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Crossword Clues for ILLBE

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Clue Source Date
'Who'da thunk it?!' New York Times 09 Dec 2020
''Well, __ darned!'' Newsday 23 Nov 2020
"Fancy that!" Universal 17 Nov 2020
'Goodness me!' New York Times 14 Oct 2020
'Well ___!' ('Fancy that!') Jonesin 21 Jul 2020
"How about that!" Universal 28 Jun 2020
'Wouldja look at that!' New York Times 27 May 2020
Post-revelation exclamation Newsday 06 Mar 2020
'You don't say!' New York Times 05 Dec 2019
"You don't say!"
'Well, isn't that something!' New York Times 14 Jan 2019
"Well, isn't that something!"
'Good golly!' Wall Street Journal 06 Dec 2018
''That's amazing!'' Newsday 16 Nov 2018
'Gee!' The Washington Post 24 Apr 2018
"Gee!" LA Times Daily 24 Apr 2018
'Imagine that!' Wall Street Journal 17 Mar 2018
'___ right back!' Jonesin 13 Feb 2018
'Well well!' Premier Sunday 11 Feb 2018
"Good golly!"
'Well, how about that!' Wall Street Journal 30 Dec 2017
''__ seeing you!'' (''So long!'') Newsday 25 Dec 2017
'How about that!' New York Times 20 Sep 2017
'Who'da thunk it!' The Chronicle of Higher Education 12 May 2017
'Goodness!' Eugene Sheffer 01 Mar 2017
'Will ya look at that!' New York Times 15 Jan 2017
''How about that!'' Newsday 06 Jan 2017
"Will ya look at that!"
"Who'da thunk it!"
'You don't say' The Washington Post 15 Dec 2016
''__ seeing you!'' Newsday 08 Nov 2016
"___ darned!" USA Today 26 Oct 2016
''Color me surprised'' Newsday 07 Jul 2016
'Well, ___!' New York Times 11 Aug 2015
"Well, ___!"
"Well, dog my cats"
"That's impressive!"
"My word!"
"If that don't beat all!"
"__ honest ..."
"Whattaya know ..."
"Well ___!" ("Fancy that!")
'-- Home for Christmas'
Expression of amazement
Common exclamation after "Well"
"That's amazing!"
"Can you beat that?!"
Exclamation after a revelation
Amazed one's comment
"Who'd've thought?!"
"Imagine that!"
"Well, don't that beat all!"
"Son of a gun!"
"Man alive!"
"___ There" (Jackson 5 hit)
'-- darned!'
"Would ya look at that!"
'-- right back'
Words before there or back
"Well, ___ darned!"
'Well, -- darned!'
"Well, __!"
"__ darned!"
"Hot diggity dog!"
"__ a monkey's uncle!"
Words before there and back
Reply of surprise
Darned introduction?
"Can you believe that!"
"Would you look at that!"
Words before "a monkey's uncle"
"__ Seeing You"
"___ Doggone" (Marvin Gaye hit)
"Would you look at that?!"
"__ seeing you"
Words before a monkey's uncle
Well follower
Words before a monkey's uncle?
With 44 Across, Liberace's "ta ta" theme
"___ damned!"
"___ a monkey's uncle!"
"Well _____!" ("Mercy!")
"___ Doggone": Marvin Gaye hit
Words after "Well"
"___ Seeing You," 1938 song
"___ Seeing You"
"Who knew?"
"Consider me surprised!"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.