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Crossword Clues for INSPIRE

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Clue Source Date
Encourage The Sun Two Speed 07 Jan 2021
Breathe fire The Sun Two Speed 07 Jan 2021
Popular church feature in fire The Sun Two Speed 05 Dec 2020
Give ideas to Universal 24 Sep 2020
Influence creatively Newsday 16 Sep 2020
Motivate to act Newsday 23 Jun 2020
Motivate one part of church after end of sermon The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Nov 2019
Animate, encourage The Times Concise 26 Sep 2019
Motivate Thomas Joseph 16 Sep 2019
Arouse fury after foolish spin The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Jul 2019
Influence The Telegraph Quick 21 Jul 2019
Fill a person with the urge to do something Irish Times Simplex 12 May 2018
Encourage popular part of church The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Oct 2017
Cause to occur The Times Concise 11 May 2017
Encourage — breathe in The Guardian Quick 25 Mar 2017
Stimulate The Telegraph Quick 31 Oct 2016
Occupying position overlooking church, fire The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jul 2016
Give a pep talk to Universal 02 Apr 2016
Motivate Moss to leave impressions Irish Times Crosaire 10 Oct 2015
Fashionable church feature to give one an idea The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jul 2015
Fill with confidence Universal 02 Mar 2015
Fire up
Spur on
Give rise to
Draw a breath
Give an emotional lift to
What mentor will do
Act as a muse
What Muses do
Emulate a muse
Urge on to great things
Bring about
Give a pep talk
Touch off
Fill with enthusiasm
Be a muse for
Fill with feeling
Move to act
Emulate a Muse
What Muses do.
Influence artistically
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.