Word "INDUSTRY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the organized action of making of goods and services for sale
American industry is making increased use of computers to control production

Part of Speech:
persevering determination to perform a task
diligence, industriousness
frugality and industry are still regarded as virtues

Part of Speech:
the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise
each industry has its own trade publications

Crossword Clues for INDUSTRY

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Clue Source Date
Hard work The Telegraph Quick 04 Jul 2022
Asian flower tax in business The Times Cryptic 30 Jun 2022
In the beginning, what's at the heart of this is what we have always been, really, from start to finish, despite all of this busy work. Irish Times Crosaire 03 May 2022
The business of producing goods Irish Times Simplex 14 Feb 2022
Manufacturing enterprise Irish Times Simplex 17 Nov 2021
Business Republican will visit within Springfield, perhaps The Telegraph Toughie 28 Jul 2021
Attempt to follow long Asian river? That'll be hard work The Times Cryptic 28 Jun 2021
“Experience is by ____ achieved, / And perfected by the swift course of time” (Two Gentlemen of Verona) The Times Specialist Sunday 27 Jun 2021
In little bits, railway business The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Apr 2021
Manufacturing of factory goods, e.g New York Times 08 Mar 2021
Attempt to follow Asian river is hard work The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Mar 2021
Business The Telegraph Quick 27 Feb 2021
Big business Eugene Sheffer 20 Oct 2020
First off, religious followers find test hard work? Irish Times Crosaire 29 Sep 2020
Hard work The Times Concise 01 Apr 2020
Manufacturing enterprise Irish Times Simplex 06 Feb 2020
Craft seen in River Test The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Apr 2019
Labour at home, do housework really discontentedly The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Nov 2018
Manufacturing enterprises Irish Times Simplex 01 Oct 2018
Work in dirt that settles on railway The Sun Two Speed 18 Mar 2018
Activity The Sun Two Speed 18 Mar 2018
Business that's fashionable right to use old-fashioned wrapping The Telegraph Toughie 08 Jun 2017
Commerce The Telegraph Quick 04 Jun 2017
Commercial enterprise The Washington Post 11 Mar 2016
Hard work The Guardian Speedy 21 Feb 2016
East End believers go for hard work The Telegraph Toughie 17 Sep 2015
Hard work The Telegraph Quick 16 Jul 2015
Flower sap used in manufacturing The Telegraph Toughie 25 Jun 2015
American endeavour after difficulty losing breadth and diligence The Times Cryptic 26 May 2015
Shot behind river showing shipbuilding, perhaps The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Mar 2015
Branch of trade leaderless Brahmans maybe attempt to follow The Times Cryptic 13 Jan 2015
Automotive, steel or tourism, e.g.
Money-making enterprise
Automotive, music or tourism, e.g.
Utah's motto
See 29-Across
Automotive, steel or tourist, e.g.
Chicago Museum of Science and ___
Big business.
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