Word "INITIAL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
mark with one's initials

Part of Speech:
occurring at the beginning
took the initial step toward reconciliation

Part of Speech:
the first letter of a word (especially a person's name)
he refused to put the initials FRS after his name

Crossword Clues for INITIAL

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Clue Source Date
Monogram part Thomas Joseph 08 Aug 2022
Monogram unit Thomas Joseph 18 Jul 2022
First The Telegraph Quick 14 Jun 2022
Name of lead character? Quite the opposite The Telegraph Toughie 24 May 2022
First sign The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Apr 2022
First enjoying success, it all evens out The Telegraph Toughie 19 Nov 2021
D or L, for this puzzle's creator Universal 16 Nov 2021
Sign, briefly Newsday 05 Aug 2021
Sign swiftly Newsday 27 Jun 2021
The "T" of T. Rowe Price Family Time 14 Jun 2021
Monogram unit Thomas Joseph 28 May 2021
Word's first letter The Times Concise 05 Apr 2021
First The Telegraph Quick 21 Mar 2021
Original one, Titian lacking frame in the Netherlands The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Feb 2021
First Eugene Sheffer 07 Jan 2021
Letter opening The Sun Two Speed 29 Nov 2020
At the beginning The Sun Two Speed 29 Nov 2020
Letter from the front? The Sun Two Speed 04 Oct 2020
Part of IPO Premier Sunday 13 Sep 2020
Original pong from oil painting Irish Times Crosaire 29 Aug 2020
A, O or C, for AOC Universal 13 Jun 2020
First letter The Telegraph Quick 21 May 2020
First letter Premier Sunday 26 Apr 2020
Endorse first Latin novel about the start of the Interregnum Irish Times Crosaire 29 Feb 2020
First language I rejected: Swahili finally embraced The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Jan 2020
Visiting country briefly, taking in island first The Telegraph Toughie 19 Nov 2019
Start of name The Telegraph Quick 26 Oct 2019
First unit from Latin designed around the start of the Interregnum Irish Times Crosaire 19 Oct 2019
Original; beginning The Times Concise 05 Oct 2019
First letter The Times Concise 04 Oct 2019
Sign off on, in a way Newsday 18 Aug 2019
One of three for J.R.R. Tolkien Universal 11 Aug 2019
BLT ingredient? The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jul 2019
First language one recalled going round Italy The Telegraph Toughie 30 Apr 2019
M, L or K, for MLK Universal 25 Mar 2019
The I of IPO The Times Specialist Sunday 24 Feb 2019
Sign with three letters, say
M, L or K, for MLK
One of three for J.R.R. Tolkien
D or C, in D.C The Washington Post Sunday 23 Dec 2018
First subscribe minimally The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Sep 2018
Primary witness, on paper Irish Times Crosaire 15 Sep 2018
Original sign The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Sep 2018
Opening The Times Concise 01 Apr 2018
First home, one is met by wagging tail The Telegraph Toughie 02 Jan 2018
First Premier Sunday 05 Nov 2017
First letter one found in old language, then another one turned up The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Oct 2017
C. S. Lewis piece? New York Times 29 Jul 2017
Beginning The Telegraph Quick 13 Apr 2017
Any part of JFK? Universal 21 Jan 2017
C. S. Lewis piece?
First Latin one repeated in translation The Times Cryptic 26 Dec 2016
First make a minimal subscription? The Times Cryptic 02 Nov 2016
Beginning a letter The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Oct 2016
First Thomas Joseph 28 Oct 2016
Part of London where learner is to sign when contracted? The Telegraph Toughie 12 Aug 2016
Period preceder, perhaps The Washington Post 24 Jul 2016
Monogram character Jonesin 12 Jul 2016
Monogram part Thomas Joseph 25 Jun 2016
Briefly endorse plaiting wig with all ends chopped up The Telegraph Toughie 24 Jun 2016
Primary witness Irish Times Crosaire 28 May 2016
To begin it, I always included the first letter of the word The Sun Two Speed 15 Jan 2016
First The Sun Two Speed 15 Jan 2016
Monogram component LA Times Daily 06 Jan 2016
Monogram component
First letter The Guardian Quick 26 Dec 2015
Sign one's enthralled by in most of country The Times Cryptic 07 Oct 2015
Lead character Wall Street Journal 17 Jul 2015
Opening sign The Telegraph Cryptic 21 May 2015
Bit of product personalization New York Times 09 May 2015
Primary language, one recalled when touring Italy The Telegraph Toughie 06 May 2015
First I nail it somehow The Telegraph Toughie 02 Apr 2015
First letter (of a word) The Times Concise 16 Feb 2015
*PO New York Times 03 Feb 2015
Bit of product personalization
Lead character
Personal letter?
Indicate assent, often
J, F or K
Handkerchief embroidery
Monogram component
Monogram letter
Monogram character
Part of J.F.K.?
Monogram letter
W., e.g.
Hanky embroidery
Sign in a brief way
O.K., maybe
Letter with a period
Okay, in a way
Sign off on
Okay, in a way
Okay, in a way
Sign, in a way
OK, in a way
Sign, in a way
Last name's first?
Monogram letter
Part of JFK?
O.K., in a way
Authorize, in a way
The "I" of FBI, e.g.
Monogram character
Acronym component
OK, in a way
Monogram part
Sign, for short
Sign in a way
Acknowledge, in a way
Approve, in a way
Acronym component
Sign, in a way
Monogram ingredient
Part of 19 Across
Part of a monogram
First letter
Monogram part
Sign in a hurry
Monogram unit
Handkerchief extra
Handbag décor
Handkerchief adornment.
Sign in a certain way.
Sign, in a way.
Decoration on a shirt.
Identifying mark.
Brief signature.
Embroidered letter.
Alfred E. Neuman has one
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