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Crossword Clues for IAGREE

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Clue Source Date
Oral concurrence Newsday 10 Apr 2021
"You have my support!" Eugene Sheffer 12 Jan 2021
"My thoughts exactly" Universal 24 Dec 2020
“Ditto” Wall Street Journal 16 Dec 2020
''Okay with me!'' Newsday 14 Dec 2020
'Amen to that!' New York Times 26 Oct 2020
'We're on the same page' USA Today 21 May 2020
"My sentiments exactly" Universal 17 Apr 2020
''Me too'' Newsday 22 Mar 2020
'You got that right!' Premier Sunday 16 Feb 2020
''Sounds good'' Newsday 07 Jul 2019
'What she said' New York Times 05 May 2019
"We're on the same page!" Universal 29 Mar 2019
'No argument from me' The Washington Post Sunday 06 Jan 2019
"What she said"
'Amen to that' New York Times 05 Aug 2018
'You convinced me' The Washington Post 18 Jun 2018
"You convinced me" LA Times Daily 18 Jun 2018
'My thoughts exactly' Thomas Joseph 29 May 2018
"Amen to that"
'Ditto!' Jonesin 08 Aug 2017
Seconder's opinion The Washington Post 13 Feb 2017
'Same with me' New York Times 05 Feb 2017
"Same with me"
'You couldn't be more right' The Washington Post 03 Nov 2016
"Amen!" USA Today 17 May 2016
'Hear, hear!' New York Times 21 Apr 2016
'My thoughts entirely' Thomas Joseph 30 Mar 2016
''Fine by me!'' Newsday 20 Mar 2016
'Hollywood Squares' contestant response The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Oct 2015
'Hear! Hear!' New York Times 04 May 2015
''Yes indeed!'' Newsday 14 Apr 2015
''You're right!'' Newsday 22 Mar 2015
"Hear! Hear!"
"You're right!"
"Yes indeed!"
"Hollywood Squares" contestant response
Nod's meaning, maybe
"So true"
"You can say that again"
"Okay by me"
"No argument from me"
"Hear, hear!"
"Ditto from me"
"You got that right!"
"No argument here"
"Sounds good"
"Same here"
"Okay with me!"
"Sounds good to me"
Yes-man's response
"Hear! Hear!"
"Amen to that!"
Words of concurrence
"That's my opinion, too"
"That's also my thought"
Words of assent
Words of consent
'How true!'
Pro's remark
"How true"
"No argument from me!"
"Me too!"
"That's so true"
"You have my support"
"Sounds reasonable to me!"
"You've got my support"
"You said it!"
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