Word "IDIOCY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
extreme mental retardation

Crossword Clues for IDIOCY

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Clue Source Date
One in party gets very cold outside - what foolishness! (6)
I had joined Olympics group. Why? Foolishness (6)
Dead Greek priestess in bitter madness (6) Puzzler Cryptic 11 Mar 2024
Foolish behaviour Mirror Tea Time 30 Jan 2024
Extreme foolishness The Times Concise 23 Jan 2024
Old city evacuated after old dictator's foolishness (6)
Brainless behavior Wall Street Journal 23 Dec 2023
Foolishness Family Time 05 Jun 2023
Folly Wall Street Journal 27 May 2023
Foolishness The Telegraph Quick 10 May 2023
Stupid behaviour The Guardian Quick 15 Apr 2023
Craziness The Guardian Quick 06 Apr 2023
Madness Eugene Sheffer 23 May 2022
Foolishness The Times Concise 13 Apr 2022
Foolhardiness The Guardian Quick 22 Mar 2022
Foolish action or behaviour Irish Times Simplex 03 Feb 2022
I had contracted cold when accepting Oscar for Dumb & Dumber feature
Madness Eugene Sheffer 03 Dec 2021
It's unfriendly outside front door at Number 10? It doesn't take a genius to come up with that! Irish Times Crosaire 18 Nov 2021
Inane behavior Thomas Joseph 03 Nov 2021
Senselessness The Guardian Quick 01 Nov 2021
No term for mediocrity or stupidity? Irish Times Crosaire 16 Oct 2021
Foolish action or behaviour Irish Times Simplex 28 Sep 2021
No term for mediocrity or stupidity? Irish Times Crosaire 01 Jul 2021
Abject stupidity The Guardian Speedy 13 Jun 2021
Stupidity of bridal vow to cherish one clearly gutless
Foolishness The Times Concise 27 Oct 2020
Stupidity of ten caught in awful DIY
Foolish action or behaviour Irish Times Simplex 17 Sep 2020
Folly The Times Concise 05 Jul 2020
I do shiver in very cold folly
No term for mediocrity of stupidity Irish Times Crosaire 20 Feb 2020
Silliness The Times Concise 16 Feb 2020
Nearly fool heartless Bellow by acting stupid Irish Times Crosaire 13 Feb 2020
I would love to interrupt hostile folly
Folly The Telegraph Quick 07 Nov 2019
Foolish behaviour The Telegraph General Knowledge 13 Oct 2019
Showing signs of folly from endless dope and drug? Yes! Irish Times Crosaire 01 Oct 2019
Rant isn't in dictionary - how stupid is that? Irish Times Crosaire 20 Sep 2019
Stupidity The Times Concise 09 Sep 2019
Supreme folly Newsday 11 Aug 2019
Stupidity The Telegraph Quick 25 Jul 2019
Inane behavior Thomas Joseph 12 Jun 2019
Independent princess coy about stupidity The Telegraph Toughie 16 Jan 2019
Stupidity Universal 15 Jan 2019
Folly LA Times Daily 07 Sep 2018
Folly The Washington Post 07 Sep 2018
Dolt's display The Washington Post Sunday 13 May 2018
One officer occupying self- assembly folly
Brainless behavior Wall Street Journal 21 Apr 2018
Brainless behavior
Very stupid behaviour The Times Concise 19 Dec 2017
Dunce's display The Washington Post Sunday 19 Nov 2017
Silliness, freezing outside studio? Not half
Frozen walls start to damage one old folly
Foolishness The Telegraph Quick 25 Apr 2017
Madness Eugene Sheffer 22 Apr 2017
Folly The Guardian Quick 25 Feb 2017
Island taking a chance about oxygen? It's folly The Times Cryptic 13 Feb 2017
Utter stupidity Family Time 18 Dec 2016
It is stupidity for princess to wear nothing as it is cold outside
Rant isn't in dictionary - how stupid is that! Irish Times Crosaire 27 Jul 2016
The presidio cynically admits stupidity
Sheer folly Premier Sunday 12 Jun 2016
Sheer folly USA Today 30 May 2016
Stupid behavior USA Today 09 Apr 2016
Extreme foolishness USA Today 24 Feb 2016
Opposite of sheer genius Family Time 21 Feb 2016
Numbskull's trait Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2016
Sheer folly
Stupid act The Telegraph Quick 07 Nov 2015
Foolishness of one trapped by 'I Do' — extremely crazy
Moron cut short ponytail after college - it was driving him mad! Irish Times Crosaire 14 Aug 2015
Madness of papers linking home of British prime minister with motorcyclist at centre Irish Times Crosaire 31 Jul 2015
I regularly overlook porch during home improvements, showing stupidity
Extreme folly Premier Sunday 08 Mar 2015
I had nothing invested in very unfriendly and stupid behaviour The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Mar 2015
Senselessness New York Times 03 Jan 2015
Extreme folly
Old Conservative engaged in independent activity at home? That's folly
Inane behavior
Opposite of sheer genius
Total stupidness
Three Stooges display
Opposite of brilliance
Opposite of sheer genius
Stooge-like thinking
Numskull's trait
Mindless behavior
Stupid stuff
Total nonsense
Three Stooges specialty
It doesn't make sense
Foolish behavior
Mindless behavior
Extreme foolishness
Opposite of sheer genius
Opposite of sheer genius
Utter stupidity
Extreme folly
Addlepated thinking
Utter stupidity
Senseless behavior
Numskull's trait
Stupid behavior
Foolish act
Senseless behavior
Senseless folly.
It makes no sense
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