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Crossword Clues for IDEM

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Clue Source Date
... the same as found in the middle of 'Plague' The Telegraph Toughie 10 Dec 2020
Word in a footnote Family Time 09 Nov 2020
Returning student doctor not entirely the same The Telegraph Toughie 09 Oct 2020
'As above,' in citations Premier Sunday 19 Jan 2020
The same as just mentioned, to old Romans Irish Times Simplex 25 Oct 2019
The same, in legal citations New York Times 18 Oct 2019
Same as before, in footnotes Family Time 23 Sep 2019
The same, in footnotes Universal 20 Aug 2019
"Same as before," in footnotes Family Time 24 Mar 2019
'As above,' in a footnote Premier Sunday 10 Mar 2019
Ditto, in footnotes The New Yorker 08 Oct 2018
"Same," in old Rome Universal 03 Oct 2018
Bibliographic note Universal 29 Aug 2018
Same as mentioned Universal 25 Aug 2018
Footnote word Universal 13 May 2018
Footnotes' "the same" Universal 19 Mar 2018
Same, in footnotes Universal 04 Mar 2018
Footnote notation The Washington Post 24 Feb 2018
Citation word Universal 08 Feb 2018
Likewise, in a footnote Universal 01 Dec 2017
The same, to Nero Universal 18 Oct 2017
Latin word in a footnote New York Times 15 Sep 2017
"The same as mentioned," in footnotes Universal 14 Jun 2017
Footnote term The Washington Post 08 Jun 2017
As previously mentioned, in footnotes Universal 05 Oct 2016
As above, in citations New York Times 21 Jul 2016
Average cut in half about the same The Telegraph Toughie 13 May 2016
As above, in a footnote LA Times Daily 21 Apr 2016
As previously given Universal 30 Jan 2016
Same as above, in footnotes The Washington Post 15 Nov 2015
"Ditto," in footnotes USA Today 11 Nov 2015
"The same as previously mentioned" Universal 06 Nov 2015
The same, in a bibliography Eugene Sheffer 10 Jun 2015
Bibliography note LA Times Daily 16 May 2015
The same, to Caesar New York Times 04 Apr 2015
Bibliography word Eugene Sheffer 21 Feb 2015
As above, in footnotes LA Times Daily 08 Feb 2015
The same as before USA Today 06 Feb 2015
The same, in bibliographies Eugene Sheffer 22 Jan 2015
Latin word in legal briefs
More of the same, in research papers
As previously mentioned, in bibliographies
The same as before, in footnotes
Footnoter's "same"
Footnote abbr.
Abbr. seen in Bartlett's
Latin word in a quotation book
The same
Same as previously mentioned
"Same as above," in bibliographies
Same as before
Repeat reference
Research paper word
Latin "ditto"
The same article or book
Alter ___ (second self)
The same: Lat.
As mentioned
Alter ___ (another exactly the same)
The same as before, in papers
Footnote pronoun
The same, to Seneca
Part of i.e.
As above
Same: L.
As previously mentioned
Same as previously given, in footnotes
As mentioned before
The same to footnoters
The same as above
Alter ___ (exact duplicate)
Bibliography word meaning "the same as previously mentioned"
Same to Caesar
Same as before: in footnotes
Likewise in a footnote
Latin ditto
It's the same to a Roman
Common footnote
Same, to Seneca
Manuscript word
Bibliographer's "same"
The same, to Severus
Footnote note
Same, to Sulla
Ditto, to Cato
Relative of ditto
Previous reference indicator
Bibliography entry
Same, to Ovid
Same, in marginal notes
Same: Lat.
Literary footnote
Bibliography notation
Ditto: Lat.
Same: Lat. abbr.
The same.
Something previously mentioned.
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