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Word "INSIDER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an officer of a corporation or others who have access to private information about the corporation's operations

Crossword Clues for INSIDER

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Clue Source Date
One with confidential info The Washington Post 05 Apr 2021
Like some trading Premier Sunday 14 Feb 2021
One in the know The Sun Two Speed 03 Dec 2020
Clique member cool given scrumpy they say The Sun Two Speed 03 Dec 2020
Peeled minidress off to reveal accessory, perhaps The Telegraph Toughie 30 Jul 2020
One with access to secrets Thomas Joseph 14 Jul 2020
Staffer almost desiring bananas The Sun Two Speed 09 Jul 2020
Accepted member The Sun Two Speed 09 Jul 2020
Imprisoned right person with secret information The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jun 2020
'Local drink' announced one in the know The Telegraph Toughie 09 Oct 2019
One in the know heard how chorizo or moules Normandes may be cooked The Telegraph Toughie 02 Oct 2019
Industry expert, often Universal 20 Sep 2019
Member of an organisation, especially one party to secret information about it The Times Specialist Sunday 21 Jul 2019
Staffer imprisoned at Dartmoor finally The Sun Two Speed 13 Jun 2019
Trendy drink, we hear, for one in the know The Telegraph Cryptic 14 May 2019
With 42-Across, white-collar crime ... and a hint to four Across answers The Washington Post 29 Mar 2019
One privy to restricted information The Times Concise 17 Sep 2018
Source of a hot stock tip, maybe USA Today 17 Apr 2018
One in a clique Newsday 18 Feb 2018
Fashionable part of meal comes from recipe produced in The Loop Irish Times Crosaire 18 Nov 2017
How one might describe convict, Republican, one privy to secrets? The Telegraph Toughie 07 Sep 2017
He's one of the few who knows how Rosie likes to be kept, allegedly? The Telegraph Toughie 26 May 2017
Home team resistance shows the person with the lowdown The Telegraph Cryptic 10 May 2017
Senate staffer New York Times 16 Feb 2017
Member of group having pub drink, we hear The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jan 2017
Leak source
Clubby sort at home with alcoholic drink, outspoken The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Oct 2016
Fashionable rides, perhaps, for someone in the know The Guardian Cryptic 11 Sep 2016
Rides in train with someone who has special access Irish Times Crosaire 05 Dec 2015
Locked up right person with secret information The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Mar 2015
Person with special access
One with entrée to a closed-door meeting, perhaps
Clique member
__ trading
Tip source
Group member
Source of a hot tip
One with privileged knowledge
Mole, e.g.
Many a news source
Tip source, at times
Clique member, e.g.
One who knows all the secrets
Illegal trader
No typical stock trader
One with privileged information
Person who should know
One who knows the scoop
1999 Best Picture nominee, with "The"
"The __" (1999 Pacino flick)
Member of clique
Type of trading
Illegal sort of trading
Kind of market trading
Privileged one
One of the gang
Informed source
One in the know.
Person accepted by a group.
Man in the know.
One "in the know."
Person having first hand information.
Possessor of first-hand information.
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