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Crossword Clues for INIT

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Clue Source Date
Currently contending Universal 08 Feb 2021
''What's __ for me?'' Newsday 08 Feb 2021
Still competing Wall Street Journal 14 Jan 2021
Still having a chance to win Wall Street Journal 01 Dec 2020
Part of RBG or LBJ: Abbr LA Times Daily 17 Nov 2020
Letter opener, for short? Jonesin 03 Nov 2020
Not eliminated New York Times 10 Oct 2020
Competitive LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2020
Not yet eliminated Universal 07 Sep 2020
"What's — for me?" Thomas Joseph 07 Sep 2020
'Put a sock ___!' USA Today 22 Aug 2020
Still contending Universal 23 Jun 2020
Quick approval, for short Wall Street Journal 19 May 2020
Still having a shot to win Premier Sunday 22 Mar 2020
JFK part: Abbr The Washington Post 19 Mar 2020
Still fighting Wall Street Journal 12 Mar 2020
Participating New York Times 10 Mar 2020
Not yet out of the running New York Times 19 Feb 2020
Not yet out of contention
Still a contender Universal 12 Nov 2019
'What's ___ for me?' New York Times 29 Oct 2019
"What's ___ for me?"
Monogram letter: Abbr Premier Sunday 29 Sep 2019
Monogram component: Abbr New York Times 20 Aug 2019
'What's — for me?' Eugene Sheffer 06 Apr 2019
"Down ___" (Nine Inch Nails) The New Yorker 25 Feb 2019
J. Edgar Hoover used one: Abbr New York Times 09 Jan 2019
Monogram ltr Newsday 01 Jan 2019
Monogram component: Abbr.
J. Edgar Hoover used one: Abbr.
Alive, competitively Wall Street Journal 11 Dec 2018
Having a shot to win Premier Sunday 11 Nov 2018
A possible winner Newsday 15 Sep 2018
Still vying New York Times 14 Sep 2018
Rolling __ (prosperous) Newsday 23 Aug 2018
Still having a shot at winning Wall Street Journal 02 Aug 2018
J.K. Rowling attribute, for short? Jonesin 03 Jul 2018
'What's for me?' Eugene Sheffer 20 Jun 2018
Part of a competition New York Times 07 Jun 2018
Very much alive Wall Street Journal 15 Mar 2018
Still competitive New York Times 21 Feb 2018
Down but not out The Washington Post 02 Feb 2018
Still battling Newsday 28 Oct 2017
Not yet eliminated from the contest The Washington Post 05 Sep 2017
With a fighting chance Newsday 19 Aug 2017
Rolling ___ (wealthy) New York Times 26 Jul 2017
Monogram pt Eugene Sheffer 11 Jan 2017
Monogram ltr.
"What's __ for me?" LA Times Daily 19 Dec 2016
'What's -- for me?' Thomas Joseph 02 Dec 2016
Part of A.A. Milne? LA Times Daily 20 Nov 2016
__ for the long haul Newsday 20 Nov 2016
Pt. of some signatures The Washington Post 13 Sep 2016
Competitive at the moment Newsday 08 Jul 2016
Competing New York Times 23 Jun 2016
Approve, for short Wall Street Journal 18 Jun 2016
Still with a chance to win Newsday 12 Jun 2016
J or D, for J.D. Salinger LA Times Daily 24 May 2016
Hankie embroidery (Abbr.) USA Today 03 May 2016
Still with a fighting chance The Washington Post 18 Jan 2016
One of two in 27-Down: Abbr New York Times 02 Jan 2016
Monogram pt.
One of two in 27-Down: Abbr.
Part of JFK: Abbr LA Times Daily 16 Dec 2015
'Down ___' (Nine Inch Nails song) Jonesin 24 Nov 2015
One of three for J. R. R. Tolkien: Abbr New York Times 25 Oct 2015
___ for the money Jonesin 02 Jul 2015
Still having a chance Newsday 27 May 2015
Rolling ___ (rich) New York Times 18 Feb 2015
Surname preceder, perhaps: Abbr LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2015
Middle of many a sig Premier Sunday 18 Jan 2015
Middle of many a sig.
One of three for J. R. R. Tolkien: Abbr.
Surname preceder, perhaps: Abbr.
Part of JFK: Abbr.
Monogram part (abbr.)
Embroidered ltr.
Approve, briefly
"Put a sock ___!"
Rolling -- (rich)
-- for the long run
Part of U.S.: Abbr.
Monogram letter: Abbr.
Any part of USA
Part of FDR: Abbr.
Not out of the game
Monogram part: Abbr.
Pt. of a monogram
F. Scott Fitzgerald used one (abbr.)
" lie ___"
-- for the long term
Still alive
Part of many co. names
HST part, say: Abbr.
Common stand-in for a middle name (abbr.)
Chester A. Arthur has one (abbr.)
Lead character? (abbr.)
Having a shot at winning
"What's the harm __?"
Mid. name substitute
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.