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Crossword Clues for IMIN

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Clue Source Date
'Sign me up!' USA Today 02 Apr 2021
"Sounds like a plan!" Universal 27 Mar 2021
'Sounds good!' USA Today 15 Feb 2021
'Me? Definitely going' USA Today 13 Feb 2021
'Let's do it!' USA Today 14 Jan 2021
Poker player's words The Washington Post Sunday 27 Dec 2020
'Count on me to show up!' USA Today 20 Nov 2020
'Sure, let's do it!' USA Today 12 Nov 2020
Poker player's declaration Universal 01 Nov 2020
''Sign me up!'' Newsday 21 Oct 2020
“Deal me a hand” Wall Street Journal 16 Sep 2020
'Let's do this!' New York Times 30 Aug 2020
'Fold' opposite New York Times 27 Aug 2020
"Sign me up!" Universal 20 Aug 2020
'Sign me up' New York Times 19 Aug 2020
Cry from a successful hacker New York Times 24 Jul 2020
''They accepted me!'' Newsday 25 Jun 2020
"Deal me a hand" Universal 13 Jun 2020
Call signal? The Washington Post Sunday 03 May 2020
"You can count on me!" Universal 16 Apr 2020
"Let's do it!" LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2020
"Sure, put me down for it" Premier Sunday 05 Apr 2020
'Count on me!' The Washington Post 21 Mar 2020
"Count on me!" LA Times Daily 21 Mar 2020
'Me? Definitely up for it!' USA Today 17 Mar 2020
Hacker's cry Universal 04 Mar 2020
'Let's do it' Eugene Sheffer 24 Feb 2020
'Yes, sign me up' Premier Sunday 16 Feb 2020
'Deal!' Jonesin 24 Dec 2019
''Let's do that!'' Newsday 19 Dec 2019
Comment while anteing up Wall Street Journal 18 Nov 2019
Volunteer's phrase New York Times 20 Oct 2019
Anteing words Universal 26 Sep 2019
“Deal me a hand!” Wall Street Journal 10 Sep 2019
'Deal me a hand' The Washington Post 26 Aug 2019
Opposite of 'Too rich for my blood' New York Times 25 Aug 2019
'Sounds good to me!' New York Times 09 Jun 2019
Words with an ante USA Today 02 Jun 2019
''You can count on me!'' Newsday 22 May 2019
Hacker's cry of success USA Today 13 May 2019
Opposite of ''Count me out!'' Newsday 18 Feb 2019
Words while calling a bet The Washington Post 21 Jan 2019
''It's a deal!'' Newsday 17 Jan 2019
"Deal me a hand!"
Opposite of "Too rich for my blood"
"Sounds good to me!"
'Sounds like a plan!' The Washington Post Sunday 09 Dec 2018
Hacker's triumphant cry USA Today 25 Nov 2018
Declaration made while anteing up New York Times 07 Nov 2018
Successful hacker's declaration New York Times 19 Oct 2018
'You can count on me' New York Times 15 Oct 2018
'Let's do this thing!' New York Times 20 Sep 2018
Conspirator's agreement New York Times 09 Aug 2018
'You can count on me!' The Washington Post 26 Feb 2018
'Sounds like fun to me!' The Washington Post 21 Jan 2018
"Sounds like fun to me!" LA Times Daily 21 Jan 2018
''Count on me!'' Newsday 05 Jan 2018
"You can count on me"
"Let's do this thing!"
'Sure, sign me up!' New York Times 23 Jul 2017
''Sounds good to me!'' Newsday 21 Jul 2017
Declaration after looking at one's cards New York Times 13 May 2017
Opposite of 'Too rich for me' New York Times 28 Apr 2017
Poker declaration New York Times 20 Apr 2017
Poker night declaration Wall Street Journal 30 Mar 2017
'Sounds like fun!' Wall Street Journal 20 Jan 2017
Opposite of "Too rich for me"
"Sure, sign me up!"
Cry at the start of a poker game New York Times 27 Dec 2016
Poker player's phrase The Washington Post 05 Dec 2016
Words while anteing LA Times Daily 07 Nov 2016
'That plan sounds good to me!' The Washington Post 11 Jul 2016
Poker announcement New York Times 22 Jun 2016
Opposite of ''Fold'' Newsday 08 Jan 2016
"Let's go!" LA Times Daily 19 Dec 2015
Robert Plant "___ the mood for a melody"
"The Trouble ___" Gavin Rossdale
"The State ___" Glenn Hughes
"Jackie Wilson Said (___ Heaven When You Smile)"
Gambler's declaration
Successful hacker's announcement
Words from a nonfolder
What a folder wouldn't say
Keith Urban song that goes along?
Hall & Oates "___ pieces over you"
Comment to a card dealer
"Sure, put me down for that"
Words with a poker ante
Poker bet-matching phrase
"Me too!"
Words you won't get out of a folder
Words that don't come from a folder?
New backer's words
Words of participation
"The Shape ___"
Gang member's "O.K." before a job
Opposite of "Fold"
"Sounds good to me"
"Here are my chips"
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