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Word "INMATE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a patient who is residing in the hospital where he is being treated

Part of Speech:
a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison
con, convict, yard bird, yardbird

Part of Speech:
one of several resident of a dwelling (especially someone confined to a prison or hospital)

Crossword Clues for INMATE

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Clue Source Date
Character of pen pal: popular, upfront The Telegraph Toughie 13 Jan 2021
Convict at one time lost toe Irish Times Crosaire 13 Jan 2021
Person whom the National Prison Project advocates for Universal 06 Jan 2021
Con Thomas Joseph 06 Nov 2020
Prisoner The Sun Two Speed 21 Aug 2020
One detained in China The Sun Two Speed 21 Aug 2020
Pen person Wall Street Journal 15 Jun 2020
Batting partner, one who's gone down The Telegraph Cryptic 03 May 2020
'Orange Is the New Black' extra The Washington Post Sunday 19 Apr 2020
Prisoner one meant to corrupt The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Apr 2020
Current convict Family Time 12 Apr 2020
Pen party Wall Street Journal 18 Mar 2020
Meat in stew could be from an American can locally? Irish Times Crosaire 11 Mar 2020
Institution resident The Times Concise 25 Feb 2020
Lag during match The Telegraph Toughie 04 Dec 2019
Cool friend who serves porridge? The Sun Two Speed 23 Nov 2019
Capone, for much of the '30s Newsday 16 Jun 2019
Trendy friend serving porridge? The Sun Two Speed 02 May 2019
A prisoner or patient The Times Specialist Sunday 21 Apr 2019
Person serving a jail sentence Irish Times Simplex 27 Feb 2019
Cell occupant USA Today 25 Feb 2019
Joint tenant? New York Times 20 Oct 2018
Capone, through much of the '30s Newsday 23 Sep 2018
Prison resident Universal 16 Sep 2018
Prisoner in China The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Aug 2018
Popular pal who serves porridge? The Sun Two Speed 13 May 2018
Peter, because of Herod Newsday 23 Sep 2017
Popular comrade produced A Guest of the Nation Irish Times Crosaire 20 Sep 2017
One new wife can't go anywhere without ball and chain Irish Times Crosaire 15 Aug 2017
Is held captive at home with the wife Irish Times Crosaire 07 Jul 2017
One's detained fashionable colleague The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jul 2017
Kate Mulgrew's Netflix series role Newsday 18 Feb 2017
Eg, a prisoner The Times Concise 28 Dec 2016
Cell dweller The Washington Post 25 Dec 2016
Con trendy officer on board The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Dec 2016
Close friend must drop note for warder's charge The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2016
Pen resident Wall Street Journal 24 May 2016
One completing a sentence Universal 12 Mar 2016
Resident requires some thin material The Sun Two Speed 13 Feb 2016
Jail resident The Sun Two Speed 13 Feb 2016
One behind bars Universal 31 Dec 2015
Con pound out of business when procuring rug The Telegraph Toughie 27 Nov 2015
Prisoner on good terms with officer The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jun 2015
Resident The Telegraph Quick 20 Apr 2015
Held captive at home with the wife Irish Times Crosaire 10 Feb 2015
Character on 18-Across/4-Down
One finishing a sentence
Cell body
Crazy Eyes or Taystee on "Orange Is the New Black," e.g.
Resident unable to leave
Lifer, e.g.
Bernie Madoff, until 11/14/2139?
"The Shawshank Redemption" extra
One surrounded by cell walls
Pen pal?
San Quentin inhabitant
Warden's ward
Slammer resident
Sing Sing resident
Sentence server
Confined con
Big house resident
Sentence finisher?
Person completing a sentence
Cell body?
One in the can
One in a can
Sentence finisher
45 Down occupant
Capone, from 1931 to 1939
One with a flight plan, maybe
Morgan Freeman, in "The Shawshank Redemption"
30 Down resident
Sentence completer
Pokey person
Beadsman, for one
Confined one
Reformatory resident
Confined person
Lodger of a sort.
Inhabitant or dweller.
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