Crossword Clues for INCAN

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Clue Source Date
Like something preserved from old Peru?
Peruvian in prison (5)
Like the ruins at Sacsayhuaman
Relating to ancient people being locked up (5)
Like many Peruvian artifacts
Of an empire
Like Machu Picchu USA Today 06 Mar 2024
Like some Peruvian ruins LA Times Daily 25 Feb 2024
Contemporary preserver of language (5)
Contemporary preserver of language The Telegraph Toughie 16 Feb 2024
Like some Native Americans jailed over there? (5)
Like some Native Americans jailed over there? The Telegraph Toughie 14 Feb 2024
Like ancient Peruvians Universal 27 Jan 2024
Quechua speaker LA Times Daily 24 Dec 2023
Like some Peruvian tourist sites
From an ancient Peruvian empire The Guardian Quick 13 Nov 2023
Pizarro opponent Newsday 13 Oct 2023
Like some ancient Peruvian pottery LA Times Daily 06 Oct 2023
Ancient Peruvian Wall Street Journal 20 Sep 2023
Like many Peruvian ruins USA Today 13 Sep 2023
Of an ancient Andean empire The Telegraph Quick 08 Sep 2023
Peruvian ancestor Newsday 04 Aug 2023
From Cuzco, perhaps Wall Street Journal 17 May 2023
Like Machu Picchu Universal 23 Mar 2023
Like Inti Punku LA Times Daily 16 Mar 2023
Like some ancient pyramids New York Times 12 Feb 2023
Like Andean pyramids LA Times Daily 06 Feb 2023
Like the builders of Machu Picchu Wall Street Journal 28 Jan 2023
Early Peruvian Eugene Sheffer 17 Jan 2023
Like the buildings at Machu Picchu Wall Street Journal 06 Dec 2022
Like many Peruvian ruins Universal 17 Nov 2022
Ancient civilisation's preserved? The Telegraph Toughie 02 Nov 2022
Early Peruvian Eugene Sheffer 26 Oct 2022
Peruvian of old LA Times Daily 16 Oct 2022
Like the creator deity Viracocha New York Times 15 Sep 2022
Old South American soup found here? The Times Cryptic 13 Sep 2022
Early Peruvian LA Times Daily 11 Sep 2022
Ancient Peruvian Newsday 12 Jun 2022
Like Machu Picchu Universal 05 Jun 2022
Preserved from civilisation once The Times Cryptic 25 May 2022
Like old Peruvian serving prison sentence The Times Cryptic 04 Mar 2022
Like ancient Peru LA Times Daily 10 Oct 2021
Like ancient Peru The Washington Post 10 Oct 2021
From old Peru, visiting US lavatory
Like pre-conquest Peruvians The Times Concise 19 Jul 2021
Like Machu Picchu USA Today 05 Jul 2021
Cuzco native Universal 29 Jun 2021
Of an ancient Andean culture The Guardian Speedy 20 Jun 2021
Apparently ready for release of empire's supreme ruler The Telegraph Toughie 18 Jun 2021
Like some old Peruvians ready to broadcast?
Of an Andean people Wall Street Journal 07 Jun 2021
Like Machu Picchu USA Today 07 Jun 2021
Native American furious to lose ancestry
Like some Andean artifacts Universal 13 Mar 2021
Ancient Andean Newsday 07 Mar 2021
Like believers in the creator Viracocha Wall Street Journal 11 Nov 2020
Ancient Andean Wall Street Journal 31 Oct 2020
How spam comes from South America in the past
Peruvian native Canadiana 21 Sep 2020
Like beer, often for old people
From an Andean empire The Washington Post Sunday 05 Jul 2020
Native of South America once imprisoned?
About South American aboriginals Canadiana 08 Jun 2020
Like the deities Inti and Mama Quilla Wall Street Journal 16 May 2020
Ancient Peruvian Universal 06 May 2020
From Machu Picchu Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2020
Where you might find prisoner from Peru, once?
Like Machu Picchu New York Times 22 Mar 2020
Write-in candidates including South American
Like the sun god Inti
Like the sun god Inti New York Times 19 Jan 2020
Like an ancient Andean civilization
Like an ancient Andean civilization New York Times 25 Nov 2019
Peruvian of old LA Times Daily 18 Oct 2019
Peruvian of old The Washington Post 18 Oct 2019
Llama herder of old USA Today 18 Aug 2019
Like Machu Picchu Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2019
Like King Atahualpa Premier Sunday 21 Jul 2019
Old American beans preserved thus?
Old Peruvian's preserved
Old South American about to enter pub
Like Peruvian ruins USA Today 28 Mar 2019
Imperialist of the past preserved? The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Feb 2019
Ancient Peruvian Newsday 10 Feb 2019
Home container associated with ancient culture The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Feb 2019
From Cuzco, say Wall Street Journal 23 Jan 2019
Like Peruvian ruins
Like Machu Picchu
Peruvian of old
From Cuzco, say
Llama herder of old
Like ancient Peruvians USA Today 25 Nov 2018
Old American takes lid off empty container
Peruvian of old Universal 07 Jul 2018
Preserved member of an ancient civilisation
Ancient llama rider Newsday 23 Jun 2018
South American once preserved? The Telegraph Toughie 15 May 2018
Of an ancient civilisation The Telegraph Quick 08 May 2018
Pre-Columbian Peruvian USA Today 29 Apr 2018
Like Machu Picchu The Washington Post 23 Apr 2018
"Yes ___!" (Andes native's motto?) Universal 18 Jan 2018
"Yes ___!" (Andes native's motto?)
Like ancient Peruvians
Like Machu Picchu
Pre-Columbian Peruvian
Peruvian of old
Like some old Americans captured on film?
Like many Pizarro victims Wall Street Journal 25 Nov 2017
Old Peruvian beer packaged thus?
Alpaca breeder of old Newsday 16 Nov 2017
Like Inti worshipers The Washington Post Sunday 01 Oct 2017
Doing time like an old native The Telegraph Toughie 25 Aug 2017
Early Peruvian New York Times 16 Aug 2017
Alpaca herder of yore Newsday 04 Aug 2017
Popular preserve of old people
Popular preserve of old people The Times Cryptic 23 Jun 2017
Cuzco native of old USA Today 06 May 2017
From Machu Picchu Newsday 19 Mar 2017
Popular preserve of a South American The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Jan 2017
Cuzco native of old
Early Peruvian
Old Peruvian baked beans thus preserved?
Early South American Universal 03 Dec 2016
Like Andean pyramids LA Times Daily 02 Nov 2016
1500s conqueror/conqueree Newsday 24 Sep 2016
Old South American ancestry will throw some light
Apparently a 25 of ancient people
Relating to pre-conquest Peruvians The Times Concise 19 Apr 2016
Machu Picchu native USA Today 16 Apr 2016
'Yes ___!' [Andes native] Jonesin 12 Apr 2016
From Cuzco, e.g Universal 12 Mar 2016
Old Peruvian in prison
Like Andean pyramids
Like old people on film? The Telegraph Toughie 06 Nov 2015
Like most Quechua speakers LA Times Daily 12 Jul 2015
Preserved from an old race
Like most Quechua speakers
From Cuzco, e.g.
Native of South America imprisoned?
Ancient Peruvian
Describing Machu Picchu
From an ancient empire
Peruvian of yore
Peruvian native
Like Machu Picchu
From Machu Picchu
Like some Peruvian ruins
Old Peruvian
Pyramid builder of old
Machu Picchu resident, once
Like the city known as "the Cradle of Gold"
Tinned American
Old Peruvian
Bygone Peruvian
Of an Andean empire
Old Peruvian
Pizarro opponent
From early Peru
Like one pre-Columbian civilization
Imprisoned old Peruvian
King Atahualpa, for one
Early Peruvian
Like many Andean artifacts
Quechua speaker
Quechua speaker
Like Cuzco's builders
Of an Andean empire
Early Peruvian
Quechua speaker
Early Peruvian
Ancient coca cultivator
Peruvian empire citizen
Like the buildings at Machu Picchu
Pre-Columbian Andean
Early Peruvian
Like the Cradle of Gold
Like Andean pyramids
Machu Picchu native
Ancient Peruvian
Andean ancient
Like ancient Peruvians
Atahualpa subject
Vintage Peruvian
Ancient South American
Antediluvian Peruvian
Like some South American artifacts
Atahualpa subject
Like some pyramids
Machu Picchu, e.g.
Like Atahualpa's subjects
Like Atahuallpa
Peruvian ancient
Ancient Cuzco native
Machu Picchu denizen
Copacati worshiper
Of an old Andean empire
Like Atahualpa
Long-ago resident of Cuzco
Like an old Andean empire
Like some ancient ruins
Machu Picchu resident, once
Ancient terrace farmer
Of Andes natives
Ancient highlander
Like the emperor Atahualpa
Machu Picchu denizen
Ancient Peruvian
Of ancient Peru
Concerning an Andean empire
Like some of Pizarro's victims
Ancient Peruvian
Like Atahualpa
Early Peruvian
Machu Picchu artifact
Huáscar, for one
Atahualpa, for one
From early Peru
From Cuzco
From early Peru
Of an old empire
Atahualpa, e.g.
Early Peruvian
Like Machu Picchu
From Cuzco
Like Machu Picchu
Ancient South American tongue
Like an ancient empire
Alpaca tender
Peruvian ancient
Of an ancient Peruvian empire
Cuzco resident
Atahualpa subject
Machu Picchu native
Atahualpa, e.g.
One conquered by Pizarro
Like a bygone empire
Machu Picchu resident, once
Like old Peruvian serving prison sentence
Atahualpa, for one
Peruvian person jailed?
Pachacuti, for one
Describing Machu Picchu
Of an ancient Peruvian empire
From Cuzco
Ancient Peruvian
Of Peruvian descent
Huascar, for one
Machu Picchu denizen
Alpaca tender
From an ancient empire
Peru native
Of an Andean empire
Like an old empire of 24-Across
Quechua, e.g.
From early Peru
Like some ancient ruins
Of ancient Peruvian civilization
Like some pre-Columbian art
Llama herder, once
Peruvian native
Quechua speaker
Peruvian sun worshiper
Early native of Peru
Pizarro victim
Cuzco Indian
Early dweller in Peru
Peruvian of yore
Peruvian village pillaged by Pizarro
Former native of Machu Picchu
Of Andean natives
Andes native
Peruvian empire
S. A. Indian
Of a Quechuan people.
Of South American Indians.
Of an ancient Indian tribe.
S. A. Indian.
Indian empire.
Of Atahualpa's empire.
Indian of Peru.
Sun worshiper of Peru.
Peruvian Indian.
Ancient Peruvian.
Of the Quechuan tribes.
King Pachacutec, e.g.
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