 Nov 2018
Day's 24, briefly Universal 06 Oct 2018
Many secs Universal 21 Sep 2018
GrubHub data: Abbr Newsday 15 Sep 2018
Brief time measures Universal 12 Sep 2018
"48 ___" (film) Universal 03 Sep 2018
Murphy film "48 ___" Universal 29 Jul 2018
Time fractions Universal 28 Jul 2018
Store door posting: Abbr New York Times 22 Jul 2018
Way more than secs Universal 18 Jul 2018
12:00 and 1:00: Abbr New York Times 19 Jun 2018
Brief time units? Universal 10 Jun 2018
Day divs LA Times Daily 06 Jun 2018
Day divs The Washington Post 06 Jun 2018
Divs. of 111-Down Premier Sunday 27 May 2018
There are 168 in a wk Wall Street Journal 16 May 2018
2 a.m. and 2 p.m Universal 13 May 2018
Nine and five, in nine-to-five: Abbr The Washington Post 11 Apr 2018
Nine and five, in nine-to-five: Abbr LA Times Daily 11 Apr 2018
What many mins. make Family Time 02 Apr 2018
Time units, ( abbr. ) Canadiana 02 Apr 2018
Yelp info: Abbr Newsday 10 Mar 2018
Short time periods? The Washington Post Sunday 04 Feb 2018
MLB set a season record for them in 2017 LA Times Daily 14 Jan 2018
MLB set a season record for them in 2017 The Washington Post 14 Jan 2018
Day divs Universal 04 Jan 2018
Time fractions
Billing nos.
Way more than secs.
What many mins. become
Murphy film "48 ___"
MLB set a season record for them in 2017
Day divs.
Museum posting: Abbr.
Nine and five, in nine-to-five: Abbr.
Yr.'s 8,760
12:00 and 1:00: Abbr.
Store door posting: Abbr.
"48 ___" (film)
2 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Brief time measures
Brief time units?
Day divs.
Day's 24, briefly
Day divs.
MLB crowd-pleasers
Appt. book blocks
There are 168 in a wk.
Freelancers' units: Abbr.
Many secs.
Office data: Abbr New York Times 20 Dec 2017
"48 ___" (Murphy film) Universal 27 Oct 2017
Some time units, briefly Universal 14 Oct 2017
Day's two doz Wall Street Journal 05 Oct 2017
"48 __" LA Times Daily 29 Sep 2017
'48 __' The Washington Post 29 Sep 2017
Day divs Wall Street Journal 11 Sep 2017
Noted pugilistic family The Chronicle of Higher Education 08 Sep 2017
Billing units: Abbr New York Times 12 Aug 2017
Day pts Universal 13 Jul 2017
Yr.'s 8,765.8 Universal 22 Jun 2017
Base clearers, for short Newsday 16 Jun 2017
Baseball stats Newsday 11 May 2017
Countdown abbr New York Times 23 Mar 2017
Ballpark figs Newsday 17 Mar 2017
There are 8,760 in a typical yr Wall Street Journal 15 Mar 2017
Some pay-stub stats Newsday 12 Mar 2017
Ruth's 714 or a day's 24 Universal 09 Mar 2017
Time open: Abbr Newsday 10 Feb 2017
Four-baggers: Abbr New York Times 09 Jan 2017
Yr.'s 8,765.8
Four-baggers: Abbr.
Countdown abbr.
Billing units: Abbr.
"48 ___" (Murphy film)
Day pts.
Many mins.
Some time units, briefly
"48 __"
Abbr. on a pay stub
Office data: Abbr.
Appt. book slots LA Times Daily 28 Dec 2016
Abbr. for the day's two dozen Universal 25 Dec 2016
Stats for a slugger, briefly Universal 15 Dec 2016
Four-baggers, for short Newsday 04 Dec 2016
Lots of mins The Washington Post 30 Nov 2016
60-min. units Premier Sunday 27 Nov 2016
Marathoner's time units, for short Jonesin 22 Nov 2016
Spans of 60 mins Universal 27 Oct 2016
'48 ___' (1982 action-comedy) Jonesin 25 Oct 2016
Store sign figs USA Today 21 Oct 2016
Info in a Yelp listing: Abbr New York Times 14 Oct 2016
Timecard measure: Abbr New York Times 09 Oct 2016
AT&T Park ''splash hits'' Newsday 20 Aug 2016
Mins. x 60 Universal 20 Aug 2016
9-5, e.g Universal 01 Aug 2016
Some game enders: Abbr LA Times Daily 30 Jul 2016
Shift specification: Abbr New York Times 23 Jul 2016
MLB stats Newsday 30 Jun 2016
Daily two dozen (Abbr.) USA Today 10 May 2016
Pay stub abbr Newsday 24 Mar 2016
Time-card abbr Newsday 03 Mar 2016
Stats for sluggers (Abbr.) Universal 18 Feb 2016
Time-card abbr USA Today 14 Feb 2016
Four-baggers, in MLB Universal 09 Feb 2016
Sluggers' stats (Abbr.) USA Today 28 Jan 2016
MLB's 57-Down USA Today 08 Jan 2016
9 a.m. and 12 p.m.: Abbr New York Times 04 Jan 2016
Four-baggers, in MLB
Time-card abbr.
Store sign figs.
Sluggers' stats (Abbr.)
MLB's 57-Down
Daily two dozen (Abbr.)
Info in a Yelp listing: Abbr.
9 a.m. and 12 p.m.: Abbr.
Appt. book slots
Some game enders: Abbr.
Store door nos.
Shift specification: Abbr.
Timecard measure: Abbr.
Stats for sluggers (Abbr.)
Spans of 60 mins.
Mins. x 60
Abbr. for the day's two dozen
9-5, e.g.
Pts. of days Universal 28 Dec 2015
The two doz. in a day Universal 15 Dec 2015
Info on a store door: Abbr LA Times Daily 01 Dec 2015
Sluggers' stats (Abbr.) Universal 29 Nov 2015
Big hits: Abbr New York Times 05 Nov 2015
Abbr. in a marathon time Universal 25 Oct 2015
Slugger's stat USA Today 13 Oct 2015
Time card abbr Eugene Sheffer 01 Oct 2015
Storefront listing: Abbr New York Times 23 Sep 2015
Store-front sign abbr Eugene Sheffer 16 Sep 2015
Lots of mins Universal 26 Aug 2015
Little League belts: Abbr LA Times Daily 31 Jul 2015
Open times, for short Newsday 18 Jul 2015
Retail posting: Abbr LA Times Daily 12 Jul 2015
Abbr. in a marathon time USA Today 01 Jul 2015
Mins. comprise them Universal 26 Jun 2015
Day pts Eugene Sheffer 18 Jun 2015
168 in a wk Universal 12 Jun 2015
The 168 in a wk Universal 25 May 2015
Day sections (Abbr.) USA Today 07 May 2015
Marathoner's time units (Abbr.) USA Today 06 May 2015
Brief time units Universal 04 May 2015
Summary on a timecard: Abbr LA Times Daily 28 Apr 2015
168 in a wk Premier Sunday 19 Apr 2015
Time pieces (Abbr.) USA Today 05 Apr 2015
Parts of a day (Abbr.) Universal 02 Apr 2015
MLB long balls USA Today 18 Mar 2015
Slugger's stat, for short New York Times 08 Mar 2015
Stats for Stanton, Cruz and Trout USA Today 06 Mar 2015
"48___" (Eddie Murphy flick) USA Today 05 Mar 2015
Storefront-sign abbr Eugene Sheffer 27 Feb 2015
'48 ___' (Eddie Murphy movie) Jonesin 12 Feb 2015
They're often seen on S&L doors Newsday 24 Jan 2015
Fourbaggers, briefly Universal 23 Jan 2015
Store-window posting: Abbr Newsday 18 Jan 2015
Parts of a day (Abbr.)
Mins. comprise them
Lots of mins.
Storefront abbr.
168 in a wk.
Big hits: Abbr.
Slugger's stat, for short
Storefront listing: Abbr.
Fourbaggers, briefly
Brief time units
60-min. periods
Open times, for short
Store-window posting: Abbr.
They're often seen on S&L doors
Abbr. in a marathon time
168 in a wk.
Big shots on a diamond (abbr.)
Pts. of days
Sluggers' stats (Abbr.)
Time card nos.
"48___" (Eddie Murphy flick)
Abbr. in a marathon time
Day sections (Abbr.)
MLB long balls
Marathoner's time units (Abbr.)
Slugger's stat.
Stats for Stanton, Cruz and Trout
Time pieces (Abbr.)
The 168 in a wk.
The two doz. in a day
Little League belts: Abbr.
Info on a store door: Abbr.
Retail posting: Abbr.
Summary on a timecard: Abbr.
Twice-daily dozen (Abbr.)
Timecard stats.
Time-sheet units: Abbr.
Day divs.
Appt. book divisions
Baseball round-trippers: Abbr.
Day's 24: Abbr.
Shop door nos.
They may be game winners: Abbr.
Ballpark dingers: Abbr.
Coll. units
Invoice nos.
Round trips, of a sort: Abbr.
Four-baggers, briefly
Many mins. equal them
Slugger's stat.
Slugger's stats
Time card abbr.
"48 ___" (Eddie Murphy movie)
"48 ___" (Murphy movie)
Nelson Cruz hit 40 in 2014 (Abbr.)
Slugger's stats
Timecard abbr.
Postings on some store doors (abbr.)
Smash hits: Abbr.
MD office posting
Pujols blasts: Abbr.
Wk.'s 168
Day's two doz.
They may fly by: Abbr.
Timecard abbr.
Pujols blasts: Abbr.
Pay stub abbr.
MD office posting
Appt. book rows
60-min. periods
M. Mantle's 536
Appt. book rows
Diamond stat.
Shop window posting: Abbr.
They might be listed below a tel.
Pay-stub stat.
Many mins.
Time divs.
Time pieces: Abbr.
Timecard abbr.
Timecard nos.
Day divs.
"48___" (Nick Nolte movie)
Daily 24 (abbr.)
Shop posting (abbr.)
Mins. add up to them
Timecard abbr.
Mins. and mins.
Time pieces: Abbr.
Time divs.
"48 ___" (1982 action comedy)
Some baseball scores: Abbr.
Timecard data: Abbr.
Store posting, briefly
Twice-daily dozen (Abbr.)
Brief time pieces?
Sluggers stats.
6:00, 7:00, 8:00, etc. (Abbr.)
Grand slams, e.g. (Abbr.)
Nolte-Murphy film "48 ___"
Time sheet abbr.
Meas. of time
Day divs.
Storefront-sign abbr.
Fourbaggers, in MLB
Storefront postings (abbr.)
Ballpark feats (abbr.)
Store posting: Abbr.
Billable units for an atty.
Certain swats, for short
Timecard abbr.
Paycheck abbr.
Mins. and mins.
Shop posting: Abbr.
Timecard abbr.
60-min. periods
First periods in H.S., often
'48--' (Nick Nolte film)
Yr.'s 8,760
Store-door abbr.
60-min. units
Aaron's 755 (Abbr.)
There are 168 in a wk.
Stat for Babe Ruth: Abbr.
Stadium thrillers: Abbr.
DH's often have many
Time measures: Abbr.
Noon and midnight: Abbr.
Abbr. on a store door
86-Down billing units
60-minute periods: Abbr.
Appt.-book lines
Day divs.
"48___" (Eddie Murphy movie)
Murphy film, "48 ___"
They fill up the day, briefly
Abbr. on a store door
Noon and midnight: Abbr.
Retail posting: Abbr.
Time measures: Abbr.
86-Down billing units
Time pieces (abbr.)
Smash hits, briefly
Lots of mins.
Day divisions, briefly
Many mins.
Baseball stat.
Paycheck fig.
Paycheck fig., often
There are 168 in a wk.
"48 ___"
Over-the-wall wallops: Abbr.
Slugger's stat
Store posting, briefly
Slugger's stat: Abbr.
Billable units: Abbr.
9 a.m. to 5 p.m., e.g.
60-min. periods
Store door nos.
Store posting: Abbr.
"48___" (Nick Nolte film)
Mins. and mins.
Nolte/Murphy film "48___"
Slugger's stats (abbr.)
Midnight and noon: Abbr.
Abbr. on a timecard
Time-sheet abbr.
Pts. of a day
Ballpark figs.
Slugger's stat: Abbr.
Many mins.
MLB stat
Timecard figure: Abbr.
Time-card abbr.
9 a.m. to 5 p.m., e.g.
MLB stat
Fractions of a day: Abbr.
Wk. period units
Brief time units in an Eddie Murphy film title
Lots of mins.
Paymaster's count, briefly
They're either a.m. or p.m.
Many mins.
Billing units: Abbr.
Divs. of a day
There are 17,531,640 every bimillennium: Abbr.
Many min.
Mins. and mins.
Units in a coll. curriculum
9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
MLB long balls
Dr.'s posting
Baseball blasts (abbr.)
"Another 48 ___"
Timecard stat.
College credit units: Abbr.
Nos. on a shop door, often
Nos. on a shop door, often
MLB long balls
Dr.'s posting
Crowd-thrilling hits: Abbr.
Slugger's stat.
There are a doz. between midnight and noon
Time-card abbr.
Store's business sched.
There are 168 in a wk.
Day divs.
Doz. between 1100 and 2300
Time-card abbr.
Day divs.
60-min. spans
Lots of mins.
Time sheet abbr.
Prof.'s posting
Day divs.
168 in a wk
Four-baggers: Abbr.
Day fractions: Abbr.
Coll. units
MD's schedule
Dr.'s schedule
Time pieces? (abbr.)
MD's schedule
Dr.'s schedule
Day divs.
Store-sign abbr.
Abbreviation in an Eddie Murphy film title
Appt. book lines
Another 48 ___
There are two doz. in a day
They fill up the day: Abbr.
Box score abbrs.
Base clearers: Abbr.
60-minute units
"48 __"
9:00 and 5:00 (abbr.)
Clock units: abbr.
Long shots: Abbr.
MLB stat
Mins. x 60
Baseball-card stats.
Big hits: Abbr.
Ballpark stats
Day divisions (abbr.)
Mins. add up to them
Leftmost digital watch no.
Base clearers: Abbr.
Box score abbrs.
They fill up the day: Abbr.
Day pts.
Pts. of a day
Daily segs.
Derby blasts, and key to this puzzle's theme
Long shots: Abbr.
Many mins.
There are 720 in Sept.
60-min. multiples
Divs. of time
A.M. dozen
"48 ___" (Eddie Murphy film)
Big hits at Shea (abbr.)
9 - 5, e.g.
MLB statistic
They usually go over the wall: Abbr.
Baseball-card abbr.
Mins. add up to these
Very few people live for a million of these: Abbr.
They usually go over the wall: Abbr.
MLB statistic
6:00, 7:00, 8:00, etc.: Abbr.
Time meas.
Billable bits: abbr.
"48 ___" (Nolte-Murphy film)
Mins. upon mins.
Barry Bonds' clouts, briefly
MLB's greatest hits
Billable bits: Abbr.
110-Across producers
Big hits: Abbr.
Bonds blasts: Abbr.
B. Ruth's 714
Multiple mins.
Bonds blasts: Abbr.
Big hits: Abbr.
110-Across producers
Dr.'s posting
"48 ___" (1982)
"48 ___"
Timecard (abbr.)
Grand slams, e.g.: Abbr.
Stat for Bonds (abbr.)
Time abbr.
Barry Bonds stat
Stats for S. Sosa
Store posting: Abbr.
Academic units: Abbr.
"48___" (Nick Nolte film)
Multiples of mins.
Appt. book lines
Day times, briefly
Time divs.
MLB blasts
Slugger's stats
Appt. book lines
Baseball's greatest hits (abbr.)
Ballpark swats (abbr.)
Appt. book lines
Mins. and mins.
Twice-daily dozen: Abbr.
There are 8,784 in a leap year: Abbr.
Store's business sched.
Dingers: Abbr.
Big hits: Abbr.
Time-card abbr.
Sosa stat
Barry Bonds clouts, briefly
There are 168 in a wk.
Sosa stat.
Time pieces?: Abbr.
"48___." (Murphy/Nolte action flick)
Aaron's 755 (abbr.)
"48 ___"
"Another 48 ___"
60-minute units
Barry Bonds blows, briefly
Marathoner's time units (abbr.)
Meas. of time
MLB stat
Stat for Bonds: Abbr.
Fourbaggers, briefly
A lot of secs.
"Another 48 __"
Many mins.
168 in a wk.
Stat. for Sosa
McGwire stat.
2 doz. per day
Many mins.
Stats for Sosa (abbr.)
Abbreviation in an Eddie Murphy film title
"48 _____" (Nolte flick)
Groups of mins.
"48___" (Eddie Murphy movie)
"48___" (Nolte action pic)
Mark McGwire stat (abbr.)
"48 _____"
Time abbrs.
"48__" (Murphy movie)
Stat for McGwire: Abbr.
Stats for Sosa: Abbr.
Some time: Abbr.
48 ____
Mark McGwire stat: Abbr.
Abbr. in a marathon time
Time sheet meas.
Pts. of a day
"48___" (Murphy/Nolte film)
Time divs.
Sluggers' stats: Abbr.
"48__" (Murphy/Nolte flick)
Divs. of days
Action film "48 ___"
Little time
Divs. of a day
Pts. of days
They're either A.M. or P.M.
Periods: abbr.
Nolte's "48_____"
Time segs.
Nolte's "48 _____"
Sixty-min. periods
Pts. of days
Kin of mins.
Many secs.
Parts of yrs.
"48 ___," 1982 film
Noon and midnight (abbr.)
Time pds.
Hundreds of mins.
A wk. has 168 of these
What mins. become
Kin of secs. and mins.
A wk. has 168
Wage units: Abbr.
Kin of mins. and secs.
Time periods: Abbr.
Relatives of mins.
Time units: Abbr.
After secs. and mins.
Time measures: Abbr.
Parts of days Abbr.
Ruth's output: Abbr.
Aaron clouts: Abbr.
Clock reading: Abbr.
Times: Abbr.
9 to 5: Abbr.
Periods of time: Abbr.
School periods: Ger.
Notation on a time sheet.
Periods: Abbr.
Time spans: Abbr.
Secs., min., ___.
Measures of time: Abbr.
Time abbreviation.
Cuckoo's announcements: Abbr.
Class sessions: Abbr.
Divisions of time: Abbr.
Freelancer's inv. figs.
Little time?
Long-distance runner's training stats.
Moonshots: Abbr.
Time abbr.
Time card abbr.
Time sheet divs.
Time sheet meas.
Timecard divs.
Triple Crown stat.
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