Word "IMAGINE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
form a mental image of something that is not present or that is not the case
conceive of, envisage, ideate

Part of Speech:
expect, believe, or suppose
guess, opine, reckon, suppose, think
I imagine she earned a lot of money with her new novel

Crossword Clues for IMAGINE

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Clue Source Date
Envisage The Telegraph Quick 21 Mar 2023
One magazine that is including new picture The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Feb 2023
"Just think of the possibilities!" Universal 17 Dec 2022
Conceive — 1971 Lennon hit The Guardian Quick 22 Oct 2022
Picture New York Times 22 Sep 2022
Conceive The Telegraph Quick 21 Sep 2022
Picture -- take it The Telegraph Toughie 30 Aug 2022
Envisage The Telegraph Quick 12 Jul 2022
Picture that's about mother and her ruin?
Envisage The Telegraph Quick 05 Jul 2022
Mentally picture The Guardian Speedy 05 Jun 2022
With 60-Across, pop rock band behind "Radioactive" ... or what you might do after discovering this puzzle's theme Universal 20 May 2022
Suppose The Telegraph Quick 12 May 2022
John Lennon song The Telegraph Quick 01 May 2022
Fancy old lady opening one spirit with energy
Title song of John Lennon’s second solo album The Times Specialist Sunday 06 Mar 2022
Think up Universal 16 Nov 2021
Conceive The Telegraph Quick 11 Nov 2021
Visualise The Guardian Speedy 31 Oct 2021
Fancy setters consume a drink
'Just think!' The Washington Post 21 Oct 2021
"Just think!" LA Times Daily 21 Oct 2021
Picture mentally The Telegraph Quick 17 Oct 2021
Picture of one lot of wise guys with two Poles Irish Times Crosaire 09 Oct 2021
50-year-old record that is sealing mother with her ruin? The Telegraph Toughie 26 Aug 2021
Picture the writer's opposed to, enormously at first
Picture old song The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jun 2021
A strong drink imbibed by Everyman, twice: fancy that!
Picture Moo repeatedly swigging a drink
See international enigma unfolded The Sun Two Speed 28 Apr 2021
Suppose The Sun Two Speed 28 Apr 2021
Visualise picture frames at home
Believe to be so The Times Concise 26 Mar 2021
See one US soldier covered in hair The Sun Two Speed 23 Mar 2021
Visualise The Sun Two Speed 23 Mar 2021
A strong drink imbibed by Everyman, twice: fancy that!
Fancy one finding silver in quarry
BBC television arts strand 2003 - present The Guardian Weekend 06 Mar 2021
Visualise The Telegraph Quick 21 Feb 2021
Visualise one in game taken out The Sun Two Speed 17 Feb 2021
Dream of The Telegraph Quick 03 Feb 2021
John Lennon song Thomas Joseph 02 Jan 2021
Think I'm not in favour of energy
Conceive; suppose The Times Concise 27 Nov 2020
See one enigma resolved The Sun Two Speed 28 Oct 2020
Envisage instruments originally employed in Enigma variation
'Just think . . .' USA Today 21 Sep 2020
Envisage The Telegraph Quick 17 Sep 2020
Envision Universal 03 Sep 2020
See one enigma resolved
Think pigmies occasionally must conceal a trap The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Aug 2020
Envisage one in game fouled The Sun Two Speed 08 Aug 2020
Think of a number in the seventies
Dream up Universal 12 Jul 2020
Think of emailing about student dropping out
Fancy goods initially imported by island state The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jun 2020
Conceive of silver being found in excavation on island
One publication that is covering new hit record
Envisage terrible migraine, without source of remedy
Picture current silver where it's found
See one US soldier covered in hair The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Apr 2020
Independent state acquires grand picture
Suppose I'm a spirit devotee ultimately The Sun Two Speed 29 Feb 2020
Assume one quarry contains silver The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Feb 2020
Suppose Tees is opposed to Leave ultimately
Fancy Newsday 28 Dec 2019
Assume setter's getting something to drink in A&E
Conceive The Telegraph Quick 28 Nov 2019
Pretend I will get publication in English The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Nov 2019
Envisage Irish Times Simplex 23 Nov 2019
I, enigma (anag.) The Telegraph Quick 26 Oct 2019
Dream home in picture
Visualise Lennon's masterpiece? The Sun Two Speed 21 Sep 2019
Number one drink in West?
Envisage one fouled in game The Sun Two Speed 09 Aug 2019
See a picture of victim a GI neutralised in cover-up The Telegraph Toughie 08 Aug 2019
Picture in one publication with extreme characters being carted off
Dream of golf in island state of the USA The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Aug 2019
Dream of one US soldier cutting hair The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jul 2019
"Just think ... " LA Times Daily 12 May 2019
'Just think ... ' The Washington Post 12 May 2019
Picture The Telegraph Quick 30 Apr 2019
Suppose I'm a gin enthusiast primarily
Fancy one drink in West, say? The Sun Two Speed 12 Apr 2019
Best-selling song of John Lennon's solo career The Times Specialist Sunday 24 Mar 2019
Fancy silver collected by one working underground The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Feb 2019
Envision LA Times Daily 26 Jan 2019
Envision The Washington Post 26 Jan 2019
Fancy silver found in one mine The Sun Two Speed 08 Jan 2019
"Just think ... "
Picture Lennon's song of peace The Sun Two Speed 01 Jan 2019
John Lennon song
A Gemini freaking out with what's at the end of 1 across Irish Times Crosaire 29 Dec 2018
One Enigma: accidental Lennon hit The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2018
Dream up The Telegraph Quick 21 Nov 2018
Picture LA Times Daily 08 Nov 2018
Picture The Washington Post 08 Nov 2018
Think of a Gemini freaking out Irish Times Crosaire 27 Oct 2018
Pretend the writer's a machine with energy The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Oct 2018
Picture Lennon classic The Sun Two Speed 08 Oct 2018
Old number picture
Pretend one's cool, entering declining years
Dream of silver in island excavation
Just think: I resolved enigma! The Sun Two Speed 25 Aug 2018
Think! One periodical's in last stage
. Picture wise men following one nincompoop basically having drugs
Fancy a drink with Vulcan about after 1?
Fancy independent accessory for gun emptied
Number one drink in West
Think! I remove A-Z from the journal!
Fancy song from Lennon The Sun Two Speed 11 May 2018
Fancy publication popular in Italy and Spain
Picture of island men following star once viewed regularly The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Apr 2018
The setter's opposed to European judge The Telegraph Toughie 04 Apr 2018
Conceive of Premier Sunday 25 Mar 2018
Suppose The Times Concise 13 Mar 2018
"Just picture it!" USA Today 16 Feb 2018
Suppose this person gets hair cut by American soldier The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Feb 2018
Form a mental image of The Times Concise 10 Jan 2018
"Just picture it!"
Picture of wise men visiting home with frankincense, finally
Visualize Premier Sunday 01 Oct 2017
Picture international soldier in shock
Suppose The Telegraph Quick 28 Sep 2017
Suppose; conceive The Times Concise 25 Sep 2017
John Lennon’s best-selling single as a solo artist The Times Specialist Sunday 17 Sep 2017
Lennon song Thomas Joseph 28 Jul 2017
Think this person should join game played outside at home The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jul 2017
Lennon classic covered by Pentatonix LA Times Daily 02 Jul 2017
Lennon classic covered by Pentatonix The Washington Post 02 Jul 2017
Guess it's OK to bring in wise men, no force to be used
'Just think!' The Washington Post 17 May 2017
"Just think!" LA Times Daily 17 May 2017
Assume I'm having a drink with drug
Fancy a Lennon song
Fancy taking out a Gemini The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Apr 2017
Conceive of silver being discovered in one excavation The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Feb 2017
Picture that is, around edge, not right
Ex-Beatle's record that is capturing return of morning spirit The Telegraph Toughie 24 Feb 2017
Fancy a mother getting fashionable in a period
Fancy The Telegraph Quick 27 Jan 2017
. Fancy enigma concocted by setter
"Just think!"
Lennon classic covered by Pentatonix
Picture that is, around edge, not right
Silver in one place of gold -- just fancy The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Oct 2016
One enigma, terribly fancy
Assume the speaker opposes ending of debate The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Apr 2016
Fancy silver in one place of gold, perhaps The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Apr 2016
Suspect a trap after I'm on Ecstasy The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Mar 2016
Enigma, I? (anag) The Guardian Speedy 10 Jan 2016
Assume current puzzle is rejected following month's late delivery The Telegraph Toughie 16 Dec 2015
Conjecture in East about 'Wise Men' The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Dec 2015
"Think of it!" Family Time 30 Nov 2015
Think of a Byzantine enigma
Think up The Times Concise 16 Nov 2015
Judge from one American state impounding 1000 dollars The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Oct 2015
Island source of silver holds silver -- fancy! The Telegraph Toughie 12 Aug 2015
Picture to hold in fancy The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jul 2015
Fancy a drink, with one compiler getting round?
See the writer's Swift changing name for Lilliput's leader The Times Cryptic 03 Jul 2015
Fantasize about silver buried in one mine
Dream up Thomas Joseph 26 May 2015
Devise international colour supplement in Spain The Telegraph Toughie 30 Apr 2015
With 38-Across, band with the hit "Radioactive," and a hint to the ends of the answers to starred clues LA Times Daily 23 Apr 2015
Silver found during one excavation? Fancy!
Picture of the first person with means of producing cotton in West The Telegraph Toughie 08 Jan 2015
With 38-Across, band with the hit "Radioactive," and a hint to the ends of the answers to starred clues
Fancy being single in early 70s
Fancy a drink, with one compiler coming round
Peace song‘s fancy picture
See writer's Swift having name for Lilliput's leader
Lennon song with the lyric "You may say I'm a dreamer ..."
1971 hit with the lyric "You may say I'm a dreamer"
Pretend ... and #3 on the list
Picture in one's mind
Dream up
John Lennon's biggest solo hit
Independent supplement dropping extreme characters for picture
#1 hit by a 30-Across member
Rolling Stone called it the third greatest song of all time
#1 hit by a 30-Across member
Believe wise men visited home going towards the Orient
#3 on Rolling Stone's list of "500 Greatest Songs of All Time"
John Lennon song with the refrain "You may say I'm a dreamer ..."
John Lennon signature song
Lennon classic
1970s peace anthem
"___ that!"
First song on a John Lennon album of the same name
Use the mind's eye
John Lennon classic
Lennon classic
Think of
"Just think"
Think of
John Lennon classic
Lennon classic
"Just think!"
Lennon tune
Dream up
Album with the song "Oh Yoko!"
Think of
Think up
Ron Howard's production company
Lennon tune of '71
John Lennon song
Lennon song
John Lennon hit of 1971
Think up
"Think of it!"
1971 John Lennon song
Dream up
John Lennon hit song
Fancy home featured in snap?
Use the mind's eye
Use the mind's eye
John Lennon song
Lennon classic
Picture in the mind
Draw a mental picture
Conjure up.
Think of it!
Just think!
Guess: Colloq.
Form an idea of.
Create something from nothing?
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